7 Best UVB LED Grow Light for Weed in 2024



Plants under natural circumstances and conditions require adequate light for their growth. The light is used for its photosynthesis process, making it grow fast and robust.

Creating this ideal condition with the light requirement for plant growth in an indoor farming operation is difficult for beginners in the growing business. Most of the tie, due to the complex and delicate need for light by these plants, beginners make mistakes that cost them in their growing operation. Experienced or seasoned crop growers would attest that this isn’t an easy thing to do.

UVB LED lights are known for their wavelength and the percent they make of the natural sunlight, about three hundred millimeters and 0.15 percent each. The UVB, also known or called ultraviolet B-light, is a category of ultraviolet light that plants need for their germinating process.

Because you have to recreate the natural sunlight and its conditions using the UVB LED light holds a promise for your plants’ growth, it can induce the development of weed, but you should be cautious with this light.

As we all know, sunlight is essential to your plants’ healthy growth, and too much of it would be bad for your crop’s germination, and too little is also detrimental to the development of your crops. The same applies to the UVB LED light; if you are to use it in the adequate amount needed, you would have no cause for worry. However, this also tells us that you would have to be cautious when you use the lights.

Now that we have explained the basics that you need to know about the UVB LED light let’s go through some tips that would help make the best buying choice whenever you want to purchase UVB LED light.

Operating Power of the UVB LED Light

Before you make a purchase, you should care to look out for particular tips that would help you make the best decision for this kind of light. One of the first things you should check out is the wattage of the morning; you need to know the power at which the light operates and know if it would fit into your needs and requirement for your grow tent’s size and the kind of crops you want to plant.

You have to do this not to purchase a light that won’t fit your growing tent and plant need.

Area Covered By the UVB LED Grow Light

As we said above, plants need adequate light for photosynthesis, so if the grow light you use does not cover the whole area of the tent, you can harvest crops without high yield, and you don’t want this to happen. It would be best if you considered the extent that the UVB LED grow light covers have a higher chance of a high yield. If the grow light has a more elevated area reach, it’s a good buy; otherwise, it isn’t.

Versatility of the UVB LED Light

When you want to purchase a UVB LED light, you should consider the different features that it comes with; this way, you would judge if the price tag on it is worth the price called for it. You would also get to cut down on unnecessary spending and get the best value for your money through this.

Cost of the UVB LED Grow light

Everyone who goes to the market to get something always does so with a made-up list based on budget, not necessarily in a list but also subconsciously. And it is because everyone has a particular amount that everyone is willing to pay to acquire a product or get a service.

You have to do this to see that whatever you purchase doesn’t pass your designated budget and pushes you into debt.

Best UVB LED Grow Light for Weed in Review



The good thing about this model of UVB LED grow light is that it comes with a LED that emits diodes; the LED is an eighty-eight super high flux of five watts. The emitted diodes do the job of letting the lights produce the same kind of ideal heat naturally gotten from sunlight.

Another thing about this UVB light is that it comes with two settings that you can use to decide the mode you want it to be in: this mode controls the intensity of the light emitted. The two methods are the veg and the bloom mode; in the veg mode, you get to save power, and in the bloom mode, it produces at its full capacity letting you get a maximum return for your crops.

Many seasoned and professional growers attest to the good of this UVB LED grow light and give them the required yields. Apart from this, you can get good value for your money when you make a purchase.

Key Features:

  • It has a 88 superflux of 5 watts; it emits diodes that are useful for your crops.
  • It comes with UVB supplements to aid your crop’s growth
  • It operates on two modes


  • Product Dimension: 22 x 20 x 7.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 15 pounds
  • Color: Red
  • Manufacturer: California Lightworks
  • It is easy to use and install
  • It is a good value for the money
  • It is a little bit expensive



The G8LED light is another cool UVB grow light commonly used by seasoned and professionals in their indoor growing operation. The light comes with a high yield technology, in the sense that the technology enables your crops to germinate properly.

Another upside of making use of this UVB LED grow light is that it has been recognized by the High magazine as one of the best in the market, for good money. The G8LED light has a coverage area that you would like; it covers a wide range of sizes, reaching your crops and providing the needed lights to them. It also comes with a hanging rope that you can use to hang the light in your grow space.

The light’s design is excellent and efficient; it doesn’t cause any problems when you use it regardless of the period. Also, you get peace of mind when you make use of the light because it comes with a two years guaranty by the manufacturer in the situation where it likely develops a fault.

Key Features:

  • It has high-end technology for high yields.
  • It comes with a two years guaranty.


  • Product Dimensions: 17.5 x 14 x 3 inches
  • Product Weight: 16 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: G8-LED
  • It is easy to use and install
  • It is a good value for money
  • The guaranty that it comes with makes it okay for long term use
  • It is pricey



The Lighthouse brand is well known for their UVB LED lights because they are quite substantial and the features it comes with is worth the money spent on it. It has a coverage area of about four feet nine square feet, which is a good thing as it is large compared to some other products that you might get to see.

The product’s manufacturers claim it is one of the first to use a six watt and ten-watt chip for its light. A useful feature about the Lighthouse UVB light is that it controls its intensity; this lets you control how the glares get to affect your crops.

The light comes with about fifty-two LEDs said to have a functional life span of about forty thousand hours. Another win for those who would want to make use of this product is that the manufacturer offers a warranty that lasts about three years.

Key Features:

  • It comes with fifty- two LEDs that have a lifespan of about forty thousand hours
  • It comes with intensity control, and you can adjust the intensity of the light as you wish.


  • Product Dimensions: 12.5″ x 12.5″
  • Product Weight: Not specified
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Lighthouse Hydro
  • It is easy to use
  • The intensity control option makes it attractive
  • It covers a wide area
  • It is affordable, making a good value for the money
  • You might get to have a problem with the fluorescent



Seasoned and expert growers mostly use the Minger due to the features that it comes with; you should move it according to the crops’ growth phase. You can adjust the UVB spectrum of the light to whatever level you choose to move to

The UVB LED light also comes with a supplementary UVB that you can use when your crops are in the final stages of germination. The Cirrus leaf app is an app that lets you control the functions of any light, as long as it is both compatible together; the Minger light is consistent with the app, and this way, you get to control the functions of the UVB light.

It also comes with different modes that are good for crop germination, and these modes are the veg, bloom, and fruit modes. The methods let you control the intensity of light according to the stage of your crop’s development.

Lastly, another good thing about the Minger UVB LED grow light is that it is dust and waterproof, making it ideal for long term use.

Key Features:

  • It is compatible with Cirrus
  • It comes with supplementary UVB
  • It is dust and waterproof


  • Product Dimensions: 12.13 x 8.19 x 2.36 inches
  • Product Weight: 6.01 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Minger
  • It is quite affordable
  • It comes with different modes making it ideal for your crops germination
  • It is easy to make use of
  • It doesn’t come with a dimming capacity



The Bestva is one adequate UVB LED grow light to use in your grow tent for your crops/ The light comes with a dual-chip of ten watts LEDs that is superb and better than the traditional one used.

Known by seasoned and expert growers as one of the best in terms of top-notch quality, the Bestva light comes with two modes for use, the veg, and the bloom modes; you make use of the veg when your crops are at the growing stage, and the bloom is used for when it is flowering.

Another feature of the light is that it has a powerful cooling system. The UVB LED light comes with an aluminum radiator that helps keep the lights’ temperature at bay, from fifty to sixty Fahrenheit lower than most grow lights.

It comes with a three-year warranty, which makes it ideal for long term use. The light’s coverage is also good, given that it covers about five feet to four feet of space in your grow tent.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a cooling system
  • It has two modes, the veg, and the bloom mode


  • Product Dimensions: 12.2 x 8.26 x 2.36 inches
  • Product Weight: 7 Pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: BXGD
  • It is easy to use
  • It comes with a cooling system to help moderate the heat
  • It covers a wide range
  • It is quite expensive to purchase



Lumini is best known for the flexibility that comes with its use, and the light is an all-around stage light, meaning you can use it at all times. The modes that it comes with makes this possible, the veg, bloom, or UVB. You can choose whatever stage fits your crop’s germination at a given period.

It comes with a controller that lets you control the lights’ functionality, and the timer comes with different modes that you can choose to your preference.

Another plus to using this UVB grow light is that it comes with an automatic dimmer; this dimmer works according to how the fan in lumini UVB light works. It comes with multiple light units making it ideal for long-term use, in the sense that if one of the LED lights gets faulty, the rest won’t be affected.

Key Features:

  • It comes with an automatic dimmer
  • It is an all-round UVB LED grow light, and it comes with about three modes


  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 11 x 4.3 inches
  • Products Weight: 11 pounds
  • Color: White and Light Blue
  • Manufacturer: Lumini
  • It is easy to use and handle
  • It is adequate for long run use
  • It is pretty affordable
  • It doesn’t cover many areas.



Known to be one of the best in the market, the viparspectra UVB LED grow light is one of the best purchases you would be able to make. The light comes with an all-round mode for the different stages of your crop’s growth. It comes with a dimmer that works according to these modes, and there are two of the dimming modes, the veg and bloom mode.

In the veg mode, the dimmer makes the light convenient for your crops growing, the germinating seedling. And the bloom mode makes it conducive for produce at the fruiting and flowering stage.

It features a daisy function that allows for the connection of multiple lights but with very few outlets. It covers an extensive area when in use, which makes it one of a good buy. Also, it comes with a cooling system that helps keep the LED’s temperature at a minimum.

If you have fears about the product getting spoilt and getting a good value for money, you don’t need to worry because it comes with two years free warranty that keeps you covered.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a daisy function
  • It has a cooling system
  • It has a dimmer


  • Product Dimensions: 12.6 x 8.7 x 3 inches
  • Product Weight: 8.04 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Metal
  • Manufacturer: VIPARSPECTRA
  • It is easy to use and install
  • You get good value for your money
  • The features it comes with results in high yields
  • It is a little bit on the high side

Buying Guide Questions

Do LED grow lights emit UVB?

As we have explained earlier in our reviews about the best UVB Led grow light to purchase in the market, light is essential to your plants or crops’ healthy growth. UVB is useful for your plants’ healthy germination, and as such, most seasoned growers use its supplements.

LED light is composed of various diodes gotten from light. These diodes are useful for crops as they provide the ideal condition obtained from natural sunlight. However, UVB might be necessarily emitted by a LED grow light, but often than not, most LED grow lights emit UVB, which is a good thing as it helps the crop to grow faster and better.

Is a UVB light good for plants?

Plants need light to survive and germinate well. However, too much of it would be harmful to their health and growth. It is the same thing for UVB LED grow lights; when the plants themselves become exposed to inadequate amounts, they stand the probability of being harmed, but if used in the right proportion and measure, they would be healthy. We need to talk much about the effects of too much or too little lights on your crops. But, in the long run, the UVB grow light is good and important for your crops when used correctly.

UVB acts as a defense against microorganisms protecting your plants from disease and infection and helps to boost the color of your crops

What is the best UV light for plants?

Many products in the market claim to be the best when producing the best-LED lights to use; in the review of the best UVB LED grow light, we analyzed many products for you both from experience and research. If you are looking for the best UV lights for plants, you should check out our review.

Are UVB lights dangerous?

There are two sides to the sound and harmful effects of UVB lights. UVB light is useful when used in the needed proportion. However, when it gets intense and excessive, it becomes dangerous, both for the plant and the human body.

The UVB light is known to cause skin cancer to the human body when you get exposed to it for a long time, and it also affects the growth of plants when exposed to intense UVB in the long run.

Does UVB light give off heat?

Many people have the assumption that the UVB LED grow light gives off heat when it is in use. However, this doesn’t seem right because they do not. When people make use of the UVB grow light, they usually use another bulb that would produce basking for them. The only proven thing that the UVB LED grow light does is to give out rays needed by the plants in the grow room space.

Can marijuana plants get too much UVB?

As we have explained before, when these plants become exposed to too much UVB, it turns out to be negative. The supply of UVB in a much way would cause the marijuana to go overdrive and produce an excess of trichomes; however, when this becomes overboard, it would harm your marijuana, causing damage to your health crop.


Now that we have talked about the best UVB LED grow light you can purchase in the market, you should use our tips provided above to get the best buy in the market.

As we have already said in the guide and reviews, UVB light is useful for your plants’ growth; the x-ray they produce gets needed in an indoor farming operation. However, remember that the lighting remains pleasingly given to the plants; else, you risk stunting their growth; less or too much light affects them, so make sure to supply it adequately.

Lastly, the most critical questions regarding using UVB light in a growing room or space got discussed. You can now use our guide from experience and research to make that good buy in the market.

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