PG E-Liquid vs VG E-Liquid for Vaporizers Review


In 2011, just seven million people around the world vaped. By 2016, that number had reached 35 million and continues to grow. If you are interested in vaping, there’s some terminology you need to understand first. Some of the most important are PG and VG. Do you know the difference in PG vs VG? Are … Read more

Grape Ape Strain Review

Overview The Grape Ape is a great strain that boasts its strong indica roots. This strain is propagated by the Apothecary Genetics and Barney’s Farm and is named because of its distinctive grape-like smell. This indica dominant strain is famous for its relaxing high that can help in relieving pain and anxiety. The buds are … Read more

Best Marijuana Strains – 5 of Each Kind

Best Weed Strains Selection The best strains of Marijuana will possibly belong to similar species of Cannabis plants, but keep in mind that different strains will vary when it comes to their specific characteristics, traits, and effects on users because of the difference in their genetic makeup. Finding the best Marijuana strain can be quite … Read more

Smoking Weed When Sick: Does Weed Help With Colds and Flu?

Overview Weed has already proven tons of benefits and good effects on a person’s health and overall wellness. Countless research has also shown that cannabinoids and various compounds found in cannabis have therapeutic effects as well. These health benefits and therapeutic effects range from providing relief when it comes to chronic pain and helping treat … Read more

Indica vs. Sativa – What is the Difference?

Overview If you have been using weed for a long time or you are someone who is just about the start, you have probably already heard the terms indica and sativa. When you are looking for and buying cannabis at your local dispensary, they are often categorized into three big groups: indica, sativa, and the … Read more

Blueberry Weed Strains

Overview Terpenes found in cannabis plants can be found in various concentrations uniquely combined to create their aroma and flavor profiles. One of the most popular and most sought-after flavors by novices and experts is the blueberry ones. Blueberry strains pretty much smell and taste like how you would expect them to be, just like … Read more

AK-47 Strain Review

Overview Like the Acapulco Gold strain, the AK-47 strain is also a landrace strain; as a matter of fact, it is a combination of four landrace strains. This strain earned its strong name because of its potent punch and long-lasting buzz. But with its powerful name, the AK-47 comes with a mellow, deeply-relaxing, and chill … Read more

Best Weed Strains for Sex

Overview Over the years, cannabis has continued to progress and improve many aspects of our lives. It ranges from cooking, recreational use, therapy, pain management to relief from various symptoms. Many people are in awe of its beneficial effects to manage anxiety and depression; honestly, these cannabis plants can become so many things. And today, … Read more

How To Make Bong Hits Less Harsh

Introduction Smoking cannabis with a bong is popular because of its hits that are known to be more relaxed. However, even that is the case, many people complain that the hits they get from the bong can be harsh. Furthermore, how can any smoke experience be enjoyable if you cough because of the smoke irritating … Read more