What Is The Name Of The By-Product That The Liver Processes Thc Into When Eating Cannabis Edibles

INTRODUCTION Edibles are a more discreet way of consuming cannabis. Cannabis smoked and consumed through edibles have different effects. When cannabis is inhaled, the smoke passes through the lungs into the bloodstream to kickstart its “high” effect. The bloodstream has quick access to the brain, which is where the activeness of cannabis gets to work. … Read more

Heaviest Indica Strains

Introduction Cannabis plants are mainly divided into three strains, sativa, indica and hybrid. Indicas are short and THC-rich strains originating from India, Pakistan and regions around that area. The buds are usually covered in crystals or trichomes, meaning they produce a lot of resin. Resin contains THC, which is the primary psychoactive compound of cannabis. … Read more

Hydro Weed Strains

Introduction One of the things you need to learn if you want to grow your own marijuana is the different genetics of marijuana strains and their growing methods. First, you have to decide on the strain you want to grow and select the right medium. Different strains have different methods of cultivation; hydroponic method is … Read more