Where is CBD Oil Legal? 50 State Check-in

Overview There have been many changes and improvements in the United States when it comes to the legalization of certain products. Marijuana was first legalized, and nowadays, the most frequently asked question is, “Is CBD now legal in all fifty states?” To set the record straight, CBD oil is legal; however, its legalization has sparked … Read more

White Widow Strain Review

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What is Rosin and Why is Everyone Loving It

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4 Best 4×8 Indoor Grow Tents in 2024

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What is Cannabigerol? CBG and its Benefits

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Strawberry Cough Marijuana Strain Review

Overview It is very easy to understand why this strain has the name Strawberry Cough. It is because of the strawberry flavor and taste that it possesses and the ability to make anyone cough, therefore the name, Strawberry Cough. The strain boasts its sweetness and candy-like flavor that will satisfy all the sweet-tooth out there. … Read more

Smoking Weed When Sick: Does Weed Help With Colds and Flu?

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