AutoPot 4 Pot Hydroponic System Gravity Fed Review


Everybody needs water, and even plants need the best water they can have, and it is indeed a crucial element that they require not just to grow but to survive and continue living. There are many ways to provide water to your plants, and you can do it through watering cans or automated sprinklers. If you have plants, it is given that one of your responsibilities is to water them. But what if you have tons of plants growing? If you are a very busy grower and you are tending to more plants than one? We understand that it can be taxing and a bother to water them each and every day.

Well, the good news is, with the AutoPot 4 Pot watering system, watering your cannabis plants can now become a breeze. This compact but mighty system will do everything by itself; you just have to set it up to function well correctly. This is great for busy growers out there since you will not have daily watering anymore, plus this system will only take a little of your time since it only requires minimal monitoring.

If you are still having second thoughts, you can read our review to help you decide.

What are AutoPots?

If you are an experienced cannabis cultivator, you may have heard about autopots. But, if you are relatively new to this world, we are very much happy to tell you more about autopots. These “pots’ are typically an all-in-one cultivation system that makes use of gravity to be able to fill the tubs with water, as well as growing nutrients. These autopots are often built with a specialized valve that works to refill tubs every time they are emptied or dried.

Your cannabis plant will be found sitting over the top of this tub, particularly inside the specialized pots. These pots are described as “auto” for a reason, and they are designed to aid the plant in absorbing water from the tub, so they get to be fed and watered with little to no interaction from the grower at all. Basically, this system is an all-in-one package designed to help growers and cultivators make their cannabis growing a lot easier.

About the AutoPot 4 Pot Hydroponic System

The AutoPot 4 pot watering system is considered the best hydroponic system for all the right reasons. This gravity-fed watering system is truly just what you need to provide your plants some optimum care and feeding.

You will indeed be amazed how this watering system can be efficient and reliable because of its fully-automated functions, therefore, requiring only very minimal supervision. The space you need will not also be a lot since the 4-pot system will just take up a minimum amount of space, making it very ideal for indoor growing, may it be within your grow tents, or a grow room.

AutoPot 4 Pot key features

  • This watering system comes with four pots or buckets with a total capacity of sixteen gallons, four gallons for each bucket.
  • The AutoPot 4 Pot watering system can be connected to other pots for an added and expanded capacity.
  • This is powered gravity, technically being a gravity-fed system, so it would not require a pump or any power at all.


  • This watering system is generally easy to install, and once you have it all installed, you are all set for the whole growing season.
  • Requires very little to no monitoring at all; you just have to set it up correctly, and the system will now work on its own to do its job.
  • If you are planning to conserve energy, this watering system might work best for you. The AutoPot watering system will not need any pump or electricity at all.
  • The size of the pots is quite enough for an average cannabis cultivator.
  • This watering system is full-automated and highly functional with a very reasonable price.


  • Although the installation is quite easy, this can be a bit confusing for the first-timers. A downside is that the instruction sheet that comes with the product can be unclear for some.
  • Some growers might think that four pots will not be enough for the cannabis they are cultivating, so you might need an extension or expansion.
  • No timer is provided with the system.
  • The product is just the watering system, without other grow mediums or nutrients


Indeed, the AutoPot gravity-fed watering system is genuinely the best watering system that you can put up for your cannabis plants. This watering system can also work for both indoor and outdoor growing. With an efficient and functional design that works without electricity, the AutoPot can indeed provide you with excellent results. Undoubtedly, your plants will never be water-deprived or nutrient-deprived anymore.