8 Best 300 Watt Led Grow Light in 2021

Rolledro Lights 300W LED Grow Light with Red Blue Spectrum Hydroponics

VIVOSUN LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

VIPARSPECTRA LED Grow Light with Daisy Chain

Whether you are just starting on your quest to becoming a cannabis farmer or just a regular farmer that deals on crops, or maybe you are an expert farmer of whatever type of crop.

One thing is for sure. You might not be good at selecting the perfect 300 watts led grow light for your plants. Thus it’s often regarded as one of the toughest tasks. The search is sometimes tiring as there are so many brands to choose from.

However, do not worry as we have done all the hard work for you. In this post, we have selected the top eight 300 watts led grow light available.

These come with comprehensive reviews on their key features, specifications, what we like about them, and of course, what we dislike. It is expected that after digesting this review, making an informed decision won’t be much of a drag to you.

The Best 300 Watt Led Grow Light Are Reviewed Below


Rolledro Lights 300W LED Grow Light with Red Blue Spectrum Hydroponics

Rolledro 300W uses 5W LED chips with 60 Specs, which are ideal for maximum coverage. It is ideally used both during the budding period and for seedlings. This is due to the red and blue light that specifically increases the PAR.

The product has high voltage units on the labels, which makes it effective. This also means that one light is enough for the seed to grow fruit. The machine has a strong cooling effect and a relatively quiet fan for increased heat dissipation. It’s not too high, making it very effective for beginners with limited cannabis growing areas. Rolledro can be conveniently calibrated to the appropriate length and suitable for crop growth if more units are used. Manufacturers offer a 3-year guarantee and an open 30-day option to refund the device.

Key Features:

  • Nine nine-band light spectrum
  • UL approved fans
  • Suitable light spectrum
  • Heat dissipation
  • Extended lifespan
  • Extended coverage area


  • Dimension: 175mm x 175mm x 60 mm
  • Lifespan: 50, 000 hours
  • Stage of vegetation: Over 12 hours on.
  • Flowering Stage: 10-12 hours on.
  • Coverage Area: Veg Growth: 1’×1′ =1sq.ft
  • Bloom Flower: 0.8’×0.8’=0.64sq.ft
  • Led quantity: 46pcs
  • Energy Supply: AC80-265V
  • Product Weight: 1.2kilogram
  • Operational Temp: -20 – +40(℃)
  • Cord length: 150cm
  • Can be adjusted easily
  • A high voltage makes it beneficial to all kinds of plants.
  • Energy-saving compatibility
  • It does not have daisy chains.


VIVOSUN LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

If you’re searching for a LED light that can have its penetration into tents and greenhouses, the Vivosun 300W has got you covered and should be your first pick. This grow light is 2′ by 2′ and has a life cycle of 4,160 days. The product delivers more strength to grow cannabis due to the PAR that offers a range of distances.

The device has a reflector architecture with unprecedented LED chip technology for full-spectrum and extremely capable light coverage. Its cooling system has a huge built-in cooling fan, which is quiet and powerful. It also has a large heat sink vent to maintain the normal temperature of the weed.

The light scope has a dimension of 1.5 by 1.5 inches to cover your limited area. However, the light comes with a daisy chain provides an outlet for more than one connection. The product also comes with a money-back guarantee and a three-year warranty.

Key Features:

  • Optimal light spectrum coverage
  • Maximum PAR output
  • Super bright lights
  • Effective penetration
  • Incredible blooms
  • Professional Designed


  • Dimensions: 13.5x9x3 inches
  • Product Weight: 6.5 lbs
  • Input Voltage: AC100-240V
  • Avg. Power Draw: 135W±3%
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Working Temp.: -20℃~+40℃/-4℉~104℉
  • (60pcs) High-Intensity 5W LEDs
  • Lifespan: 100,000 hours
  • Long lifespan
  • Daisy chain included
  • Three-year warranty
  • High-intensity light can be harmful to the body


VIPARSPECTRA LED Grow Light with Daisy Chain

You might be on the search for a LED Grow light that has a daisy chain, stop the search because the Viparspectra UL brand, a certified 300w LED grow light is renowned for having comfortable daisy chains. The product uses a 2 x2-foot setting to change the coverage of cannabis; and your plants will grow to be robust. The product uses an upgraded full spectrum LED chip that provides advanced and productive light to every indoor plantation.

The UL lighting system is very healthy and highly effective for building your beds. This light is used in all levels of plant development in a regulated way. The collection provides optimal growth for your weed and gives you what the plant needs relative to sunshine.

The unit uses an LED chip ability that increases photosynthetic emissions and increases the balance of light exposure to the PAR output. The daisy chain lets you stick to various lights that increase the cost-effective growth of your weed. Manufacturers offer a fixed warranty of three years and a return date of 30 days.

Key Features:

  • UL certified
  • Fire-resistant reflectors
  • Optimal spectrum
  • Fire-resistant iron housing
  • High-speed, quiet fans
  • Heat dissipation


  • Actual energy draw: 130W±3%
  • Amperage: 120V
  • Product LED Bulbs: (60pcs)
  • High Power 5W Epiled
  • Input: AC-100
  • Product’s dimensions: 12.8 x 8 x 2.8 inches
  • Product Weight: 6.4 lbs
  • Product Vegetative Cover at 24″
  • Product Flower Coverage at 18″
  • Product Life: 100,000 hours
  • It comes with an inbuilt daisy chain.
  • Energy saving
  • Excellent PAR output
  • Does not have a large scale coverage


iPower GLLEDXA300CNEW Grow Light Full Spectrum

The one aspect that stands out for this iPower brand light is the full spectrum of 60 pcs of high intensity. It uses 5w Epileds, which emits spectrum grow light right for cultivating your plant. The product comes with a heat canister refrigeration schemes and strong fans, there is more than enough heat dissipation which prolongs the LED bulbs’ lives.

The unit uses 135w and thus saves electricity and is ideal for sealed and preservative plant growers. The product provides a great light balance for many stages of plant growth. The company has made sure that it is one of the cheapest growing lights because you don’t have to buy costly 300 watts contributed to a shift in growing bulbs.

Maintenance is incredibly low for the product, which is one of the best grow lights used by first time farmers. The iPower is ideal for indoor planting as it is not waterproof and can be damaged when water enters it. The height of the iPower is 12.6 x 7.9 x 3 inches. The computer uses 3w chips with a lifespan of 20,830 days. The producers are selling a two-year service deal.

Key Features:

  • Promotes defense mechanism in plants
  • Full-spectrum grow lights
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Low noise cooling fans
  • Energy saving
  • Aluminum heat sink


  • Power: 300 Watts
  • LED Chipset: 3 Watts
  • Number of LEDs: 100
  • LED Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
  • Warranty Terms: 2 years Manufacturer’s
  • Operating Voltage: 86-264
  • Operating Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Wide range of functions
  • Power saving grows light.
  • Two-year warranty
  • Low-quality installation feature


MAXSISUN LED Grow Light with12-Band Full Spectrum

If you want a grow light that has a timer function, then the Maxsisun Dimmable LED brand has specially updated its LED grow light for that reason. The unit also saves electricity by using only 142 watts. The LED ensures good development for your weed.

The unit uses a full spectrum infrared ultraviolet indoor greenhouse with 60 pcs 10w LED chips. The 10w chips are brighter than the old 5w LED chip, so they suit the best hydroponics, greenhouse, and indoor plant growth. The different aspect that makes it much more appropriate for a greenhouse is 3.5 square feet with 16 inches by 8.4 inches by 2.5 inches. One will change the illumination for various plant phases to guarantee perfect and consistent growth from the dimmable point of view. Due to its added feature of quality contact reflectors, light can penetrate cannabis for sound and dynamic growth.

The LED develop light has improved titanium, high-efficiency cooling system with a powerful high-speed fan. The system comes with a two-year warranty and a 60-day return date.

Key Features:

  • Compact reflector
  • Canopy penetration
  • Optimized full spectrum
  • Enhanced metabolic process
  • Dual dimmers
  • Hassle-free return policy


  • Product’s Model: MDR300
  • Reflector: 90°
  • Input Voltage: AC 100-240V
  • Product’s LED Power: 62x5W
  • Product’s Average Power Draw: 140W±3%
  • LED Quantities: 62pcs Epiled
  • Product’s Frequency: 60Hz
  • Product’s Lifespan: 100,000 hours
  • Enhanced cooling system
  • Full-spectrum with 10w LED chips
  • Cost-effective
  • It’s not water-resistant.


MarsHydro LED Grow Light

Get more for less when you buy my second best-Led light, particularly if you’re inexperienced. MarsHydro has the new 300W light that utilizes a higher LED PAR per Watts than the previous one. The improved LED is 3* brighter than the regular LED lamps.

The MarsHydro LED rising light has a high power output of the Epistar 5w LED chips, powerful for the PAR. This contributes to good growth and productive yield for your farm. The chip is updated to generate full-spectrum illumination better.

Thanks to the high PAR standard, 300 watts of led lights for growing plant are uniformly spread. This function helps to shield plants from constraining growth and burning LED light. When it comes to its cooling function this product is beneficial, which is unprecedented. It has an in-built heat sink vent system which is influential with its fan and makes very low noise for your weed’s optimal development.

Key Features:

  • Full-spectrum light
  • Energy Saving
  • Perfect for a 4 x 4 cu. Ft area
  • Separated integrate circuit board
  • High-speed heat dissipation
  • Can be used for hydroponics


  • Value of PAR: 567umol
  • Product’s frequency: 60HZ
  • Product’s Main Coverage: 2ft by2ft
  • Product’s Maximum Coverage: 3.5ft by3.5ft
  • Input Voltage: 240V
  • Product ampere: 0.8309A/120V
  • Product Lumen:4937Lm±5%
  • Supplies growth light uniformly.
  • Low noise
  • Three years warranty
  • Could have unstable voltage sometimes


Advanced Platinum LED Grow Light

Among the features that have made this product, one of the top 300 watt led lights for growing plants light is due to its energy savings. One of the key explanations for using low energy and temperature with the aid of a full 12-band spectrum. This feature made the advanced Platinum one of the most leading led light for plant cultivation by the Platinum LED brand.

With the aid of the 12-band full spectrum of light, plant under this LED light will have enough light to grow well. It helps your plant develop effectively and very healthy, with all the LED light’s nutrients. One more genius aspect of this led growing light is that it has two spectrums of light. Using the vegetable environment when applying for plant. Uses 93 watts in 4.5 by 3.8 spaces.

These have 90-degree focal lenses. They direct light deeper into your cannabis and thus yield vigorous growth. The advanced platinum is cost effective and has very competitive features on the market. The brand has best PAR to a Watt. The PAR tests the strength of the light emitted from the LED light. This is beneficial since it can’t be contained in any Led growth light sold too cheaply. The unit is by far the best Led 300 Watts grow light commercially available. Besides, it has full 5-year insurance plus a free 90-day warranty or refund bid.

Key Features:

  • Accurate PAR/LUMEN output
  • 12 full band spectrum
  • Efficient spectral output
  • Upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks
  • Perfect compact application
  • UV depth


  • Product Height: 3 inches
  • Product Weight 13 lbs
  • HID 400w
  • Product Width: 8.25 in
  • Product Length: 19 inches
  • Product’s maximum Coverage at 18″
  • Product’s main coverage at 18″
  • Quantity of LED: 100x3w LEDs(Made in the USA)
  • Product’s Lifespan: 100,000 hours
  • Product’s Average Power Draw 93watt Veg and 180watt Bloom
  • Product’s Voltage: 260Volts
  • Energy saving
  • A wide spectrum of PAR stimulation
  • Five-year warranty
  • Does not imitate the sun too well



When we examined this full spectrum LED growing light, our outcome was a bit shocking. We found this commodity to be an inexpensive 300W LED growing light, but when we looked at its functions and took the views of established growers, our opinion was false with this BloomSpect Grow Light.

Oh, and this isn’t just an inexpensive commodity with subpar functions. If you’re also guessing that it’s inexpensive only because of its size, then that’s not correct because its price is low because it’s competitively priced.

It is said that this LED grow light is capable of imitating true sunlight by supplying blue, red, and white bands of light. An optical lens shields the LEDs, and the focal angle of this LED is 90 degrees, which filters light uniformly over your weed canopy and prevents any overt exposure to your plants.

This 300 watt LED grows light comes with daisy chaining capability so that you can still increase your plant cultivation room by adding another LED grow light with it. On the other side, there are also no dual-mode switches, so it is advised to place it at the height of 24″-28″ during the seedling, 16-20″ during vegetation, 12″-18″ during flowering. With all these features, it only absorbs an average of 132W of energy while at the same time producing the best broad-spectrum light for your plants. At this power draw, the vendor says that it can quickly replace the 250W HPS system.

The heat dissipation capability of this 300W LED is also good because it can keep the temperature inside your rising tent cool even after 24 hours of continuous use. Oh, it’s fitted with aluminum heat sink and cooling fans to keep it cold.

Key Features:

  • Energy saving
  • Perfect Covering
  • 2 x 2 flowering area
  • Secondary optical lens
  • High-intensity lighting
  • An inbuilt aluminum heat sink
  • Cooling fans


  • Input Voltage: AC 100-240V
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Product’s model number: BS300
  • LED Energy: 300W
  • LED Quantity: 60pcs
  • Product’s Average Power Draw: 132W
  • Dimensions: 11.8″ x 8.3″ x 2.4″
  • Tow year warranty
  • Daisy Chaining
  • Good for all plant types
  • Not water resistant

Buying Guide Questions


Not all 300-watt LED grow lights are created equal. There are a couple of things you need to look at when shopping for one.

Branding and Pricing

If you’re a novice, you’ll want to choose a cheaper way to research your LED grow lights. Nevertheless, a more seasoned grower or an expert will prefer a higher quality and priced alternatives. The brand also decides the consistency. If you’re looking for full perfection, go for a well-known and well-established brand. There’s the perfect 300w led grow light for any budget!


You have to consider heat sinks systems, cooling fans if you want to avoid electrical overload. Furthermore, you have to consider the fact that other safety mechanisms must be in place. All these functioning well makes the 300 – watt LED grow light a good option to have in the home.

Electrical Efficiency

Typically, LED grow lights operate a minimum of 12 hours a day. Hence you need to know the total energy output and then compare it with the efficiency to identify the best light output. Kindly read more here: (Best 2000 Watt LED Grow Lights)


A full range of 300-watt LEDs and ultraviolet and infrared bulbs are essential for plant development. They ensure optimum yields; promote growth at various levels, and lower costs over time.


You have to check how wide the area your 300-watt LED light will occupy is. If the light has limited coverage, you would need an extra unit and that would be more costly. You’re going to want the light coverage to balance the field that your garden currently occupies.

What is a 300 watt LED grow light equivalent to?

In actuality, this light is equivalent to 200 watts of HID power and uses somewhere around 130 watts.

How many plants can I grow with a 300w LED light?

So a 300W can cover about 2 x 3ft area. In fact, each cannabis plant you grow requires at least 1sq ft of space. So under 300W, you can grow about 1-6 plants. When cannabis is grown, a decent rule of thumb is to use a minimum of 50 watts of light per square foot of the growing field.

We want to fill our plants with light (food) to have a lot of energy to grow big potent buds. We also need to measure the square footage (length x width) of our indoor expanding tent. Then we’re going to multiply this number by 50w to give us the rough wattage of light we need.

How far should my LED lights be from plants?

The general rule is that LED lights should be approximately 12-30 inches from the top of your plant. When your plants grow, you need to adjust your lights’ height to match the height of your growing plants. In short, the LED lights are the type of light used by gardeners. Since LED lights emit much less heat than other forms of lights, plants can withstand far closer LED lights. Usually, most people tend to adjust the height of their grow lights using basic chains or cables that allow the light fixture to be elevated or lowered, based on the plants’ height.

What are true Watts?

A true watt is the calculation you want to know to assess your growing sun’s real energy consumption. The real electricity used by both the electrical circuits and the lamps themselves – fans, etc. – is referred to as true wattage. While true wattage is a good indicator of power generation, it is not a good measure of light intensity because you have no idea how effective the system is. PPFD is the only real and useful indicator of light output for growing lamps.

Are Chinese LED grow lights any good?

If you carry Chinese LED lamps, you will feel how light they are, with dubious longevity. LED chips are mostly tiny and unstable relative to existing varieties. Many of the Chinese-made rising lights offer a lifetime of 50,000 hours but produce considerably less.


Using a 300 watt LED lights for indoor farming is the perfect way to make your crops grow faster and healthy. The lights imitate the sun’s rays that all plants require for optimal growth and photosynthesis. All of the above-LED lights are of the highest quality, and all come with full-spectrum illumination. Whatever you want to buy for your indoor grow tent or grow room, or whatever indoor area you need, you and your crops can do great work.

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