14 Best Weed Jars and Storage Containers for Weed in 2024

There are many options when it comes to storing your cannabis and keeping them potent and clean. Over the years, many cannabis growers or users have eventually learned the importance of storing weed the right way. The most common method among growers used to be storing weed in large plastic garbage bags, then putting them … Read more

How To Hide A Bong

Introduction You have a bong or several of them, and you have some guests coming over who are not smokers. Or, perhaps you have a professional meeting or a job interview that you will be having via Zoom, and the last thing you want the interviewer or anyone else to see is that you have … Read more

Lemon Weed Strains

Introduction Lemon or Citrusy strains are popularly known for their intense energy that produces a sharp, citrusy scent and flavour. Ever since the Super Lemon Haze strain won the Cannabis Cup in 2008, these flavourful strains have gained the attention of weed connoisseurs. Producing a burst of aromas and flavours similar to many different fruits, … Read more

How To Make A Pumpkin Bong

Introduction Autumn is the favorite time of year for many people, even over summer. That is the time of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and it is close to the Christmas holiday season. Not to mention, when you are scrolling through social media during the latter part of the summer, the one thing that you will find is … Read more

How To Use Potassium Fertilizer To Grow Cannabis

Introduction If you are growing cannabis, you need to know that your marijuana plants need various nutrients, which is why they require fertilizers with nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, in addition to other minerals such as sulfur and calcium. However, the focus, for now, is potassium. Your weed requires the right amount of potassium to thrive … Read more

How Do You Clean A Bong?

Introduction When you want to get a good smoke, a dirty bong will ruin the experience, and that is the last thing you want to face when you are looking forward to having that fun experience. However, the good news is that you can have a great smoke experience as long as you keep your … Read more

How to Make Thc Edibles

Introduction Many people may be confused about what an edible is; however, it is legal in some states. Edibles are known to be products that have been mixed with marijuana and the likes. There are different health opinions about the use of it, and they come in various forms; one of these is the brownies. … Read more