5 Best T5 Grow Lights in 2024

If you’re trying to grow many plants you’re going to need a lot of light and warmth for them. A single bulb usually won’t help much. However, a T5 grow light is big and long enough to help supply enough heat and light for your plants. Keep reading to learn more about how T5 grow lights can help you and about some of the top models for sale that you should consider using.

Product Name



Hydro Crunch

30 lbs.

22.4 x 3 x 47 inches

Hydro Planet

33 lbs.

5 x 27 x 50 inches


10 lbs.

12 x 4 x 46 inches

Agrobite FLT24

12 lbs.

3 x 13.5 x 23 inches

Apollo Purple Reign

9 lbs.

26.3 x 26 x 19 inches

The models listed above are some of the top T5 grow lights on the market. Below are product reviews of them which will help you find the one that will be best to use on your plants.

Top T5 Grow Light Reviews

Hydro Crunch

This white coated and lightweight 4ft. long this T5 grow light can hold up to 8 bulbs. Each of these bulbs runs on 54W. Altogether it will supply 432W. This model comes with 6400K growth stage bulbs which will not only help your plants sprout and grow, but help them to flower as well. The light beam angle of this product is 120 degrees. This product can be used with 2700K-6400K lamps and will run for 50,000 hours. It has a 95% aluminum reflector and has a daisy chain feature so you can easily connect similar models together. You can hang this T5 grow light horizontally or vertically and plug it in with its 8 ft. cord. This model has 2 power switches you can use. Each switch controls 4 lamps. Be aware though that this model doesn’t work with GFCI outlets so you’ll need to be extra careful when using it.

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Hydro Planet

This grow light is created with a sleek white design and powder-coated housing. It measures 4 ft. long and can hold 8 lamps. Each of these lamps works as fluorescent HO bulbs and will give a 6500K HO glow. It has a Plug and Play Ballast built into it to encourage flowering in your plants as well as to prevent overheating in the lamps. It has a 95% aluminum reflector which will help to make sure each of your plants is covered with light. This model features a daisy chain outlet and dual switches which you can use to control different lamps. It comes with a 15 ft. power cord that will make it much easier for you to hang it in various areas.


If you’re looking for a smaller option for hydroponics, this model is ideal. This product has an aluminum body to help keep it cool and also has a 95% German Hammer-tone reflector. It measures 4 ft. long and is built with 4 lamps. The lamps are made with HO fluorescent bulbs that use 6500K to help brighten up your growing area. This product has a daisy chain feature so you can connect up to 5 other models to it with its outlet.

This model also comes with 2 switches. One switch will control the inner 2 lights while the other will control the outer 2 lights. The lights also use a ballast so you won’t have to worry about investing in one yourself. Its 15 ft. power cord will help make it easier for you to plug it into an outlet. Also, because it is ideal for hydroponics, it can be used in wet situations safely. You can hang this T5 grow light both horizontally and vertically.

Agrobite FLT24

This 2 ft. long 4 tube fluorescent light is perfect to use in a small space. Its 4 6400K T5 tubes can emit up to 8,000 lumens to keep your plants warm. Built into these lights is a ballast to help prevent overheating from occurring. This product is made with a powder-coated and steel housing and features a faceted aluminum interior to help with the lighting. You can hang this grow light overhead, horizontally, or vertically. It has a power cord that measures 8 ft. long.

Apollo Purple Reign

If you have many plants that you need to cover with a T5 grow light, this model is one you should definitely check out. It measures 2 ft. long and uses 2 bulbs that run at 24W and 6400K. It has adjustable MAX lumens so you can easily emit the amount that you prefer on your plants. These light are also energy-efficient so they won’t overheat and increase your electric bill. While it is a little big, it is easy to assemble and use.

What is a T5 Grow Light?

A T5 grow light is a special light that is perfect for growing cannabis. This is because they work well with plants that are meant to be trimmed and short. They also are ideal to keep closer to your plants unlike other light types which could end up burning the leaves if you do so.

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T5 grow lights are extremely helpful with growing plants indoors. Besides being ideal to use indoors, they also have many other benefits. One is that they are much less expensive compared to other grow light options. This makes T5 grow lights good for beginners to use or for those who don’t want to invest in an expensive light system.

These grow lights are also much cooler compared to other grow lights due to them being energy-efficient. You won’t have to worry about them overheating or burning your plants. Also, due to their energy-efficiency they help to save money on your electric bill.


While T5 grow lights have many benefits you should be aware of some things about them. One is that you need to make sure your T5 grow light has a red light. This red light will help with the flowering stages of your plants. Some of the T5 grow light models don’t have this color light so it’s important that you check to see if your model does. Otherwise, your plants might not bloom well.

These grow lights also have a shorter life compared to other light options. T5 grow lights only run for about 20,000 hours. This might seem like a very long time, but when it comes to growing plants it isn’t. You’ll have to be aware that you might end up having to invest a little in T5 grow lights. However, as mentioned above, they are affordable options.

The other downside about T5 grow lights is that you need to have a ballast with one of these lights. While most T5 grow lights have a ballast built into them, not all of them do. A ballast will help to prevent the lights from overheating which could damage your plants. If you find that your grow light doesn’t have one of these built into it, you’ll have to invest in a separate ballast yourself.

Why a Ballast is Important to Have in a T5 Grow Light

Fluorescent lights can overheat sometimes which can burn the leaves of your plants. To help prevent this from occurring, ballasts are usually built into T5 grow lights. Ballasts are specially designed to help prevent overheating in fluorescent lights which can stop possible damage from happening to your plants. Also, because fluorescent lights sometimes flicker, ballasts can prevent them from doing so. Flickering can surprisingly impact your plant’s growth, so it’s important that a ballast is incorporated into your T5 grow light.

What’s the Best Wattage for a T5 Grow Light?

As you’ll find with many of the T5 grow lights in this article, they each have various wattage amounts. So, what’s the difference between them?

There’s actually a big difference between them which could impact how your plants grow. You usually want to look for a T5 grow light that works at 6400K.

However, you want to make sure that the wattage is also at least 2700K-3000K. This wattage range is usually where the red spectrum in the lights will be which is a crucial color when growing plants.

Overall, the wattage amounts will help to show how they will help certain growth stages with your plants. A stronger wattage will mean that it can help with all stages while a lower one usually means that it will work best with only some.

When planning to use a T5 grow light, several important factors must be taken into account. This guide provides insights into the key aspects you should evaluate before making a purchase:

Length of the Power Cord

The length of the power cord is crucial for a T5 grow light. Since these lights are typically hung, it’s important that the cord is sufficiently long to reach an outlet without strain. If the cord is too short, you might face challenges in positioning the light, and using extension cords could introduce difficulties in accessing your plants and pose a risk of overheating.

Optimal Hanging Height

Determining the right hanging height for your grow light is vital. The intensity of the light (determined by wattage) dictates how high or low it should be positioned. Higher wattage lights should be hung at a greater distance to avoid damaging the plants, while lower wattage lights can be closer. Remember, as plants grow, adjustments in the light’s height will be necessary.

Weight of the Light Fixture

The weight of T5 grow lights varies, with an average around 15 lbs. It’s essential to know the weight of the light you’re choosing and ensure that the support structure is robust enough to hold it securely.

Type of Bulb

The bulb type in a T5 grow light affects its wattage and energy consumption. Higher wattage bulbs provide more warmth but can lead to increased electricity costs. It’s important to balance the need for strong light with energy efficiency to manage expenses.

Presence of Red Light Spectrum

Red light spectrum in bulbs is crucial for the flowering phase of plants. Bulbs lacking this spectrum may keep your plants healthy but inhibit their ability to flower. Ensure your T5 grow light has this feature for a fruitful harvest.

Availability of Replacement Bulbs

T5 bulbs will eventually need replacing. Keeping spare bulbs ensures that you can promptly replace any that burn out, maintaining the consistent warmth and light necessary for your plants.

Compatible Accessories

Utilize accessories like rope hangers and timers to enhance the efficiency and safety of your T5 grow light. Rope hangers secure the light, preventing accidental falls, while timers regulate light exposure and can assist in scheduling plant care routines like watering.


Growing plants can be easy thanks to T5 grow lights. These lights are specially designed to help with all stages of your plant’s growth. While these lights are energy-efficient and affordable you do need to keep a close eye on some certain aspects of them, like making sure they have a ballast. All of the models in this article are some of the best on the market and are ones you should definitely consider using for your plants.