Cirrus Titan 5 LED Grow Light Review


The Titan 5 or the Cirrus T500 is a state-of-the-art LED grow light that is commonly known because of its advanced technology features.

The Titan 5 boasts quite a heap of awesome tech and exclusive features. The Cirrus Titan 5 is famous for its mCOB design or the multiple-chips-on-board array that is smartly designed to elevate efficiency.

If you would like to know more about this strongly named Titan 5 LED grow light or -want to look at different grow lights before buying one, then you are on the right page. This review will focus on the key features, specifications, and pros and cons of the Titan 5 or the Cirrus T500.

Cirrus Titan 5 – Key features and specifications

The Cirrus Titan 5 is a unique lighting system created to maximize functionality and great light output with lesser power consumption. This LED grow light even has an exclusive Cirrus Leaf Application for Android or iOS that allows wireless control and customization of the lights.


The Cirrus Titan 5 is comparable and almost equal to a 1200 watt HPS light; however the Titan 5 only uses 500 watts of power. This power consumption is very good for a very powerful light production, which the Titan 5 can emit. Many growers and cultivators are impressed at how a light that emits almost 1000 watt brightness can also use 500 watts of power, typically low power usage. You can save a lot from your electricity bills if you use the Titan 5.

Light Spectrum

Titan 5 boasts a full-spectrum light that includes infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths; most of the lights in this unit are in the range of red and blue, which the plants need the most. In this lighting unit, each LED emits every wavelength resulting in an even distribution of light with similar spectral makeup. This is a very beneficial feature since the ideal color ratio, and uniformity in the light distribution will contribute to the betterment of bud and flower quality of your cannabis plants. Additionally, the infrared and ultraviolet lights can increase resin production, therefore increasing THC content.


The Cirrus Titan 5 has quite an impressive light spread covering a 5′ x 5′ area. This lighting system aims to maximize the intensity of light that hits every part of your cannabis plants. Canopy penetration is not an issue when it comes to the Titan 5, and its lights can surely get deep beneath the canopy, similar to an HPS bulb. Even though this grow light is meant for a 5’ x 5’ area, this can still work perfectly for a 4’ x 4’ grow tent or grow area. But if you have a much smaller area, you can go for the Cirrus T300 instead.


The Cirrus Titan or the T series uses Cirrus’ very own mCOB arrays, which allows a brighter light with low power consumption, therefore producing less heat. These LEDs also provide full-spectrum light that works perfectly for all growth stages of your cannabis plants. This feature is one of the top reasons why many growers love the Titan 5.

Heat emission

As mentioned above, the Titan 5 emits a very low heat output compared to most grow lights with the same capability and features. Therefore, the mCOB array of this grow light unit sun more efficiently than standard diodes, therefore producing much lesser heat. The Titan 5 also has huge and highly functional heat sinks, which perform well when dissipating in heat. However, a downside is that these sinks are very heavy, making the Titan 5 a very heavy lighting unit.

Operation and functionality

The Cirrus Titan 5 is fully customizable in terms of the light spectrum and light cycle using just your phone. This is possible because of the Cirrus Leaf application installed on both iOS and Android phones. This grow light system is also very easy to operate and very simple to work with, making it very user-friendly. The Titan 5 can operate on 110 to 277 volts AC.


The Titan 5 is quite a heavy grow light system that weighs about 52 lbs, with dimensions of 35” x 15.7” x 4.5”.


  • Impressive low power usage with very low heat emission.
  • Features on Leaf App for easier control and access to customization of your grow light.
  • There is an even light distribution and provides an ideal spectrum for all stages of plant growth.


  • Quite expensive.
  • The lighting system can be very heavy.

Additional insights and aspects of the Cirrus Titan 5 LED Grow Light (T500):

Innovative LED Technology: The Titan 5 utilizes the mCOB array, a proprietary technology of Cirrus LED Systems, designed to maximize power and efficiency. This feature is particularly noteworthy as it allows for brighter light with lower power consumption.

Control and Customization: One of the standout features of the Titan 5 is its compatibility with the Cirrus Leaf App. This app, available for both iOS and Android devices, enables growers to wirelessly control and customize their light schedule and spectrum, adding a level of convenience and precision to the growing process.

Full-Spectrum Lighting: The full-spectrum lighting of the Titan 5 includes UVA, UVB, and infrared (IR) wavelengths. This broad range is significant for plant growth, particularly for cannabis cultivation, where it can influence factors like resin production and THC content.

Energy Efficiency: The Titan 5’s energy efficiency is a major selling point. It has a power draw of 500 watts while delivering performance comparable to a 1200 watt HPS light. This efficiency is not only beneficial for reducing electricity bills but also for promoting a more sustainable growing practice.

Physical Aspects: The unit’s physical dimensions and weight are important considerations. Its relatively heavy weight (around 52 lbs) could be a factor in deciding whether it’s suitable for your grow space, especially if you have limited structural support.

Pricing and Availability: As of the latest updates, the Titan 5 is priced at a premium, reflecting its advanced features and technology. It’s available through various hydroponic and grow light retailers.

Target Audience: This grow light seems to be targeted towards serious, tech-savvy growers who are willing to invest in high-quality, efficient, and technologically advanced equipment for their cultivation needs.


Final thoughts

If you are looking for something that performs well when it comes to lighting but with very low heat emission, the Titan 5 may be perfect for you. However, you should be ready and willing to spend quite a fortune on this heavy yet excellent grow light.