24 Best Items for a Weed Smokers Emergency Survival Kit in 2021


If you’re a die-hard weed smoker then you’ll want to make sure to have a weed smokers emergency kit on hand. This kit will allow you to carry around the essentials for weed smoking and will let you get a smoke in if you forget to replenish your current stock. This guide will show you … Read more

11 Best Bud Trimmer Machines in 2021


After you grow your cannabis plants you’ll want to find a bud trimmer machine to help remove the buds and leaves from your plants. There are a few different types of trimmer appliances you can use to do so. This article will tell of the various ways you can trim your plants and highlight some … Read more

7 Best Cloning Gels and Powders for Cannabis in 2021


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5 Best ONA Gels for Neutralizing Weed Odors in 2021

Odor neutralizing agents play a vital role when it comes to an indoor weed growing. It is important that you will be able to control the odor of your cannabis, most especially if you are not living alone or if you are in a huge neighborhood. The ONA gel is a true and effective odor … Read more