How Do You Start Seeds For Hydroponics

Introduction You have decided to utilize the hydroponic system for growing your cannabis plants. Congratulations, because you will love it since you do not have to worry about soil. That is the most significant advantage of this system, and that is why many weed growers prefer to utilize hydroponics instead of other ways of growing … Read more

Skunk Weed Strains

Introduction Skunk weed is one of the highly potent cannabis that has a good dose of THC quantity. Often referred to as street weed by the media, although this is more of a stereotypical classification. Most recent or modern varieties come from it. The Skunk weed is a cannabis strain known to have become popular … Read more

What Is EC In Hydroponics And Why Is It Important?

Introduction Do you want to grow cannabis but don’t want to bother using soil or worrying about the elements and temperature outdoors? Then hydroponics is the ideal solution for you. You don’t need soil, and all you need is to grow your cannabis with water and nutrients. For example, if you grow your weed using … Read more

How To Use Potassium Fertilizer To Grow Cannabis

Introduction If you are growing cannabis, you need to know that your marijuana plants need various nutrients, which is why they require fertilizers with nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, in addition to other minerals such as sulfur and calcium. However, the focus, for now, is potassium. Your weed requires the right amount of potassium to thrive … Read more

White Weed Strains

Introduction It is known as a hybrid marijuana strain, said to have been grown somewhere in Florida. Although this wasn’t the initial name it was known by, it was known as the triangle, and we understand that this name is because of the high that it gives. The high offers many loved sensations. Usually, this … Read more

Colorado Weed Strains

Overview It is no secret that Colorado’s cannabis community has been widely growing since the wonder plant’s legalization. There might be variations in every region or state when it comes to the availability of the strain. Some cannabis strains can be straightforward to find in California, but they might be challenging to get on the … Read more

Psychedelic Weed Strains

Introduction There are over 700 strains of marijuana, each producing very different effects. Some marijuana strains are very potent with high THC levels that leave the user in a trippy or hallucinogenic state, while others produce less intimidating effects. The versatility of this herb is why marijuana users depend on it for various reasons. Some … Read more

Orange Weed Strains

Introduction It’s been about 50 years since the discovery of orange weed strains, and yet its legacy lives as loud as ever. Bursting with incredible flavor and aroma, this strain has gained massive popularity among users. The incredible taste of orange weed strains complemented by its blissful effect makes the strain a first choice for … Read more