NugSmasher Rosin Press Review


Rosin pressing and rosins have gained popularity over the years; that is why many products and supplies for rosin pressing have surfaced. Undeniably, there have been tons of brands of rosin presses that are made available nowadays. Most of them come in different sizes, capacities, designs, sizes, and other features to choose from. This wide range will then make it kind of more challenging for you to pick one that should suit you best.

Well, there is no need to worry since we’ve got one of the best rosin press reviewed for you. The NugSmasher has been quite the talk of the town because of its superb specifications and beneficial features. Rosin press enthusiasts genuinely understand how vital it is to have their hands on a fair and premium quality rosin press machine since the rosin you will have will depend on the machine you have. That is why we prepared this review on NugSmasher Rosin Press for you to read and enjoy.

About the NugSmasher

The NugSmasher rosin presses are the best-selling and most popular ones nowadays, and it is easy to see why. This rosin press is recommended for the vast majority of rosin enthusiasts because of its reasonable price, ease of use, and high functionality. There are many types of models of the NugSmasher rosin press, and they will be described in detail in this article to help you decide which of them will work best for you.

Different Models of the NugSmasher

NugSmasher Original

This is the primary and most well-known NugSmasher rosin press. The NugSmasher Original is a crowd favorite because of its 12 tons of power with the ability to press 14 grams of starting material at a time. This model is best suited for personal or casual use. This rosin press typically weighs around 74 lbs, 18 inches tall, and almost 9 inches wide, which is a good enough dimension that will not take up much of your working space.

The steel pressing plates of the NugSmasher Original come at a dimension of 4″ x 4″ with its signature NugSmasher dual heating qualities plus incredibly accurate temperature control. This rosin press, however, lacks a pressure gauge. It features an ergonomic manual pump that lets the user work with this rosin press a lot easier. It has a smaller version, which is the NugSmasher Mini, that will be described below.

NugSmasher Mini

The NugSmasher Mini is kind of the Original’s little sibling. It is a travel-friendly rosin press that is created to be utilized personally and for easy moving. This rosin press is called “Mini” for a reason, and it is because this mighty but small press weighs only about 25 lbs. and is 14 inches tall. This rosin press is indeed a small but terrible one because it can quickly generate up to 2 tons of pressure with 2.5-inch pressing plates and can work with 3.5 grams of material at a time. This one is super great for people who are always on the move; think of this rosin press as a perfect travel buddy so that you will not miss out on your rosins, even on vacation.

NugSmasher X

The NugSmasher X is more of a high-end version of the previously mentioned models, and if you are someone who has no enough strength or energy for a manual pump, then the NugSmasher X is excellent for you. This rosin press runs through electricity and starts doing its job with just a press of a button. It is a lightweight press that weighs only 51 pounds with 18″ x 18″ measurements. Similar to the NugSmasher Original, this also has 4″ x 4″ solid steel press plates. This press gives off 3 tons of pressure while pressing up to 14 grams of material at once. The NugSmasher X features dual heating elements and accurate temperature control. This rosin press is one of the most affordable electric rosin press in the market today.

NugSmasher XP

This tremendous and strong rosin press boasts about 12 tons of pressure into a compact build with dimensions of only 9″ x 14″. The NugSmasher XP has the same amount of pressure capacity compared to the Original; however, the amount of material being pressed at once can be doubled. This rosin press features 4” x 6” pressing plates and comes with upgraded features such as the precision pressure gauge and temperature controls. Those upgrades will allow you to achieve the perfect quality by providing the correct amount of pressure and temperature. The NugSmasher is a manually operated rosin press.

NugSmasher Touch

If we are talking about advancements, the NugSmasher Touch is truly the most advanced option among the NugSmashers. This rosin press has 4″ x 6″ heated pressing plates that can handle 12 tons of manually operated pressure. The NugSmasher Touch is similar to the previous models except for its “interactive extraction brain,” a built-in computer innovation with a colored touchscreen display that can provide you with accurate information for high-quality extraction. This plug-in can adjust the PSI for you based on the amount of material or product you are working with. This innovation makes the NugSmasher Touch a great buy.

NugSmasher Pro

Last but not least is the NugSmasher Pro, which is even considered the best one. This great rosin press machine can work with up to 112 grams of material and comes with a pressure of 20 tons, and this press also weighs around 212 lbs. The Pro features its customizable pressing plates, and there are options that you can choose from. You can have the 7″ x 10″, 10″ x 2.5″, or the 2.5″ x 3″ pressing plates. All of those plates have three heaters to promote accurate temperature control. The NugSmasher Pro can be operated either manually or automatically, and this has an exemplary pressure and temperature control system that monitors the whole rosin pressing process for you.

Final thoughts on the NugSmasher Rosin Press

There is indeed no point in arguing as to which one is the best rosin press among the NugSmashers because they are basically the best in their categories and aspects. These NugSmasher rosin presses are versatile in all the features and specifications since they have models that will let you choose which one is perfect for you. You can choose between manual and automated ones, and you can pick a press that you can use for personal use only. When it comes to professional or commercial use, the NugSmasher indeed got one for you too. Generally, whatever you need or looking for in a rosin press, the NugSmashers indeed got it all for you. We hope this review has dramatically helped you get to know all of the NugSmasher rosin press models and helped you pick one that is best for you.