Oxygen Pot, 6 Bucket XL Ebb and Flow System Review


Many cannabis growers have been utilizing various methods or hydroponic systems for a couple of years now. These hydroponic systems have helped countless cultivators and growers when it comes to maximizing yields and better growth. With the use of hydroponic systems, you will benefit from using just small amounts of growing media while precisely controlling the nutrient intake of your plants and their pH levels.

Using hydroponic systems are generally recommended for both novice and experienced grower since they are relatively easy and straightforward to learn. These hydroponic or flow systems also offer a great way to efficiently grow your cannabis plants even in small or limited spaces. In this review, we will discuss one of the best flow systems out there, the Oxygen Pot ebb and flow system.

What is a hydroponic system?

Hydroponic systems are water-based methods of growing your cannabis plants where the necessary nutrients and growing requirements are provided through solutions without the use of soil. As mentioned above, these systems have gained popularity over time because of their efficiency and the proven benefits when it comes to the better growth of cannabis plants. Since this method operated without soil, support is usually provided by an inert medium like granite, clay, rockwood, or perlite.

There are various types of hydroponic systems as well, but an ebb and flow system is built with a timer that allows the system to provide nutrients and other solutions to your cannabis plants in calculated intervals. The Oxygen Pot 6-bucket XL ebb and flow systems are undoubtedly one of the best because of their portability and ability to contain large volumes.

About the Oxygen Pot Hydroponic Systems

This Oxygen Pot hydroponic system comes with six buckets of an extra-large size. The system, in general, boasts a 55-gallon covert water reservoir with a powder-coated ring and six buckets with a capacity of 5 gallons of water.


The Oxygen Pot has a covert tank, which is an essential element of this hydroponic system. This covert tank is created with the use of food-grade plastics with a very compact design to save space. The tank is essentially collapsible, lightweight, and portable, making it very easy to pack and set-up. This hydroponic system comes with six super flow fabric pots that contribute to better plant oxygenation.

The super-flow controller module in this system tends to be the highlight since this controller is handy when it comes to timing the water flow and pump filling. This is indeed a complete set that comes with everything you basically need including a hose cutter, 300 GPH high flowing hydroponic pumps, kink-resistant tube, and twelve pieces of T-fittings and grommets. The buckets in this hydroponic system are able to contain a generous volume allowing better absorption of nutrients resulting in faster growth.

Key features of the Oxygen Pot 6-Bucket

  • 55-gallon covert tank, collapsible, compact, and lightweight.
  • Six extra-large buckets that are able to contain 5 gallons each.
  • Six pieces of super-flow aerated fabric pots.
  • Made with food-grade plastic.
  • Highly functional, efficiently controlled, and timed nutrient and water supply.

What is an efficient hydroponic system?

An efficient hydroponic system should be able to provide with good nutrient control so that growers and cultivators will closely monitor the nutrient intake of your cannabis plants. An excellent hydroponic system will also be able to consume less water compared to the soil-based growing systems. These hydroponic systems should also be able to improve the growth rate of your cannabis plants significantly, and they should be straightforward to use as well.

Pros and Cons of the Oxygen Pot 6 Bucket Hydroponic Systems

The Oxygen Pot ebb and flow system can easily qualify for the best hydroponic system in the cannabis growing industry. There are indeed tons of pros to this product; however, there are still tiny drawbacks.


  • Impressive volume of both cover tanks and buckets. These storage bins and buckets will work very well in containing enough water and nutrients for the cannabis plants.
  • Highly efficient, easy to set-up, and very simple to operate.
  • The whole system is very easy to transport because of its portability, as well as being lightweight and collapsible.


  • You have to be very familiar with the ebb and flow system so that you will be able to adequately and adequately provide the nutrients that your cannabis plants will need.

Final thoughts on the Oxygen Pot Hydroponic Systems

Everything in the Oxygen Pot ebb and flow system is something that a grower truly needs from their hydroponic system. With its highly-functional and excellent vital features, this will definitely do the job; that is why we recommend this for those looking for an excellent hydroponic to start growing their cannabis plants.

We hope this review has dramatically helped you know more about the Oxygen Pot hydroponic system and may have helped you understand if you should be getting one because you probably should!