8 Best Growing Nutrients and Fertilizers for Cannabis Plants in 2024

When growing cannabis, it’s extremely important that you use the best growing nutrients and fertilizers. These are what will help your plants to grow and make sure that you get flavorful leaves and flowers and a large harvest. This article will highlight 8 of the best growing nutrients and fertilizers that you should use to help you with your plants.

The Best Nutrients/Fertilizers for Growing Cannabis

Advanced Nutrients Grow, Micro, Bloom

This product will help your plants with its 3 growth stages. It has nutrients and fertilizers that will help it to sprout and grow so it will eventually bloom with large flowers. It helps to make sure that your plants receive an adequate amount of nutrients and that the soil has a proper pH level. This product comes in sizes of 1 liter to 23 liters so you can invest in the right amount for your plants. The directions as to how to use this product are printed on the side of its bottle so you can easily see how much you need to apply to the plant’s growing medium.




Fox Farm Big Bloom

This liquid fertilizer is made with organic materials to help with growing your cannabis plants. Its unique formula includes things such as earthworm castings to help with making your plants grow strong and healthy. Besides creating strong plants, it also helps with creating more flavor in them. This is especially useful if you want to have a strong flavor in your cannabis leaves. To help with growing large buds, rock phosphate is mixed into it. This fertilizer comes in a 1 pint bottle.





Advanced Nutrients Big Bud

This liquid fertilizer comes in bottles that range from 1 liter to 23 liters. You can invest in the size that will best help you with growing your plants. This fertilizer can be used in both soil and hydroponics and is helpful with growing large flowers and improving the scent and buds that the cannabis plants will have.








Botanicare Growilla

This organic nutrient and fertilizer mix is made with a special 2-5-4 formula. This formula uses fish meal and earthworm castings to help your plants grow quickly and so you get a large harvest with them. This product comes in bucket sizes from 12 lbs. to 25 lbs.







General Hydroponics Go Box


This organic fertilizer can be used in both hydroponic and soil growing mediums. It contains a few different bottles of helpful growing supplements. This box contains 16 oz. bottles of things like BioThrive Grow and Bloom Fertilizer to help with growing large and healthy plants. Also included in this box are 8 oz. liquid samples of CaMg+, BioRoot, and BioWeed. All of these things can help to make sure your plants grow quickly and have enough nutrients.

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SuperThrive Vitamin Solution

This nutrient mix comes in many different sizes (such as 4 ounces to 1 gallon) to make sure you have enough to use on your amount of plants. It’s a good mixture to use in hydroponic systems and will help to encourage and build strong roots in your plants. This nutrient mix has also been proven to help with reviving wilting and small plants so that they grow to be large and strong. While it’s good to use in hydroponic growing systems it can also be used in soil.








Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy

This fertilizer comes in choices from 1-23 liters so you can easily buy the right size to use with your plants. It is made to have a sweet scent so it smells good as you apply it. This also helps to make using it a little easier as some nutrient and fertilizer mixes can be a little strong. This product will help to make your plants grow big and is good to help encourage clones to grow and also to help your plants quickly flower. This mixture can be used in


both soil and hydroponic system.




Cutting Edge Solutions Bloom


This product comes in various sizes, such as 1 quart and 1 gallon, to help you find the size that’s right to use with your plants. This mixture is filled with helpful nutrients like phosphorus, which will help with flowering, and potassium, which will help with giving your plants energy. This mixture is good for those just beginning to grow cannabis to use as it’s easy to figure out and will be a little more forgiving if you accidentally measure it incorrectly.








What Should I Look for in the Best Growing Nutrients and Fertilizers?

The main thing to look at in the best growing nutrients and fertilizers for cannabis is their make. You want to make sure that they’re organic as organic materials often work best with cannabis plants. They will help them to grow quickly and strongly. You also want to look for the formula that the specific nutrient/fertilizer uses. Some might contain more phosphorus or nitrogen than other mixtures which may or may not help your plants. It’s important to know what nutrients your plants need before you go and buy any nutrient/fertilizer mix.

Also be sure to look at the type of nutrient/fertilizer mix it is. A liquid mixture is ideal for hydroponic systems but can also be used in soil. If you grow your plants in soil it’s a good idea to look for more of a soil nutrient mix that you can blend into your already existing soil. This will help the roots in the soil grow better.

Be sure to also know the size that you need. If you have only a few plants you don’t need to invest in a large supply of nutrients and/or fertilizers. However, if you’re growing many plants it’s a good idea to buy a large container of them to make sure you have enough for all your plants.

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This article highlighted some of the best growing nutrients and fertilizers that you should use with your cannabis plants. They’ll all help to make sure your plants grow quickly and that you get a large, healthy, and tasty harvest.