How to Make Thc Edibles

Introduction Many people may be confused about what an edible is; however, it is legal in some states. Edibles are known to be products that have been mixed with marijuana and the likes. There are different health opinions about the use of it, and they come in various forms; one of these is the brownies. … Read more

Heaviest Indica Strains

Introduction Cannabis plants are mainly divided into three strains, sativa, indica and hybrid. Indicas are short and THC-rich strains originating from India, Pakistan and regions around that area. The buds are usually covered in crystals or trichomes, meaning they produce a lot of resin. Resin contains THC, which is the primary psychoactive compound of cannabis. … Read more

14 Best Weed Jars and Storage Containers for Weed in 2021

There are many options when it comes to storing your cannabis and keeping them potent and clean. Over the years, many cannabis growers or users have eventually learned the importance of storing weed the right way. The most common method among growers used to be storing weed in large plastic garbage bags, then putting them … Read more