12 Best Air Pumps and Water Pumps for Hydroponics in 2024




Air pumps and water pumps are very key when it comes to hydroponics. If you are not familiar with what is meant by hydroponics, you would most likely be lost here. So, what is hydroponics? Hydroponics is a technological system developed to grow plants and grass without the medium of soil.

It is a potent way of growing artificial lawns that are key in hydroponics, air, and water pumps are also very critical for plant growth and survival.

For better misunderstanding and grasp of this content, let us briefly examine the importance of air pumps and water pumps in hydroponics. Since the soil is not used in growing plants, a reliable medium is needed to provide the nutrients in the soil which makes the plant grow. Air pumps are important as they are used to provide regulated moisture and humidity which is necessary for plant growth. Water pumps on the other hand are used to provide water for growth. Most times, nutrients needed for plant growth are infused into the water then channeled to the plant.

Having seen how important air and water pumps are in hydroponics, it is pertinent to note how crucial it is to use quality pumps for these purposes. It is only standard air and water pumps that would make for a successful hydroponics system. You have to look for standard pump size(s), depending on how large your hydroponic system is. Also, the nozzles, durability, and cost-effectiveness of air and water pumps are what should be considered before getting one. In this context, we would examine the best air and water pumps for hydroponics which you can choose from. Do well to follow through.

The Best twelve air pumps and water pumps for hydroponics are reviewed below



The amazing thing about the Victising water pump which makes it very suitable for hydroponics is the fact that it is quite sizeable and very powerful in water pumping. If you are into any scale of hydroponics, the victising product is very ideal for pump power utilizing minimal energy. The submersible pump is very great for different pumping purposes, in fact, you can detach parts for varying purposes. The product comes with a flexible knob which you can use to adjust the pump rate to the one suitable for you. Not though that the maximum water pump rate is 80 GPH. So, it is suitable for both large-scale and small-scale hydroponic systems. You can get both low and high pumps and pump pressure depending on your particular hydroponic system(s). The victising water pump comes with two nozzles, 0.33 and 0.51 inches, this enhances dispensation of water and other nutrients to your plants.

The installation of the victising pump is very easy on any surface, it even comes along with four strong suction cups for quality steadiness. The parts are also easily detachable for easy cleaning. How durable is the product? Very durable. The impeller shaft is made of stainless steel for anti-corrosion and extra longevity. Overall, the victising water pumping machine is a top option for the best hydroponic water pumps due to its power and ease of use.

Key Features:

  • 4 quality suction cups for both vertical and horizontal steadiness
  • Ultra-quiet performance
  • Stainless Steel impeller shaft
  • Suitable for various water pumping applications
  • Water flow control knob


  • Brand- VICTISING
  • Model- VICTISING 80 GPH Submersible Water Pump
  • You can use the product for various water pumping applications; hydroponic systems, aquariums, fountains, and the likes
  • It is very durable and sturdy
  • With the water flow control knob, you get to control and personalized your eater flow and pump rate.
  • It is quite sizeable for different environs.
  • It is quite cost-effective
  • Regulation of water flow rate issues



If you are looking forward to running a personal and/or small-scale hydroponic system, this water pump is the ideal pick for you. The Kedsum 880 GPH submersible water pump is a very powerful but small-sized water pump that is suitable for small hydroponic and aquarium containers. One might be thinking that since this water pump is small in size, it might not have the capacity or power to pump at a high rate. This is not the case at all. The small-sized nature is only to make it perfectly poised for small-scale hydroponic systems. The Kedsum water pump actually has a water flow rate of 3500L per hour, amazing! This means that you can get ultra-fast water flow to your plants for enhanced growth. The fact that it has a high water flow rate does not necessarily mean that it would consume high energy. It has a power requirement of just 100W and a voltage of 110V. What is more? The pump runs very quietly for your convenience.

The Kedsum product is also easily detachable for comfortable and effective cleaning. It has suction cups that allow for quality grip, whether vertically or horizontally. The pump is also very compatible with both fresh and saltwater, making it very adaptable for various water pumping purposes. For extra adaptability of use, the Kedsum product has 3 outlet adapters. Very useful product!

Key Features:

  • Ultra-powerful water flow
  • Low power consumption
  • 3 outlet adapters
  • Tripple nozzle build


  • Brand- KEDSUM
  • Model- KEDSUM 880 GPH Water Pump
  • The small-sized build makes the Kedsum product very suitable for small-sized hydroponic systems
  • Very easy to detach and clean
  • The pump adaptability makes it very easy to use
  • Overflow issues



Another top option for the best water pumps for small scale hydroponic systems. The homasy 80 GPH water pump is very suitable for personal hydroponic systems due to its quite sizeable build. You can easily place the homasy water pump beneath your hydroponic container. The homasy product has a very strong pump motor which is powerful enough to elevate a column of water of up to 2.6ft. This motor operates very quietly, with no noise pollution at all. How about the flexibility of the water flow rate? With the homasy pump, you get to adjust the flow rate available to your hydroponic container according to your preference(s). More so, you can get as high as 80 GPH water flow rate from the homasy water pump.

The homasy water pump comes with quality suction cups to hold your water pump in a particular steady position. The dimensions are 47mm x 43mm x 30mm. The pump also comes with two different nozzles for varying water dispensations to your plants; the nozzles come in 8.5 and 13mm diameters. The fact that thee homasy water pump is very suitable for small-scale hydroponic systems does not mean that it cannot be used for medium and more sizeable hydroponic systems. It is built to perform well in small, medium, and quite sizeable hydroponic systems; very adaptable hydroponic water pump.

Key Features:

  • 1.8m power cord
  • Pump motor elevates water up to 2.6ft
  • Compact and mini sizes


  • Brand- HOMASY
  • Model- HOMASY 80 Water pump
  • The compact and mini size makes it very suitable for multifunctional water pumping uses
  • You can control the water flow with an adjustable knob
  • The motor is very powerful and durable
  • The adapter is quite susceptible to electrical heat



The Uniclife hydroponic water pump is a quality water pump that is suitable in both large and small hydroponic systems. The Uniclife water pump delivers quality water supply at a standard flow rate to your plants for healthy and sustained growth. The product is compact, multi-purpose, flexible, and operates quietly without much noise. More so, it is very suitable for indoor and outdoor hydroponic systems.

The Uniclife water pump is a product that has the power and capacity to work for very long hours. NdFeB magnets, epoxy resin, and aluminum oxide ceramic impeller shaft are incorporated into the product to ensure that it delivers quality water pumping for over 20,000 hours. What more makes the product very durable? The product comes with a 6’ waterproof UL listed power cord with a cord that reduces the risks of electrocution. There are also two nozzles for different water dispensing variants. How easy is it to clean the Uniclife pump? It is very easy. You can easily detach the head of the pump and other parts for effective and easy cleaning. The product also has an impressive 80 GPH at zero feet. To make for steadiness while placed in your hydroponic medium, the product has 3 suction cups for a firm grip to the medium surface.

Key Features:

  • 6’ waterproof UL listed power cord with US plug
  • Epoxy remains for prolonged pumping hours
  • Flexible water flow control knob


  • Brand- UNICLIFE
  • Model- UNICLIFE 80 GPH Water Pump
  • It is very suitable for both large and small hydroponic systems
  • Quality pumping hours spans over 20,000 hours
  • It is compatible for indoor and outdoor uses
  • Possibility of the mediocre water pumping operation after a considerable amount of pumping hours



The Kedsum 660 GPH is a top option if you prioritize a noise-free operation of your water pump for hydroponics. The product operates with a superb noise-free technique such that even while pumping, you hardly hear the motor movement. Make no mistake by concluding that the power would not be as quality because of the noiseless operation. In fact, the Kedsum 660 GPH provides you with a high water flow rate of 660 GPH. The product has a maximum lift height of 6 feet. The length of the power cord is about 2 meters; this is long enough for you especially when your hydroponic container is quite a distance away from the power outlet.

What more makes the Kedsum 660 very good for hydroponics? It does not consume enormous energy. It has power-saving tech leading to the consumption of just 55W Power and 110V Voltage. It is also quite portable so it can fit into any size of hydroponic container. The product also comes with quality suction cups to hold your water pump in place. It would also gladden your heart to know that the product is ideal for both fresh and saltwater. It is also easily detachable to allow for easy cleaning of pump parts. The product has three outlet adapters for different water flow variables.

Key Features:

  • Near noiseless operation
  • 3 outlet adapters
  • 660 GPH rate
  • Max lift height of 6fts


  • Brand- KEDSUM
  • Model- KEDSUM 660GPH Water Pump
  • The product is very adaptable; suitable for both fresh and salt waters.
  • A near noiseless operation allows for the serenity of pumping operation(s)
  • It is easy to clean
  • The “no seal” build allows for the infiltration of alien elements into the water being pumped.



If you run a hydroponic system in which you require just a regular water flow rate and need a good head height, the Tiger 120 GPH submersible water pump is very ideal for you. What is amazing about the Tiger product? The product is a very useful and working multifunctional submersible pump. Apart from quality hydroponic services, you can also use them for other underwater purposes like water gardens and small fish tanks. The fact that this Tiger pump is most suitable for a small hydroponic system does not mean that it would not supply water at a quality flow rate. The pump still gives you a standard 120 GPH; this is more than standard for your small hydroponic system(s).

The dimension of the pump is 2.58” x 1.61” x 1.94” and it is ultra-lightweight; super comfortable to carry around. The parts of the Tiger water pump are made with quality and durable materials for longevity. More so, the risk of motion damage is reduced by the four suction cups that hold the pump tightly in place on any surface. The product is also very adaptable to different kinds of waters, be it fresh or saltwater. Overall, you would enjoy the Tiger 120 GPH for your small-scale personal hydroponic purposes.

Key Features:

  • 120 GPH water flow rate
  • Multifunctional submersible pump
  • Super low noise build


  • Brand- TIGER
  • Model- TIGER 120 GPH Water Pump
  • It is very suitable for small-scale indoor hydroponic purposes
  • The water flow rate is easily adjustable through the adjustable knob
  • It is not a burden to carry at all; super lightweight
  • Market-scarce
  • It does not give a super high water flow rate



If you are looking for an all-purpose hydroponic water pump that has the quality head height for commercial hydroponic purposes, the Homasy 400Gph upgraded water pump is what you should go for. In fact, many hydroponic experts recommend the upgraded Homasy 400 GPH for a standard all-round quality commercial hydroponic system(s). The upgraded homasy water pump is amazing in quality and efficient ways.

The product has a dry burning protection system that lasts up to 48 hours. You can rest assured that your pump would not get destroyed from insufficient water during this time frame. Amazing! How efficient is the power-saving tech of the homasy product? It is very efficient as the product is with a 25W high-efficiency motor for energy saving.

The homasy product has an amazing max lift height of 6.9fts. You also do not have to worry about pimp noise; there is an ultra-quiet build. The product has two nozzles; 0.51 and 0.62 Inches for varying water flows. The quality of the homasy product Is not to be doubted. The impeller shaft is built with quality stainless steel that would prevent rust and improve overall longevity. The suction cups of the product are quality enough to hold the water pump rigid in its position.

Key Features:

  • 48 hrs Dry burning protection
  • Max high lift of 6.9ft
  • Ultra-strong pump motor
  • 5.6ft power cord


  • Brand- HOMASY
  • Model- HOMASY Upgraded 400GPH Water Pump
  • The max high lift is suitable for commercial hydroponic systems
  • The 48-hour dry burning tech reduces the risk of sudden break down of your water pimp
  • The threaded fittings of the pump make it more stable
  • Frequent model mixup and variations
  • Having considered the best hydroponics water pumps you can choose from for both large and small hydroponic containers, it is important to note that your hydroponic system goes along with air pump(s). The truth is that this is not rigidly compulsory, but it is advised that you use air pumps along with water pumps in your hydroponic system. This is so because some plants die off when submerged in water only without air. To avoid such an occurrence, get hydronic air pumps.
  • Let us examine the best five hydroponic air pumps for standard hydroponic systems today.



The hydrofarm active aqua air pump is a top option for a compact, lightweight, and powerful hydroponic air pump. It is very compact and sturdy which makes for prolonged longevity in quality use. The hydro farm product is made with plastic materials making it very lightweight. In essence, it is very easy to carry this pump around. More so, the lightweight build makes for easy installation. Is the hydro farm air pump quiet in its operation? Yes, the multi-level muffler makes for a near noiseless operation.

Even though the hydro farm air pump is quite miniature, it does not at all mean that the power of the pimp is reduced in any way. The airflow rate is 240 GPH. This makes it suitable for all kinds of hydroponic container sizes, despite its small size. The product pumps quality dissolved oxygen to the roots of your plants, keeping them healthy. The airflow is continual and sufficient through the special artificial rubber. More so, the airflow can be adjusted to your preferred rate through the use of an inbuilt adjustable knob. What is more? The hydrofarm product has 4 power outlets for extra adaptability. Also, power consumption is low. Great product!

Key Features:

  • Super silent multi-level muffler tech
  • Adjustable airflow rate knob
  • 6 watts power consumption and a 15 liter per minute operation


  • Brand- HYDROFARM
  • Model- HYDROFARM Active Aqua Air Pump
  • The multi-level leveler enhances the super quiet performance of the air pump
  • Air flow rate is easily adjustable with the pressure dial
  • Low power consumption build
  • Market-scarce



The Ecoplus commercial air pump is best suited for large-scale hydroponic systems. Why is this so? It is because of the superpower air flow rate. The airflow rate of the ecoplus air pump is rarely found in any other air pump. The ecoplus product gives you a GPH of 793 to 3566. That real massive! This is capable of airing enormous and large hydroponic systems. The ecoplus product comes with a chrome air manifold with 6 adjustable flow outlets to use. To enable powerful air pumping operations, the product works with sturdy pistons and cylinders which are also durable and long-lasting. The product is with two nozzles; 1/4” and 3/8”. The product consumes a considerable amount of energy due to its power, it is of 120Volts.

The Ecoplus product is a very useful and working multifunctional air pump. You should take note though that the product makes a considerable amount of noise, but not too much noise. The fact that the Ecoplus pump is most suitable for a large hydroponic system does not mean that it cannot be used in a small hydroponic system. What you just need to make clear is whether you prioritize strong air pumping. For all-round air pumping power, this is the product!

Key Features:

  • Chrome air manifold with 6 adjustable flow outlets
  • Amazing 793 – 3566 GPH
  • 120 power volts


  • Brand- ECOPLUS
  • Model- ECOPLUS Commercial Air Pump
  • The Ecoplus product is very suitable for high air pumping pressure and large hydroponic systems.
  • Cylinders and pistons already of quality aluminum for longevity
  • Prone to air-pumping noise



The E G Danner hydroponic air pump is an air pump that produces its best operation when used for small-scale and/or indoor hydroponic systems. The product produces quality air to your plants at a regulated rate;/enough air to grow your plants well. The E G Danner product is one that is noise-proof. It does not produce irritating pumping noise while in operation. The air pimping process is quiet and near noiseless. What more do you get from the product? It is quite a power-efficient. It does not consume an excessive amount of energy when compared to the Ecoplus product.

The fact that the E G Danner product is best suitable for small hydroponic containers does not necessarily mean that the air pumping operation of the product is below par. The product produces a standard air flow rate and pressure. The materials and components of the products are also very durable; they are built with quality aluminum alloy coverings. The product is very lightweight, making for easy carriage and installation. It comes with a single outlet which is very effective in its air pumping operation. This product gives you supreme quality for its price. If you are looking for a hydroponic air pump of high quality for your indoor hydroponic system, this is your product!

Key Features:

  • 100- Watt air pump
  • 9150 cubic inch per minute air volume
  • Air Diffuser
  • Energy efficient


  • Brand- E G DANNER
  • Model- E G DANNER Air Pump
  • The 9150 cubic inch per minute air volume has a good airflow
  • Easy installation and carriage due to its lightweight
  • Costly
  • Single outlet makes for less adaptivity



The toolsempire air pump is a top option for a compact, non-lubrication, and effective hydroponic air pump. You do not be any oil indication gives produces the best performance in this hydroponic air pump. The product is also very multifunctional. Apart from using it for your hydroponic systems, you can use it for aquariums, board wielding, and the likes. How powerful is the toolsempire air pump? Very powerful. The product has an electro-magnetic motor which gives off a GPH of 571. This is powerful enough for both small and large hydroponic containers. How durable is the product? Very durable. The cylinders and the pistons are made of quality aluminum alloy to prevent wear and tear. The non-lubrication pumping works well as a compressed pure air mechanism.

The adaptability of the tools empire product is top-notch. It has 6 outlets for extra adaptability and a ¼ inch ID connection tubing. The output of the product is 40L per minute with a pressure of 0.003 MPA. The voltage of the product is 110V/60Hz. The power consumption is quite reasonable, overly high entry is not consumed. The product has high quality in air pumping and airflow flexibility. It is very suitable for indoor and outdoor hydroponic systems. Very effective for both commercial and personal hydroponic uses.

Key Features:

  • 0.003 MPA pressure
  • Adjustable air flow rate
  • Effective non-lubrication tech


  • Model- TOOLSEMPIRE Air Pump
  • The electromagnetic motor is very powerful
  • Air flow rate is easily adjustable
  • The 1/4 inch tubing makes for quality airflow
  • Loud pumping operation



The victising double-header air pump is very unique in its build and design. It is as well very powerful and sturdy. The product comes with two air stones for effective air pump pressure and regulations; the best air stones for Hydronics at that. It also comes with a 2m silicon tube. The product produces oil-free compressed pure air. So, you do not get a situation whereby the air your machine pumps comes with dirt and oily particles. You can also regulate the pressure and rate at which the machine pumps air.

What is unique about double-header and two-vent design? With this design, you get to air pump two hydroponic containers at the same time. Quite innovative, a pump serving two sources. How easy is it to clean the Victising air pump? It is very easy. You can easily detach the head of the pump and other parts for effective and easy cleaning. To make for steadiness while placed in your hydroponic medium, the product has quality suction cups for a firm grip on the medium surface. It has a maximum pressure of 0.015MPA, standard!

Take note though. To get the best out of the product, the position of placing the air pump must be higher than that of the aquarium, which can avoid the water flowing into the inside place of the machine following the exhaust pipe.

Key Features:

  • 2m silicon tube
  • 2 Airstones
  • Oil-free compressed pure air


  • Brand- VICTISING
  • Model- VICTISING Double-headed Air Pump
  • The two-vent tech allows for pumping two hydroponic sources
  • Air stones make for enhanced air pumping
  • The air pumped out is extra-neat
  • Not silent
  • Average performance overtime

Buying Guide Questions

In this buying guide section, important and frequently asked questions about the best hydroponic air and water pumps would be answered. Do well to follow through.

What is the best air pump for hydroponics?

The answer to this question is very relative and situation-based. Experience and expertise in the hydroponic world have proven that there is no particular air pump that is considered the best for hydroponic uses. Rather, the best hydroponic air pimp depends on your particular needs(d) and/or use(s). There are air pumps that are considered much better than their contemporaries. For you to choose a particular air pump(s) that would be best for your hydroponic uses, you have to consider certain factors.

The factors you have to consider are hydroponic system size, required air and water, and ease of maintenance. These factors are very paramount. The size of your hydroponic container, big or small would influence the best type of air pump for you. The required air and water pressure and flow for your particular plant(s) would also determine this. How easy is it to clean the air pump too? So, how then do you make the best choice(s)? If you run a large hydroponic system, the best air pump for you should be the Ecoplus air pump. This air pump gives a GPH of 793 to 3566; very ideal to effectively air large systems. More so, the pistons sturdy and durable enough for large-scale airing. On the other hand, if you are running a small hydroponic system, go for the hydro farm or victising product. If you require high pumping air pressure, go for the Ecoplus product. If you want something regular but quality, choose from the E G Danner, Victising, or hydro farm. For easy cleaning, the E G Danner is a top option.

Overall, for quality air pumping operation, you should advisably go for the Ecoplus or Hydro farm products.

Does hydroponics need an air pump?

YES. It is important to note that your hydroponic system goes along with air pump(s). The truth is that this is not rigidly compulsory, but it is advised that you use air pumps along with water pumps in your hydroponic system. This is so because some plants die off when submerged in water only without air. To avoid such an occurrence, get hydronic air pumps.

Many times, we cannot ascertain the exact conditions that would be required for a particular plant to grow well. But what we can be sure of is that a regulated amount of water, nutrients, and air would do. There are many plants whose roots cannot withstand submerge in water without air. In the long run, the plant withers away. For this not to happen, use an air pump to oxygenated the water properly for healthy plant growth.

Can you use a water pump as an air pump?

A lot of persons ask this question as it is believed that a water pump can also pump air in hydroponics. It is erroneously thought that all that is needed is to pump a substance, so, water pumps should be able to pump air. This is NOT true. A water pump can not pump air in any effective way at all in hydroponics. One thing with water pumps is that they are built with higher viscosity and density to pump water. The viscosity is like 1000 times greater than that of air pumps. If you use water pumps to pump air, they would get destroyed because the lubrication and cooling of water to prevent dry heating is not available. More so, they(water pimps) would not even pump air effectively. Air pumps are the best for pumping air. Do not settle for less.

How many GPH does a 5-gallon DWC need?

A standard 5-gallon DWC system needs an 80 gallon-per-hour output or a 5 liter per hour output. This is standard for adequate air and water pumping in hydroponics.

Can you have too much air in hydroponics?

In hydroponics, you have to provide steady oxygen to your plants to avoid root stunting. Normally, the regulated and general oxygenated rate in hydroponics is around ¼ – ½. Many go beyond this regulated oxygenation rate, so, it is not a rigid regulation. Now, can you have too much air of oxygen? Experience has shown that excess oxygen can be accommodated as it does not stunt plant roots. It only does when the oxygen or air applied is in liquid form. Better still when ozone air is used.

What does an air stone do in hydroponics?

Air stones enhance the provision of oxygenated air to your plants. Whenever your air pump pumps in the air, the air stones create tiny bubbles of oxygen through the air that passes through them. The bubbles fasten the dispersal of oxygen throughout your hydroponic system. Air stones are very good in your hydroponics system, but they are not necessary, you could still be good with just air pumps.

What size air pump do I need in hydroponics?

For quality air pumping operations, choose from size 60-100 air pump(s). This size range is ideal for both small and large hydroponic systems. If you go for anything lower than size 60, it might be too small for a medium hydroponic container, so go for size 60 and above. This way, you would be able to run both indoor and outdoor hydroponic systems on large and small hydroponic containers.

When should I change my hydroponic solution?

The answer is not rigid. But generally, you could change your hydroponic solution every two to three weeks. This is to maintain the PH and nutrient levels. If you have quite a handful of plants in your hydroponic system, you can decide to change the solution earlier than after two weeks.

Do I need an air pump if I have a filter?

YES. The effect an air pump would have on your plants can not be compared to that of a filter. A filter would distill your solution to make it clean and airy, but your plant root still needs air. An air pump would provide adequate oxygenated air and to the roots of your plants in a regulated manner. Though it is not absolutely compulsory it is advised. If you want your plants to grow and mature into healthy and radiant-looking ones, use an air pump.

Is an air pump the same as a filter?

NO. A filter pumps water into a medium to sieve out particles and distill the water into something very healthy and useful WHILE an air pump basically pumps oxygenated air.


In this informational content, everything you need to know about the best air and water pumps for hydroponics has been examined thoroughly. At this point, you have seen that the importance of using air pumps along with water pumps in your hydroponic system cannot be overemphasized. Even if you have filters in your hydroponic system, still make use of air pumps. The difference would be made clear in the healthy and bright-looking plants you get in the long run. We have also answered important questions about the best air and water pump. Also, we have answered the question of when to change your hydroponic solution. A thorough read of this content and you are good to go!