9 Best Dry Herb Vaporizers in 2021

In our technologically advancing world, it is not impossible for techy items to join the cannabis world. Dry herb vaporizers are one of the techiest items in the weed market today, and there are more reasons than one why people love them. Many opt for dry herb vaporizers as they are considered to be a ... Read more

How To Make Bong Hits Less Harsh

Introduction Smoking cannabis with a bong is popular because of its hits that are known to be more relaxed. However, even that is the case, many people complain that the hits they get from the bong can be harsh. Furthermore, how can any smoke experience be enjoyable if you cough because of the smoke irritating … Read more

How To Smoke THC Oil

Introduction As more countries and states start to make marijuana and cannabis legal, more people, especially teens and young adults, are becoming more curious about what’s available to them and how they can use the products. A lot of people are trying out vaping these days; they usually use CBD or THC oil. Keep in … Read more

Heaviest Indica Strains

Introduction Cannabis plants are mainly divided into three strains, sativa, indica and hybrid. Indicas are short and THC-rich strains originating from India, Pakistan and regions around that area. The buds are usually covered in crystals or trichomes, meaning they produce a lot of resin. Resin contains THC, which is the primary psychoactive compound of cannabis. … Read more

Dark Green Weed Strains

Introduction The difference between different strains of weed is much bigger than just indica, sativa, or hybrid strains. These days, you can get your buds in various colors; some are purple, pink, golden, and even special colored buds. The fuss about these colored strains tends to shade out the incredible dark green strains in the … Read more

Exotic Weed Strains

Introduction Marijuana has come a long way since its discovery over 20 million years ago; various unique strains of sativas, indicas, and hybrids have been discovered. There are over 700 known strains of cannabis globally, among which are the very popular strains like Girl Scout Cookie, OG Kush, Blue Dream, etc. However, some strains are … Read more

Brown Weed Strains

Introduction Brown weed, otherwise called brick weed, is used to describe low grade weed. It is brown colored with little or no green color. It is usually cultivated outdoors with little to no maintenance and grown by farmers looking for quick cash. These brown weed strains are harvested even before they fully mature; they are … Read more

Indica vs. Sativa – What is the Difference?

Overview If you have been using weed for a long time or you are someone who is just about the start, you have probably already heard the terms indica and sativa. When you are looking for and buying cannabis at your local dispensary, they are often categorized into three big groups: indica, sativa, and the … Read more

AK-47 Strain Review

Overview Like the Acapulco Gold strain, the AK-47 strain is also a landrace strain; as a matter of fact, it is a combination of four landrace strains. This strain earned its strong name because of its potent punch and long-lasting buzz. But with its powerful name, the AK-47 comes with a mellow, deeply-relaxing, and chill … Read more