How Do You Fill A Bong With A Percolator?


Are you tired of using your friend’s bong each time you want to enjoy the goodness of what weed can deliver? And does that mean you have every intention of getting one just for you? If so, you will want to read up because there are different types of choices of bongs. Some are glass, some are silicone, some are acrylic, and others are metal. The one kind of bong your friends probably spoke of is the percolator bong or the perc, and they may have said many positive things about it. Therefore, that is the one bong you may be thinking about purchasing because your friends love it. First, let’s talk about a percolator bong and how you fill it and use it.

What Is A Percolator Bong?

There are reasons that your friends like the percolator bongs, and that is because when you smoke with them, the hits you get are cool and smooth. That said, the percolator is a bong type, but it is a filtration and cooling system inside water pipes. However, before you understand how percolator bongs work, you must know water’s role in pipes.

You may already realize that water plays a significant role in a bong because you need it to cool down and filter smoke, which is better for your body. In addition, it is better for you because it filters out any of the harmful chemicals and contaminants before smoking. That is why smoking bongs is a much more enjoyable experience than smoking joints. However, that boils down to personal preference, too, as some people prefer to smoke joints for their reasons.

The proof is there of how much the water filters out the smoke by you taking a look at the bong water, and you will see how dirty it is. In addition to filtering out the junk before you take your hit, the water cools down the smoke a lot, making the hits you take much more fun. When the percolator is doing its job, you see the water bubbling, and the more bubbles you see, the more enjoyable hits you will experience.

What Types Of Percolator Bongs Are There?

If you are looking for a type of percolator bong with a particular shape or style, you are in luck because there are so many types. Whatever kind you get, the bong will function the same way, more or less. The style of the bong will depend on your taste and comfort level.

One type of bong is the tree bong which is one of the most common types. The tree bong was one of the first ones established, and the way it works is that the air goes up the tube in the center connected to several downward branches featuring slits in them. Those slits create many bubbles.

The other common type of percolator bong is the honeycomb. Even though these bongs don’t look overly appealing, they do an excellent job of giving you the best hits. The honeycomb bong features honeycomb-shaped circles with holes in them that help to pull the air through effortlessly, preventing you from needing to slow down as you take a hit. They are also durable because of their shape.

The UFO percolator bong also works similarly to the tree as it features a disk in the middle with slits horizontally positioned so that smoke and air can pass. Another bong similar to the UFO one is the Matrix, which features vertically and horizontally positioned slits. Many people prefer this one over the UFO because it is more aesthetically appealing.

The inline percolator is the most basic one as it is a horizontal tube with slits on the lower part for aeration. Inline percolators are often additional features to main bongs.

However, there are two types of percolator bongs that people love: the Swiss and turbine ones. The Swiss bong has an incredibly unique appearance to it as it features holes that resemble Swiss cheese. It is known for providing you with one of the most comfortable hits as you inhale as the smoke becomes filtrated through the holes.

The turbine bongs are appealing because each time you take a hit, you see small whirlpools happening. That bong has a similar appearance to the honeycomb one, and it is also quite durable.

Now that you know about the different types of percolator bongs let’s talk about how you can get started with one regardless of the kind.

How Do You Work With A Percolator Bong?

Regardless of the bong you have, you must add water to the chamber at the bottom. The first thing to do is pour water into the base of the chamber until the water begins to cover the slits in the downstem. If your bong features a carb, you want the water level below the opening because you do not want any of your water to seep out.

The next step is to ensure that enough water is added, which will submerge your percolators so that each of the openings is under the water. After that, you will know if you see that each percolator bubbles and none of the water spills out or makes contact with your lips as you are taking hits. If any of that happens, then you must adjust the water level to some degree.

Once you get to know your percolator bong better, you will have a better idea of how much water to add each time you want to smoke.

What Temperature Should The Water Be?

The temperature of the water is a personal choice. Some bong smokers prefer ice-cold water, and others prefer hot water. You may wonder why anyone would want to smoke with hot water, but those who swear by it say that the smoke becomes cooler as it moves through the percolator and brings along some steam as you take a hit. The steam relaxes your throat through moisturizing, and that is why they like it. First, however, you have to test it out. You may prefer using ice-cold water, or you may agree that the hot water has added benefits to your smoking experience.

Regardless of the temperature of water you choose, you need to change it frequently. Once you see that the water is dirty, you need to dump it and refill your bong. You don’t want to smoke with dirty water because it will reduce the filtration system’s effectiveness, and it will cause your hits to have an unpleasant taste.

Latest Advancements in Percolator Bongs:

  • Tree Perc Beaker Bong: A high-end option with an 8-arm tree percolator for smooth rips and a splash guard.
  • Envy Glass Straight Tube with Pop Rocks Perc: Known for its crackle and pop feature, this bong ensures effortless, smooth hits.
  • Smokenado Turbine Cyclone Perc Water Pipe: Creates a spinning vortex for added cooling and filtration.
  • Teardrop Mini Bong by Pulsar: Features a domed showerhead percolator and a splash-guard bent neck.
  • Puffco Budsy: Discreetly designed like a water bottle, it’s equipped with a UFO percolator for incognito sessions.


If you hear your friends talking about how much they love their percolator bongs, then you will want to hear this and look into getting one yourself if you don’t have one. There are various types of percolator bongs, and you will want to find the kind that has the design, style, and structure you think is the best fit for you. You want to fill your bong with the correct levels of water that barely covers your slits. The water will cool down and filter out the contaminants of the smoke‘ regardless of the temperature. You also want to ensure that you dump dirty water from your bong and refill it with fresh water, so it helps to maintain the function of the filtration system and that your hits keep tasting delicious.