8 Best Grow Tent Fan for Hydroponics in 2024

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California Weed Strains

Overview Cannabis strains may vary, but not incredibly, from one place to another. Fortunately, since the federal legalization of marijuana, it has finally become a lot easier to get the perfect cannabis strain for you. California is one of the many states that carry the most exotic and impressive cannabis strains that you can get. … Read more

Best Choice Products Grow Tent – Reflective Mylar Review

Overview Grow tents have been endlessly providing solutions for those growers who chose to grow indoors or those who pushed growing despite having no access to a garden or soil. It is no big surprise that cannabis growing and farming have improved throughout the years, and one improvement is growing plants inside a confined space. … Read more

12 Best Air Pumps and Water Pumps for Hydroponics in 2024

VICTISING 80 GPH WATER PUMP Check Latest Price KEDSUM880GPHWATERPUMP Check Latest Price HOMASY 80 GPH WATER PUMP Check Latest Price Air pumps and water pumps are very key when it comes to hydroponics. If you are not familiar with what is meant by hydroponics, you would most likely be lost here. So, what is hydroponics? ... Read more

Exotic Weed Strains

Introduction Marijuana has come a long way since its discovery over 20 million years ago; various unique strains of sativas, indicas, and hybrids have been discovered. There are over 700 known strains of cannabis globally, among which are the very popular strains like Girl Scout Cookie, OG Kush, Blue Dream, etc. However, some strains are … Read more

10 Best CFL Fluorescent Grow Lights in 2024

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6 Best Grow Light in 2024

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10 Best Best Drip Irrigation Systems and Items for Cannabis in 2024

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5 Best CBD for Pain, Arthritis and Migraines in 2024

Binweed Hemp Oil Extract Check Latest Price Natural Native Hemp Tincture(Raspberry, 300 mg) Check Latest Price Hmone Pure Hemp Oil Extract Check Latest Price Cannabidiol [CBD] is a biological molecule of weed that comes from the hemp plant. The cannabidiol oil was discovered as far back as 1940, but it has become popular on media ... Read more

Best Galaxy Hydro LED Grow Lights Review

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