7 Best Feminized Weed Strains


Feminized strains are genetically modified organisms that are guaranteed to produce only female marijuana plants. These feminized cannabis seeds will result in only female and dank buds as a result of how they are bred. Having feminized weeds will also save you the hassle of looking out for male plants popping up and removing them. This will also ensure a stress-free and great harvest of sticky and dense buds.

Top 7 Feminized Weed Strains

Purple Haze

The Purple Haze is a famous sativa-dominant weed strain, a hybrid product of crossing Purple Thai and Haze, thus the name Purple Haze. This strain features a fruity and berry flavor and has a THC content high enough to offer a remarkable cerebral elevation.

This great feminized strain is suitable for vapers and smokers because of its effects of euphoria, good mood, productivity, and being uplifted and energized. The Purple Haze also has a sweet and tropical aroma that is indeed inviting and enticing.

Purple haze, being a sativa-dominant strain, can produce practical euphoric effects and suitable for users who desire to boost overall satisfaction and contentment. This strain is also useful for chronic pain relief and stress management, anxiety, and to relieve migraines.

Bubba Kush

The Bubba Kush strain is a product of the combination of the OG Kush and the Northern Lights or the Afghani strain. Its origin is not mainly known. However, many growers claimed that this tremendous strain first showed up in California around 1996. Since this strain has been beneficial therapeutically, it was even included in the clinical and medical scene. The Bubba Kush shows more of a medicinal OG Kush than recreational but, of course, with similar potency.

The Bubba Kush comes with sweet, fruity, and full earthy tones with coffee-like undertones when it comes to flavor and aroma. This strain has THC levels of about fourteen percent, making it right even for first-time users. The buds of this strain are colored a deep purple with timber-like green leaves. This strain is also straightforward to grow in indoor and outdoor settings and takes about nine weeks of the flowering period.

If you long for something to provide you with deep relaxation, Bubba Kush is the answer! This is truly an excellent strain for general relaxation and settling in the night after a very long day. The Bubba Kush is a tremendous strain for both recreational relaxations and medical uses. The Bubba Kush can effectively cure nausea and increase appetite while giving you a well-rested feeling. This is truly an evening straining because of its effects of sleepiness, tired eyes, and peaceful relaxation.

Golden Nugget

This strain is commonly tagged as the golden marijuana strain because of its vast budded plants with a golden color, the name Golden Nugget. The Golden Nugget strain looks bright and beautiful and a marijuana strain of high potency. This strain is best known for its fruity and herbal scent, which boasts an earthy flavor with spice and hints of a sweet and sour aftertaste. Feminized Golden Nugget strains will produce high yields of huge and golden buds in only sixty days.

Many enthusiasts love this strain because of its intense and robust buzz that is truly second to none. The THC level can be a bit high at around twenty-two to twenty-four, so you may want to build up some tolerance first before trying this strain. This usually provides a high that gives the user an upbeat mood, tons of energy, and focus. Medically, the Golden Nugget is used for pain management and aiding patients who are suffering from depression.

Green Crack

The feminized Green Crack strain is an incredible combination of the Afghani and Skunk strain, creating a potent blend. This is an indica-dominant strain with an excellent and relatively high THC content of about twenty-one percent, which means this will provide users with an immense high and robust body buzz.

Aside from Green Crack’s potency, this is also a fertile and lush plant that is able to produce impressive yields even when grown indoors. Even if this feminized strain is relatively new, it has already raised a number of users and fans because of its citrusy and spicy flavors with a kick that keeps the users wanting more! For first-time users, be mindful since a little amount goes a long way.

MK Ultra

The MK Ultra strain, also called the Master Ultra Kush, is referred to as “master” for a reason. This strain has been very famous for acquiring a spot in the top-tier indica dominant strains available today. The MK Ultra has a high level of THC that reaches up to twenty-five percent. The intensity and potency of this strain on cerebral and body effects, such as hypnosis-inducing tendencies, makes it very suitable to be used during the night time or if you want to feel a deep relaxation and lazy-state at any time of the day.

This potent strain is described as an indica-dominant strain with sativa-dominant characteristics and effects. This description means that the MK Ultra plant may grow physically like an indica but will surely get you high as a sativa would. Growing this strain is also a breeze since it takes only a few weeks for this plant to grow. The MK Ultra is also an award-winning strain, bagging the High Times Cannabis Cup for its impressive effects on recreational and medicinal purposes.

Maui Waui

With its name with a Hawaiian ring to it, it is evident that the Maui Waui is a strain that hails from Hawaii’s islands. This is a sativa-dominant strain with a tangy and tasty tropical flavor with a pineapple-like and fruity punch. The Maui Waui gives a vibrant and energetic high that makes it a crowd-favorite. This strain came to popularity during the year 1960 and had a relatively strong punch during that time. However, with the rising of the current strains with a much higher and better buzz, the Maui Waui cannot match today’s strains anymore – but it is still definitely a favorite of enthusiasts, especially in Northern California.

This strain is used to compete with the Acapulco Gold, which you can read more about here. The Maui Waui train is now considered an average strain, which is very flavorful and aromatic. This has an average THC level of thirteen percent.

Gorilla Glue

The Gorilla Glue, with its intimidating, comes to an extreme power too. This strain is known to be one of the most potent feminized strains in the world. With similar characteristics to the Chocolate Diesel, this strain gives both aroma and flavor similar to mocha and chocolatey coffee, offering a sour and diesel-like aftertaste.

This potent strain contains THC levels of about twenty-eight percent, which is impressively high, giving the users a heavy relaxation and good high. This is also an award-winning strain that was bagged first in both Los Angeles and Michigan Cannabis Cups during the year 2014. The Gorilla resulted from two potent strains combined: the Chem’s Siste and the Chocolate Diesel. It’s earthy, intense, and aromatic attributes originated from the parents’ strains.

Advantages of Feminized Weed Strains:

  1. Guaranteed Female Plants: The primary advantage of feminized seeds is that they eliminate the risk of getting male plants in your crop, ensuring that all your plants are bud-producing females.
  2. Higher Yields: With all female plants, you can expect a more significant yield of high-quality buds since there won’t be any seeds taking up valuable space in the flowers.
  3. Savings in Time and Resources: Growing regular (non-feminized) seeds often requires monitoring and culling male plants, which can be time-consuming and wasteful. Feminized seeds simplify the cultivation process.
  4. Consistent Characteristics: Feminized strains are bred to be genetically stable, which means they are more likely to exhibit consistent growth patterns, potency, and flavors.

Cultivating Feminized Weed Strains:

  1. Germination: Start with high-quality feminized seeds from a reputable seed bank. Germinate the seeds by placing them in a damp paper towel until they sprout, and then transplant them into growing medium.
  2. Lighting: Cannabis plants require a consistent light schedule. For indoor cultivation, maintain a 18-6 or 12-12 light schedule during the vegetative and flowering stages, respectively. Outdoors, ensure they receive ample sunlight.
  3. Nutrients: Use a balanced nutrient regimen suitable for the different growth stages (vegetative and flowering). Avoid over-fertilizing, as it can lead to nutrient burn.
  4. Watering: Cannabis plants prefer a pH-balanced water source. Be mindful of overwatering and allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings.
  5. Pruning and Training: Depending on the strain and your cultivation goals, you may need to prune or train your plants to optimize light penetration and bud development.
  6. Harvesting: Harvesting times vary depending on the strain, but it’s generally done when trichomes (the resin glands) are milky or amber in color. Proper drying and curing are essential for preserving flavor and potency.


These feminized strains will not only give you a great harvest of nice and dense buds but will also give you a much better return on investment. Feminized strains are seeds that have grown popular over the years because of their greater yield in buds and more straightforward process of growing while consuming only a little time.

We hope that this article on the feminized strains has dramatically helped you on your weed journey. To read more about growing weed, read here‘.