iPower Grow Tent Review – Mylar Hydroponic Review


Grow tents play a significant role as a piece of equipment for your hydroponic and indoor growing. Getting your hands on the best grow tent will help you be sure that the cannabis plants you are growing can benefit from the best grow area while getting maximum exposure from grow lights. A healthy crop can also result from premium and high-quality grow tents. These grow tents will help you take control of the light, temperature regulation, and humidity levels inside your grow area.

A good grow tent will help you replicate a natural, balanced, and suitable environment for your cannabis plants. This will be possible by optimising light cycles, nutrients, and watering or hydroponic systems paired with the best grow tent. With the best supplies and materials, you will surely be able to enjoy good yields and healthy buds with great potency as well.

One of the best and the most popular grow tents in the market today is the iPower Hydroponics grow tent. This grow tent is well-loved by many cannabis cultivators and growing enthusiasts. This review will tell you more about its excellent features as well as the pros and cons of this popular grow tent.

About the iPower Hydroponic Grow Tent and its features

The iPower hydroponic mylar grow tent comes with basically everything you need for a highly functional grow tent. This grow tent is genuinely one of the best and is top-rated because of its unique features and inclusions. The iPower tent comes with a convenient tool bag and floor tray for easy cleaning. It also has an opening or peek-through window where can you effortlessly observe and look at your cannabis plants. This awesome grow tent has a coverage area of 5’ x 5’.

One highlight characteristic of this grow tent is its durability in a heavy-duty frame. This grow tent is made with a sturdy and heavy-duty metal frame that can easily withstand a weight of 110 lbs. Honestly, this grow tent is of high quality because of its high-quality and premium materials that can ensure stable and robust support. Working with this grow tent is very convenient because all the accessories and tools you might need are all inside the toolbox that comes with the grow tent itself.

When it comes to ventilation, the iPower grow tent will also not disappoint. Its good ventilation system is one reason why this grow tent can work correctly for your cannabis plants. This grow tent has double-layer ventilation ducting holes and bottom windows. These features are advantageous when it comes to achieving the optimum temperature for your cannabis plants.

Cleaning up is very easy for this grow tent since it has a removable and water-resistant Mylar tray. Traps secure this tray to ensure that they stay securely in place, and once you are ready to dispose of the trash, you will need to slide out the tray and dump out the garbage and slide it back again.

Pros and Cons of the iPower Hydroponic Grow Tent


  • Easy and convenient to install, with no need for tools or at all. Therefore, requiring less work on your part.
  • This grow tent is made with high-quality and premium parts to ensure durability and a muscular build.
  • The iPower grow tent comes with a reflective rate of 95%, which helps you save energy and ensure maximum light absorption by your cannabis plants.
  • This grow tent is made with sturdy and smoothly working zippers for easy opening and closing.
  • Assembly is straightforward and will only take a little of your time. This is also a safe purchase since it comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Many growers and cultivators have observed light leakage when using this grow tent; however, it is only minimal.
  • There may be areas in this grow tent that are not entirely stitched.

Choosing the best grow tent: Things to consider

You might want to consider things and factors when choosing the best grow tent for your cannabis plants.

Size and space

It is essential that you get the appropriate size to accommodate your cannabis plants while also considering the space that it might take up in your home or your grow room. They should not take a vast space indoors while holding enough amount of cannabis plants inside the grow tent. If you have a bigger grow space, it would be okay if you get a big grow tent.


The sturdiness and durability of your grow tent is significant since it would be the basis for how long your grow tent will be able to last. You must look at the frames and the canvas to ensure that they are very durable. Also, the zippers are very important since the point of having a good tent and structure is if you can not correctly zip it up and close it.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity is also a very vital factor to consider when choosing a grow tent. You have to choose one that will withstand the weight you will be putting inside the grow tent. Choose to grow tents that have sturdy and robust frames.


It will indeed be a big help if the grow tent you choose is convenient and easy to assemble and install. Most indoor grow tents are very simple to work with, so it will not be challenging to find one that fits your convenience; iPower is one of the most convenient grow tents out in the market today.


The best and high-quality grow tent should be functional and do what it is intended and designed to do. This includes making sure that your cannabis plants are well-housed while being able to get the appropriate lighting and watering as well. Your cannabis plants should also be able to enjoy a controlled and well regulated growing environment when they are inside a grow tent.

Final thoughts

We all know how a good grow tent dramatically contributes to the healthy growth of your cannabis plants, and we know for a fact that iPower is a brand that promises to deliver the useful features of a good grow tent. The iPower Hydroponics grow tent‘ is indeed a good grow tent to start with, and it will never disappoint. So, if you are looking for a grow tent, you might want to check out the iPower grow tent. Hopefully, this review immensely helped you in your grow tent, choosing and shopping.