VivoSun Hydroponic Observation Window Grow Tents Review


VivoSun has been famous for producing the most awesome cannabis growing products especially grow tents. Their grow tents are heavy-duty and feature a component that many growers love: observation windows. The grow tents from VivoSun are also known to be very durable, with solid metal frames and sturdy wall materials.

If you are a grower who is looking for a good grow tent to start with, VivoSun indeed got something for you. If you want to know more about the VivoSun grow tents, read on.

VivoSun Grow Tents

As mentioned above, the VivoSun grow tents have been highly famous because of their grow tents that are made with high-quality material and are equipped with high-quality features.

Design and Durability

A good grow tent should be held and stabilized by a good and sturdy frame. The Vivos grow tents generally go over as a whole piece, so there will be no need to zip and connect from one component to another. The design of their grow tents is also very impressive and functional, with strategically-placed openings to give way for cables, wirings, vents, and fans. These openings can be opened and closed through a drawstring closure that is very convenient and ensures no light leaks through these openings. On the other hand, the exhaust vents have Velcro closures so that they can be quickly closed when not in use. The VivoSun grow tents also have accessories that are very useful for added convenience, such as the removable and water-resistant floor tray, utility pockets, and viewing windows.

Light Leaks

Minimal light leaks tend to be unavoidable, and they are typically acceptable if they are only a pinhole leak or very tiny at all. Minor leakages can not really affect the growth of your cannabis plants. With the VivoSun grow tents, you can be sure that there will be little to no light leakages at all. However, if you notice any light leaks, you can quickly fix them using rubber epoxy or a caulk gun; you can also use duct tape. Generally, light leaks can easily be managed.

Materials and Build

VivoSun grow tents are made of heavy-duty materials such as sturdy poles and thick canvas that comes with a highly reflective Mylar coating. The grow tents from VivoSun can withstand even the most unpleasant conditions and can surely last for a very long time because of their strength and durability. The grow tents feature 600D thick canvas that makes the tent very stable and sturdy. They also have excellent double stitching to ensure that there are no light leaks. The poles and corners of the grow tents are created from very durable metal, but they are very lightweight. The frames can basically withstand anything that you put into the grow tent, such as grow lights, filters, fans, etc.

VivoSun Grow Tents with Observation Windows

VivoSun 96” x 48” x 80” Grow Tent

The VivoSun 96″ x 48″ x 80″ Mylar hydroponic grow tents is one of the most well-loved grow tents in the market today. It is constructed with very sturdy materials, such as the 600D canvas and stable frame, to ensure that your grow tent can indeed last a lifetime of growing cannabis plants. The walls are also tear-proof and can certainly adjust to any changes in temperature. The metal poles, like frames, make sure that the grow tent is grounded and sturdy at all times. This grow tent also features a wide door opening that allows easy access and an observation window for convenient viewing. Like the other VivoSun grow tents, this one comes with a removable floor tray that collects water spillages and other wastes. The whole package includes the grow tent itself, filter straps, removable floor stray, hanging bar, metals poles, and connectors.


  • Easy to assemble and install.
  • Wide door or opening for effortless access.
  • Waterproof and lightproof 600D canvas walls also come with Mylar reflective material for the interiors.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Made with very durable and heavy-duty zippers.
  • Construction and design are stable and very durable.
  • Features a tool storage space.


  • This model is quite expensive compared to other VivoSun grow tents.

VivoSun Triangle Grow Tent

The VivoSun triangle grow tent is one of the most popular grow tents nowadays because of its modern and innovative design. This grow tent is triangular with a good-sized U-shaped observation window. There are also holes in this grow tent that can easily accommodate cords, cables, filtrations, etc. Interior-wise, this grow tent is also made with a 98% Mylar reflective material to improve light distribution and balance. The exteriors of this tent are also made with sturdy 600D canvas that is double stitched for added strength and to prevent light leaks. The framework is also very stable, and the zipper of this grow tent is very durable to add to the grow tent’s already impressive strength and durability. The VivoSun triangle grow tent features mesh air intakes that can direct fresh air into your cannabis plants. The package includes the grow tent, hanging bar, a removable floor tray, filter tape, and the framework.


  • Easy to assemble and install, will not require extra tools.
  • Made with waterproof and lightproof materials.
  • Features a relatively large observation window and a massive door for easy access.
  • Very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Modern design, making this grow tent aesthetically pleasing.
  • Very stable and durable framework.
  • Has mesh air intakes for better ventilation in the grow space.


  • Absence of vent holes.
  • This grow tent is quite expensive.
  • Can house only a few plants for its price point.

VivoSun 2-in-1 Grow Tent

The VivoSun 2-in-1 grow tents is one of the most convenient and basic grow tents in the market. This grow tent has become extremely popular among growers because it can provide you with the grow space you need for your cannabis plants throughout their stages of growth. The first-tier small tents are recommended for plant propagation. On the other hand, the larger area is excellent for all the other stages of development, such as vegetation and flowering. The different tiers in this grow tent have separators for convenient management. This tent comes in three compartments and is very handy if you have no plans on buying another tent. The 2-in-1 grow tent, like the tents mentioned above, also uses 600D thick canvas material for sturdy walls. It also has a dismountable 98% reflective Mylar sheet as interiors. This grow tent is highly recommended for first-time users. Multiple vents for filter and fan output can also be seen in this grow tent. You can also make use of the storage space that comes with these grow tents for your tools and other materials.


  • Waterproof and lightproof.
  • Durable, heavy-duty zippers and reliable canvas material.
  • Features multi-chamber layout for convenience.
  • Wide door for easy access.
  • Removable floor tray for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Has ventilation holes and Mylar reflective interiors.
  • Features storage space for your tools.


  • Smaller observation window.
  • Few people can have trouble when it comes to installation and assembly.

Setting up the VivoSun Grow Tents

All the VivoSun grow tents are very easy to assemble and install. You will need to start working on the frames and work your way throughout the other parts next. Once you have placed the framework, you can put the canvas or tent at the top and start rolling it out towards the sides and the bottom.

Here is a video to help and guide you while setting up your VivoSun grow tent.

Final thoughts

Quality-wise, the VivoSun grow tents truly have them all. They have all the excellent features and functional accessories that you will not be able to find in other brands. The highlight of this review is the observation windows that come with these grow tents. It shows that the VivoSun grow tents are not only after the durability and design but also on the convenience that their grow tents can offer.

With incredible features, high-functionality, and impressive convenient designs, the VivoSun grow tent is undoubtedly a great choice. We hope that this review has dramatically helped you in learning more about the VivoSun Hydroponic Observation Window grow tents and have convinced you that you should definitely be getting one!