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Whether you are a novice to the cannabis world or have plenty of experience with it, there is always something for you to learn about marijuana. That is why Marijuana Beginners exists, as it is the go-to resource for anything weed-related. The contributors to Marijuana Beginners consist of the founder himself, a weed expert, and a gardener who knows everything about growing marijuana. Other contributors include a writer who has a strong passion for cannabis and a botanist and a cook that knows everything about edibles. 

Because these weed experts contribute to Marijuana Beginners, you will learn everything about growing weed, smoking marijuana, edibles, and all of the tips and advice you can get. You will also know what there is to know about the best pipes, bongs, vaporizers, bubblers, and CBD oil, as well as the accessories you need, and so much more. If you want to learn about the contributors of Marijuana Beginners, you can read up on each of the biographies. They only provide elite, informative, and engaging, quality content. 

Marijuana Beginners began as a hobby site as many of our friends continued to receive questions about the most effective way to grow weed, harvest marijuana seeds, how to expedite the process of growing weed from scratch, and much more. We then began to review all of the products that we had at our disposal between us, we are are a team of four consumers and growers of marijuana for personal consumption and we absolutely love the fact that marijuana growing and consumptions is legalized in so many countries around the world. The entire marijuana and weed landscape has drastically changed in the past decade, not just from a legal and regulatory standpoint, but, from an overall cultural acceptance standpoint. The entire market has boomed and we are so proud to be part of this explosion in interest, demand for high quality strains, and the rise of medical dispensaries.

Fast forward three years, and now we are a full fledge website dedicated to providing unbiased reviews on all marijuana related products. We guide you through the entire lifecycle, starting with Stage 1- Growing Weed to Stage 2- Consuming Edibles and Smoking Weed to Stage 3- Review of all sorts of Weed Gadgets and Weed Accessories. We also go into exhaustive detail about the benefits of CBD Oil, CBD or THC related creams and lotions, and much more in our knowledge base.

We sincerely hope you find what we have prepared helpful and we are confident you will learn a few things about this growing space. Thank you for visiting today and please support us by sharing this website with your family and friends, we will forever be in your debt.

Marijuana Expert, Founder, And Chief Editor

Owen Bradly

Owen Bradley was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and was always interested in alternative medicine and healing. Owen thought about starting his alternative healing practice. However, since he was unsure where to start, he decided to go to business school at the University of Vancouver – The UBC Sauder School of Business. 

During Owen’s time in university, his interest in cannabis grew, and he became a recreational grower and user. To this day, Owen loves everything related to this fast-growing, increasingly regulatory approved sector. The day cannabis became legal in Canada and other parts of the world, he celebrated. After graduation, Owen landed a marketing job at a local digital agency, and from that time onward, he created a strategic plan to establish Marijuana Beginners. 

Today, Owen lives in Kamloops, British Columbia, with his wife and two kids, and a Chocolate Labrador retriever. He works at a digital marketing agency there and runs Marijuana Beginners as he is also the chief editor. When Owen is not working and studying everything about cannabis, he practices astrology, reads tarot, and practices to strengthen his intuitive abilities. 

Philip Graham

Philip Graham was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, to parents who owned a florist business. His parents wanted him to take over the company when they retired, and Philip had no reason to say no. Therefore, Philip attended Penn Foster College and took a course in floral design. After he graduated and received his diploma, he began working at his parents’ florist business. 

However, after meeting a few friends who had experience in cannabis during his college years, Philip took on the interest. Philip wanted to know how to harvest and grow marijuana, and he took on to study that even further. He took gardening classes specializing in harvesting and growing cannabis, and quickly, Philip became the marijuana gardening expert. Philip helps with marijuana harvesting, marijuana cloning, marijuana growing, and marijuana preparation. He also became an irrigation specialist, works with hydroponic systems and is a worthwhile contributor to Marijuana Beginners. 

Philip will keep taking over the florist shop, but his more immense passion is gardening and cannabis. When Philip is not working, he spends time with his wife, son and enjoys baking and cooking.  

Amber Dean

Amber Dean was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and always had an interest in cooking. She was never the academic type, so she also had an interest in the culinary arts. Her interest in various cuisines strengthened as she traveled across Europe and South America. Amber attended Cuyahoga Community College and took the culinary arts program. When a friend introduced Amber to marijuana, she ended up taking her interest a step further. She began to study edibles, and through experimentation with edibles, she learned a lot about them. Amber is an excellent contributor to Marijuana Beginners and discusses edibles and other related topics. 

Amber worked as a cook at various restaurants in the Cleveland area. She is married with two sons and a daughter, and a Jack Russel terrier. She has a strong interest in multiple cultures and hopes to travel more once her kids become older. 

Sam Little

Sam Little was born in Detroit, Michigan, and was interested since he was young in science. He used to study blades of grass and cut up weeds under microscopes when he was a kid. He always did well in mathematics and science classes during high school, when his interests in plants grew. Sam attended Michigan State University, took the Plant Biology Program, and got a Masters degree. Sam worked in various scientific laboratories involving plants and took an opportunity to study plant cultivation in space at the University of Florida. 

Sam moved to Gainsville, Florida, for his career. He also studied cannabis and began to know the needs of every type of plant. Sam has an extensive chemistry background and has become a ‘plant whisperer.’ He is a contributor to Marijuana Beginners and provides helpful information regarding growing and nurturing cannabis plants. 

Sam is married with two teenagers and two cats, and he has an intense interest in space and anything Sci-Fi related. 

Jacob Damian 

Jacob Damian was born in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, and was always the creative type since his youth. He did not know what he wanted to do for a living, and instead of going to college, Jacob took a factory job after he graduated from high school. After doing plenty of writing in his spare time, he took freelance writing courses and began building up his writing portfolio. It did not take long for Jacob to find writing clients. In addition to writing, Jacob is a passionate cannabis lover and recreational user. He loves bongs, pipes and loves to learn anything related to home consumption. 

Jacob has written for clients in the cannabis niche and is a regular contributor to Marijuana Beginners. He lives in his studio apartment in the General Toronto Area with his cat and enjoys making edibles and spiritual practices.