Best Galaxy Hydro LED Grow Lights Review


With the growth of the cannabis industry, the grow lights industry has leaped since many cultivators and growers have made it a better option to grow cannabis plants indoors. That is why there has been a recent surge of sales when it comes to the LED grow lights industry, and many companies, old and new, have come up with various products available in the market today. This phenomenon may have provided many options for growers and cultivators; however, choosing and deciding a bit difficult for them.

You must be able to choose and get the best LED to grow lights that will fit your grow requirements and your wallet. LED grow lights perform very well because of their features, better lifespan, and energy efficiency. These lights can even offer an added dose of sterilization that can work great for humid environments to decrease the growth of molds and mildew effectively. If you are having a hard time choosing the best LED grow lights for your indoor grows, no need to worry because we are here to help.

The Galaxy Hydro LED grow lighting systems are famous for their sturdy and long-lasting lights with excellent features that are indeed very helpful and useful. But, if you are a grower who is relatively new to this field, you may find this complicated and confusing; that is why we are here to help.

The best Galaxy Hydro LED light.

The Roleadro Galaxy Hydro series is considered to be the most-loved and bestseller in this light series. This grows light boasts a wide array of useful features. One of the best features is the dimmer switch, and this allows the user to effectively adjust the intensity of light according to your preference or what your plants will need. This feature will significantly help indoor plants or cannabis plants of different strains that require varied light amounts or settings.

There are two dimming options available for Galaxy Hydro LED light. The high-end models can even offer many levels to simulate the different lights of the day – from dawn until dusk, sunrise to sunset. These features come in with the goal to simulate the sun’s natural lighting throughout the day. This concept is believed to produce better yields and heathier indoor-grown cannabis plants.

Additionally, the GalaxyHydro LED can simulate the sun’s natural light changes and the adaptive change in the seasons. This adaptation will eventually allow a good shift in the spectrum levels, which will be beneficial for your cannabis plants. This grow light features an efficient heat dissipation with the use of aluminum heat sinks as well.

About the light spectrum

The GalaxyHydro LED comes with eight light bands, and they offer a light spectrum that includes red and blue spectrum light, white light, with both infrared and ultraviolet. This broad-spectrum range can help your cannabis plants thrive throughout their different growth stages.

The spectrum quality of a grow light is well explained by knowing which LEDs are being used by the GalaxyHydro. These grow lights typically use EpiLED lighting, providing light with lesser interference than the grow lights that use regular LEDs.

Useful features

One impressive and very notable feature of the GalaxyHydro LED is having extraordinary sterile lights. Their grow lights feature a series of ultraviolet and red light spectrums that aid in sterilizing the environment of your grow tent or grow room. As mentioned above, the grow light also has a vegetative and flowering stage switch that helps your plant thrive through all the growth stages.

The Galaxy Hydro LED also uses an exceptional and professional combination of UV and infrared grow lights. Some other brands and manufacturers use too much ultraviolet and infrared, causing damage and burn to the cannabis plants. Indeed, the light proportion and lighting combination is essential, and you will find a good one, the best ones even, in the Roleadro LED systems. Another remarkable feature of the Roleadro LED systems is the cooling fans which keep the whole lighting unit cool, therefore extending the lifespan of your lighting unit. You can also connect multiple units if you have a more giant grow tent.

Galaxy Hydro 300W

This lighting system is the most common and often the first choice for novice growers. However, we think that the price of this unit is a bit pricey for its features. The Galaxy Hydro 300 has three cooling systems, a dimmer switch, and a full-spectrum LED lighting.

Galaxy Hydro 600W

This lighting system features awesome full-spectrum grow lights with two huge functional fans at high speeds to maintain a suitable temperature inside the grow area. The aluminum exterior of this lighting system can keep the whole unit cool as well. This unit is also capable of full UV sterilization and is super great for both beginners and experienced growers.

Additional features on this product:

  • Spectrum: Galaxy Hydro lights typically feature a full spectrum, which is ideal for all growth stages. This includes blue light for vegetative growth and red light for flowering.
  • Energy Efficiency: These lights are designed to be energy efficient, consuming less power while providing high-intensity light.
  • Cooling System: Equipped with a heat dissipation system, these lights usually have built-in fans, which help to keep the temperature down and extend the lifespan of the LEDs.


  • Light Penetration: Galaxy Hydro lights are known for their excellent light penetration, thanks to high-quality lenses and LED chips.
  • Durability: Generally, these lights are durable with a lifespan of around 50,000 hours, depending on the model.


The Galaxy Hydro LED light system is one of the most popular and best-selling grow lamps for every grower and cultivator. These grow lights are designed for professional use but in a smaller and more compact size. They are different available models from the Galaxy Hydro LED, and the options allow you to choose which one will work best.