King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light Review


Trying to establish your own indoor grow area or grow room can be quite tricky, but if you have all the appropriate supplies and equipment, starting will not be as difficult anymore. Beginnings can indeed be the hardest, but growing cannabis plants indoors can now become a breeze once you get the hang of it. However, before everything starts to become comfortable, you still have to become fully aware of the pieces of equipment and the effort you should put into your cannabis growing. Investing in the right products can be very helpful as well.

One of the essential equipment that you need to invest in is a good grow light. However, for those growers who may have a tight budget, looking for a high-quality and functional grow light can be challenging. So, if you are someone who needs to follow a strict budget and has only limited allotment for a grow light, we got you! This review will be about a LED grow super budget-friendly light without compromising the quality at all!

About the King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light and its Key Features

Light spectrum and coverage

The light spectrum of the King Plus LED 1000W LED grow light is meant to cover a smaller area of 3.4′ x 3.8. This LED grow light features a well-balanced light ratio that is why it can play a role in achieving the photosynthesis process. At a low cost, your cannabis plants will be able to enjoy a wide range of light spectrum that includes white, yellow, red, blue, ultraviolet, and infrared lights. With this spectrum, King Plus can imitate and simulate natural light or sunlight. For coverage, the King Plus 1000W can offer the best results in small but expandable areas.

Power efficiency

The King Plus 1000W LED grow light only draws approximately 185 watts from your power source while providing you with a 1000 watt equivalent light intensity. So, aside from being an extremely affordable LED grow light, the King Plus grow light is also considered the best because it is functional and energy-saving. If you are a grower trying to save on energy bills, the King Plus grow light is the right choice.

Heat balance and management

Since the King Plus 1000W LED grow light operates with a full-spectrum range of lighting, this would mean a fair amount of heat emission as well. And, it is essential to remember that excessive heat output can damage your cannabis plants. It is a good thing that you would not have to worry about that with the King Plus grow light. Despite its low price, this grow light is equipped with 10w double chips LED that is created to produce bright light projections and keep heat balance in check compared to the light output. This grow light also has three holes on the front glass, paired with two well-sized internal fans for good heat dissipation.

Pros and Cons of the King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light


  • The King Plus LED grow light is a very efficient energy saver that will help you save a lot of money when it comes to electricity bills.
  • Easy and convenient to assemble and install. The unit is generally beginner-friendly.
  • Is made with very durable and heavy-duty materials to ensure a longer lifespan.
  • Great heat balance and management.
  • Provides a complete light spectrum, therefore giving off a higher luminous efficiency and better distribution of light for your cannabis plants.
  • Has a global voltage range of 85V to 265V.
  • The brand comes with a product warranty and good customer service.
  • This grow light is suitable for all plant types and all different stages of growth.
  • Can be operated using a remote controller, the unit is also timer controlled.


  • This LED light is equivalent to only a 400 watt HID grow light.
  • A single unit of King Plus LED grow light is not enough if you have a more giant grow tent or space. You may need to purchase additional lighting units to suffice.
  • This lighting unit is not waterproof.
  • Lacks separate mode switches and daisy-chaining capabilities.

Final thoughts on the King Plus

It’s clear that the advantages of the King Plus 1000W LED grow light outweigh its disadvantages. This demonstrates that it’s not only among the best in its category, but it’s also highly efficient and surprisingly budget-friendly. Ideal for both experienced and novice indoor growers, the King Plus 1000W LED grow light represents a wise investment. Rest assured, your expenditure will be justified, offering superb quality at a very reasonable price.

We trust that our review has provided you with the necessary insights about this LED grow light. We confidently recommend it as an outstanding choice for your purchase!