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Marijuana Beginners began as a hobby site as many of our friends continued to receive questions about the most effective way to grow weed, harvest marijuana seeds, how to expedite the process of growing weed from scratch, and much more. We then began to review all of the products that we had at our disposal between us, we are are a team of four consumers and growers of marijuana for personal consumption and we absolutely love the fact that marijuana growing and consumptions is legalized in so many countries around the world. The entire marijuana and weed landscape has drastically changed in the past decade, not just from a legal and regulatory standpoint, but, from an overall cultural acceptance standpoint. The entire market has boomed and we are so proud to be part of this explosion in interest, demand for high quality strains, and the rise of medical dispensaries.

Fast forward three years, and now we are a full fledge website dedicated to providing unbiased reviews on all marijuana related products. We guide you through the entire lifecycle, starting with Stage 1- Growing Weed to Stage 2- Consuming Edibles and Smoking Weed to Stage 3- Review of all sorts of Weed Gadgets and Weed Accessories. We also go into exhaustive detail about the benefits of CBD Oil, CBD or THC related creams and lotions, and much more in our knowledge base.

We sincerely hope you find what we have prepared helpful and we are confident you will learn a few things about this growing space. Thank you for visiting today and please support us by sharing this website with your family and friends, we will forever be in your debt.

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