10 Best Grow Tents in 2024

Buying a grow tent might be a little overwhelming for some. Will the tent hold enough plants? Will it keep light from leaking out? Before you search on your own for a grow tent, check out the ones in this article. This article will highlight some of the top grow tents on the market that you should consider and also what you should keep in mind before buying one to ensure you invest in the grow tent that’s right for you.

The Top 10 Grow Tents

Product Name



Amagabeli Hydroponics Grow Tent

30.7 lbs.

6.7 x 10.1 x 49.1 inches

Oshion Mylar Grow Tent


24 x 24 x 48 inches

Gorilla Grow Tent

25 lbs.

71 x 30 x 24 inches

Apollo Horticulture grow Tent

23 lbs.

36 x 36 x 72 inches

iPower Hydroponic Grow Tent

14 lbs.

48 x 24 x 60 inches

Worms Way Grow Tent

75 lbs.

24 x 24 x 12 inches

VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

41.2 lbs.

60 x 60 x 80 inches

Matrix Grow Tent

51 lbs.

96 x 48 x 80 inches

Formaline Supply Grow Tent

15 lbs.

24 x 24 x 56 inches

Flexzion Grow Tent

16 lbs.

32 x 32 x 63 inches

The 10 grow tents listed above are some of the top products to invest in. They’ll work to help ensure that your plants grow quickly and strongly. However, while they work to help your plants, they’re very different from each other in their make. Below is a little more about these grow tents so you can discover the one that’s right for you. If you are looking for a grow tent for four plants, then we would recommend a 48″ x 48″ x 80″ in. grow tent, which may seem large at first, however it is very helpful, especially if you are spending quite a bit more time at home!

Amagabeli Hydroponic Grow Tent

This indoor grow tent is made with a 600D double-stitch fabric. This design helps to keep your plants inside safe and free from any possible exterior problems, like bugs. It also helps to prevent light from escaping. This fabric has heavy-duty SBS zippers attached to it which you can use to open and close the tent’s doorway. The interior of this tent is made with a 95% reflective surface which can help to reflect the grow lights you use on your plants to help them grow. This tent allows you to use HID, HPS, and MH bulbs in it.

You’ll find plenty of ventilation holes on this tent. There are over 7 circular vents placed in various regions on the tent so you can easily attach any fans or other accessories to this product. Besides these regular vents, there are also 2 rectangular mesh air vents. These holes will help to ensure that there is enough air circulation inside. You’ll also find an exhaust fan built into this tent.

On the floor of this model you’ll find a removable floor tray which will help you to easily remove and clean any water or soil that might have spilled on it. While this product is a little expensive, it’s easy to use and comes with many helpful accessories.

Oshion Mylar Grow Tent

This product features a 99% reflective Mylar lining in its interior. This special lining will help to make sure your plants receive an adequate amount of lighting to help them grow. The fabric of this tent is tear-proof and is supported by many strong metal bars and connectors. This model also uses draw strings on the doorway to help you with securely closing the door. This tight security help to make sure that there are no holes or other cracks where lighting and air can escape from the inside of the grow tent.

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You’ll find 2 vents on this product which will help with the air circulation. To prevent bugs from coming into the tent it has a MicroMesh bug screen built into it. On the bottom of the grow tent there is a removable and water-resistant spill tray.

Gorilla Grow Tent

This model is made with a sleek design and sturdy construction. It features metal interlocking poles and connectors to help ensure that the grow tent stays upright and won’t collapse. While it’s a tall tent option you can easily extend its height even more with the 12 inch height extension kit that comes with it. This is especially helpful if you have plants that are starting to get a little taller and need more room to grow.

The fabric of this tent is made of a thick material which helps to prevent any rips from occurring. There are a few EZ windows built into this tent which can help you to easily look in on your plants to check them. If you’d like to enter your grow tent, you can do so with the doorway that is located in the front of it. The interior is big enough for you to freely move around in.

On the top of the tent you’ll find an infrared blocking roof insertion. This will help with making sure the interior of the grow tent is cool enough for your plants. On the bottom of this tent is a floor pool which will help to collect any water that might leak from the plants. This tent also features a tool pouch which you can use to store your growing tools in.

Apollo Horticulture

This model features a black fabric covering that’s lined with purple edges. This fabric is made of heavy-duty materials to help prevent tears from occurring. It also uses special zippers that are strong enough to keep the doorways and windows completely closed so no air or light escapes. This grow tent is supported by sturdy metal poles and connectors. The interior of this tent is lined with a reflective Mylar lining. This lining is tear-proof and will help to direct any light from your grow lights directly on your plants. On the bottom of this tent you’ll find a removable Mylar floor tray which can be used to collect debris and water that might possibly fall.

On the outside there are a few vents that you can use to connect any fans or air circulation pipes to. There are 2 8-inch holes on the bottom, 2 6-inch holes on the sides, and 2 3-inch holes on the back. This product comes with 2 filter straps and an instruction manual.

iPower Hydroponic Grow Tent

If you’re looking for a tent that’s easy to assemble and use, this is a choice you should consider. Its assembly is very easy, all you need to do is connect the frame pieces together. Besides being easy to assemble, this frame is also very strong. It can hold weights up to 110 lbs. which means you can hang quite a few grow lights and other accessories from it without fear of it collapsing.

The fabric of this tent is light-proof which helps to make sure that outside light sources don’t affect your plants inside. When you want to enter your tent, you can easily do so by unzipping the strong zippers that are woven into this tent’s fabric. These zippers are extremely strong and are attached with a double-stitching to help ensure they completely seal the tent’s entryway. You can access this entryway with the tent’s rear access door. On the bottom of the tent is a removable water-resistant floor tray.

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If you’d like to attach any accessories to the tent, you can do so with its adjustable vent doors. This product also comes with 2 filter straps and an instruction manual.

Worms Way Grow Tent

This tent comes with practically everything you would need for a grow tent. It uses 600W HPS and HID lights and features a reflective interior to help shine light sources inside the tent on your plants. This product also comes with a digital ballast, filter, fan, thermometer, hygrometer, and nutrients to help with growing your plants. Keep in mind though that this is a rather expensive choice, but it’s a very helpful one.

VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

This grow tent is created with a heavy-duty black fabric that is lined with green streaks. This fabric is also light-proof which will help prevent outside light sources from entering the tent and prevent light sources from the inside of it from escaping. Attached to the fabric you’ll find strong zippers that are easy to use. This tent is supported by steel beams that can hold up to 110 pounds. Installing this tent is easy as you just need to click the beams together.

On the front of this tent you’ll find an observation window which you can use to look inside the tent to see your plants. On the bottom of this tent is a floor tray which can be used to collect any dirt or water that might fall from your plants. There are dual ventilation socks on this product and it also uses carbon filter belts which you can use to help secure and hang accessories in this tent. This product also comes with a tool bag which you can use to store away any growing equipment you need to use.

Matrix Grow Tent

This tall tent is made with a heavy-duty black fabric. This fabric is double-stitched to help prevent it from tearing easily. The tent is supported by steel bars and connectors to help keep the tent upright. Because this is a tall tent, you can easily enter it through the arch doorway that is built into the front. You can unzip this doorway and then hang the door’s fabric piece on the door hook nearby to help keep it open.

As you enter the inside of this tent you’ll find that it’s covered in a diamond Mylar canvas which helps to reflect interior light sources on your plants. There are also hanging straps located on the top of it which you can use to secure various accessories and lighting to. On the bottom of the tent you’ll find waterproof flooring which will help to collect any excess water that might fall from your plants.

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Also, this tent features dual layer ports with drawstrings you can use to open and close them. There are also 2 windows built into the tent that have a ClearView feature which allows you to easily look inside and check in on your plants.

Formaline Supply Grow Tent

If you’re looking for an affordable option, this tent is one you should consider. It’s somewhat tall and covered in a black fabric. This 600D canvas fabric is double-stitched and features SBS zippers to help tightly seal it together. The tent is supported by metal poles and bars. The interior of the tent is lined with a reflective covering to help shine light on your plants. You’ll also find 2 rope hangers in it which you can use to hang grow lights or other accessories to. On the bottom of the tent is a floor tray to help prevent water and dirt from staining any flooring in your living space. There are also dual ventilation socks and carbon filter ties built into this model.

Flexzion Grow Tent

The exterior of this grow tent is made with a heavy-duty 210D Oxford black fabric. The interior is lined with a silver reflective material to help not only keep your plants covered in lighting, but also to help keep the interior warm. It is made of a metal construction which is strong enough to support many grow lights in the interior. On the outside you’ll find a large door that you can use to enter the grow tent. There are 2 double vents built into this model. These vents are rectangular and covered with a mesh netting to help keep any bugs out of it.

Grow Tents Buyer’s Guide

Key Features to Consider When Selecting a Grow Tent

  1. Size Appropriateness: The size of the grow tent is critical. Choose a tent that suits your spatial requirements and the quantity of plants you intend to grow. Overly large or small tents can adversely affect plant growth.
  2. Ventilation and Temperature Control: Look for a built-in fan vent and multiple general vents. This is crucial for maintaining a cool environment, especially when growing heat-sensitive plants like cannabis. Proper ventilation prevents overheating and potential damage to plant leaves.
  3. Material Quality: Opt for grow tents made with durable fabric, often double-stitched to avoid tearing. The interior should feature a reflective lining to enhance light distribution and maintain warmth, essential for plant health and growth.
  4. Accessibility and Security: Ensure the tent has accessible doorways or windows for easy plant management. Strong zippers are vital for securing the tent, keeping pests out, and preventing light leakage.
  5. Floor Tray Features: A removable floor tray is advantageous for cleanliness and maintenance. It collects water and soil, protecting your floor and simplifying cleaning.
  6. Additional Amenities: Some tents offer extra features like thermometers and filters, which can be beneficial for monitoring and enhancing the growth environment.

Choosing the Right Size

  • For Beginners: Start with a smaller tent, approximately 2 x 2 ft, suitable for a couple of plants. This size is manageable and allows newcomers to familiarize themselves with tent usage and plant cultivation.
  • For Experienced Growers: If you aim to cultivate more plants, consider larger tents, such as walk-in sizes. Remember, larger tents require more plants, lighting, and equipment, implying a higher initial investment.
  • Measure Your Space: Before purchasing, measure the intended area for your grow tent to ensure a proper fit and avoid sizing errors.


Buying the right grow tent doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. This article highlighted 10 of the top grow tents on the market that you should consider investing in. They all come in various sizes so it’s important to keep this in mind, as well as the features they each have. All of these tents though will help you with growing strong and healthy plants which will eventually give you a bountiful harvest.