Best Marijuana Strains – 5 of Each Kind

Best Weed Strains Selection

The best strains of Marijuana will possibly belong to similar species of Cannabis plants, but keep in mind that different strains will vary when it comes to their specific characteristics, traits, and effects on users because of the difference in their genetic makeup. Finding the best Marijuana strain can be quite tricky; that is why you need to know what you need to figure out which strain is the best for you.

This post will lay out only the best Marijuana strains for you to try out so that it will be easier when it comes to finding which cannabis strain will suit your endocannabinoid system. We will feature the strongest Marijuana strains based on its kind – the Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.

The notable difference of each kind is that the Sativa strains are famous for uplifting and energizing effects resulting in productivity. The Indica strain, on the other hand, is best known for its mellowing effects. This strain depends on the sleep-inducing effects and the relaxing vibe, therefore, offering the users better sleep and a well-rested body and mind. The Hybrid ones can offer both effects that can be given by the Indica and Sativa strains.

Sativa Strains

The sativa strain is a primary marijuana strain best known to offer cerebral effects and can be very energizing. This strain has higher THC or tetrahydrocannabinol content, making it more potent for providing an effective energy boost, body and mental stimulation to increase productivity and focus.

The cannabis sativa plants are bigger and significantly taller than other strains, particularly the Indica – these plants generally reach up to twenty-five feet. The cannabis strain plants have a light green shade with long thin leaves and have longer flowering cycles.

Other notable benefits of the sativa strain:

  • Sativa strains can provide effective relief against acute and chronic pain due to injuries, inflammation, or any underlying conditions.
  • This strain is also an effective mood stabilizer and can generally help people diagnosed with depression.
  • Aside from being an anti-depressant, sativa strains can also stimulate appetite, therefore able to help people with eating disorders.
  • The sativa strain has also been proven effective when it come to its anti-anxiety properties.
  • This marijuana strain is great for daytime usage because of its energy-boosting properties that effectively increase productivity.
  • Because of the energy surge it provides during the day, this strain helps you have a good night’s sleep, also helping those who have insomnia.

Looking for the best sativa strain can become a bit of a challenge; that’s why we prepared the top sativa strains for you to enjoy!

Sour Diesel

The Sour Diesel is a well-known and legendary strain known for its dreamy and invigorating cerebral effects. Also known as Sour D, this strong marijuana strain is fast-acting with impressive potency because of its THC content of about sixteen to twenty percent. This strain is also named after its characteristic pungent smell similar to diesel.

This potent marijuana strain is also famous for medical use because of its effectiveness in acute and chronic pain relief, anxiety, stress management, and depression. The Sour Diesel is known to be a descendant of the Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91, and this crowd-pleaser hailed during the 90s and maintained its status since then.

Jack Herer

An award-winning marijuana strain and a true crowd-favorite, the Jack Herer is a famous sativa that effectively delivers a blissful and sensory effect on the user. If you are wondering where the name is from, this strain is actually named after the legendary marijuana rights activist and the author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.”

This powerful strain is a combination of the Haze, Shiva Skunk, and the Northern Lights #5, producing a strain that provides awesome cerebral elevation and abundant resin production. The Jack Herer comes in different variants because of its rich lineage or genetic background, with each phenotype bearing unique, distinct, and remarkable traits and characteristics.

The Jeck Herer was first created in the Netherlands in the 1990s and was eventually recognized and distributed as a medical-grade strain. Since then, this train has made its way to the top and have bagged awards and recognitions. This strain comes with a combination of pine and spicy aroma that offers a focusing, blissful, and energizing effect to its users.

Super Lemon Haze

Some people may prefer a bright, citrusy, and zesty hit to their weed, and if you are one of them, the Super Lemon Haze will surely work perfectly for you. This strain gives the user an energizing and lively hit that uplifts the mood with a very soothing effect. The Super Lemon Haze gives off a sweet and citrusy aroma with sweet, tart, and candy-like flavors, similar to Lemonheads.

The Super Lemon Haze is a sativa-dominant strain from the combination of the super Silver Haze and the Lemon Skunk. Like most others included in the list, this strain is also award-winning – this strain is a two-time winner for the Cannabis Cup from the GreenHouse seeds. This is best for users who want to chill while staying lively and energetic.

Acapulco Gold

This sativa dominant strain is best described as “old but gold” and truly a tough strain to come up against. Because of its characteristics and effects on the users, the Acapulco Gold is often compared to a five-star hotel experience. This sativa dominant strain has high THC content responsible for its relaxing, cerebral, and energizing high.

This powerful strain originated from Acapulco, Mexico, thus the name Acapulco Gold. It is characterized by the combination of golden brown and green colors with orange hairs resembling a golden nugget. The flavors and aroma are comparable to caffeine or a strong tea with earthy tones and chestnut.

Green Crack

This strain may be named Green Crack, but don’t be fooled since this is pure cannabis and surely does not taste anything like cocaine. The Green Crack, also known as Green Cush, is known to be one of Snoop Dog’s favorites because of its refreshing and energizing effects. This strain offers a sharp and invigorating buzz that helps the users focus and become mentally active and productive throughout the day.

The Green Crack has flavors that are tangy and fruity with an aroma that is both earthy and fruity. This strain is great for daytime use since it helps keep you going throughout the day. It is also effective in combating stress, fatigue, and depression.


Super Silver Haze

Another award-winning sativa strain, the Super Silver Haze, was the first prize winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup for three consecutive years. This strain is a product of mixing the Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze, and the result is an awesome, sticky, and resinous strain that offers potent effects of a lasting body high and energizing effects.

This strain is suggested to be used by people who want to be relieved from extreme stress and are effective for people suffering from nausea and eating disorders.

Purple Haze

This strain’s parents are the Purple Thai and Haze and is named Purple Haze after the popular Jimi Hendrix song, and its buds are typically dark but vibrant purple. This sativa staple is popular among veteran users for the psychedelic experience it offers. The Purple Haze is one of the original strains of time and is still a crowd-favorite because of the energized cerebral stimulation and blissful effects. This strain comes with earthy and sweet flavors with notes of berries and spices.

Indica Strains

Indica plants are bushy and shorter, and their leaves are wider compared to the Sativa ones. However, despite being short and small, the Indica Strains produce a significantly higher yield, and they tend to grow faster. They resemble pine trees, but they do not grow over six feet tall. Unlike the sativa strains, which energizes and uplifts, the Indica contains sedative properties that help the users sleep and enjoy a well-rested high. Because of its physically sedating properties, the indica strain is compared to sleeping pills and perfect to be used as a nightcap before bed. The high CBD levels of indica are one of its properties that make this strain very popular and loved by many.

Other notable effects of the indica strain:

  • The indica strain offers effective relaxation for the user, both mental and muscular relaxation.
  • Appetite stimulation is also one of the many benefits of the indica strain; it can help people suffering from the loss of appetite or those having difficulty gaining weight.
  • The indica strain has also proven its efficacy when it comes to relieving chronic and acute pain.
  • Not only does this strain is effective in alleviating pain; this can also decrease nausea and headaches due to varied reasons and conditions.
  • The indica strain is great for nighttime use since this provides a relaxing high and has similar effects to that of a sedative, therefore working as an effective aid for those who suffer from insomnia.

Here is the list of the most popular and well-loved cannabis indica strains.

Granddaddy Purple

This strain was made famous by Ken Estes during the year 2003; the Granddaddy Purple or GDP hails from the West Coast as a staple weed. As a cross of the Big Bud and Purple Urkle, the GDP was able to inherit the complex grape flavors and sweet berry aroma from the Purple Urkle while the Big Bud was able to pass on its large and intact bud structure. The flowers show up in deep shades of purple with a white crystal resin dusting all over the bud.

The strong effects of the GDP are felt clearly, both mentally and physically, resulting in cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation. With its THC level of around nineteen percent, this helps the user have a peaceful mind and a well-rested body afterward., this is also typically used by people struggling with insomnia, chronic pains, loss of appetite, and anxiety.

Bubba Kush

The Bubba Kush became extremely famous in the United States for its superior tranquilizing or sedative effects. This strain comes with a sweet hashish taste with a hint of coffee and chocolate. This will be best for people who like to enjoy delightful flavors while enjoying optimum relaxation with dreamy and euphoric effects to remove stress and uplift the mood. The Bubba Kush is easily identified because of its distinct and bulky bud structure with shades of forest green to grayish purple.

Northern Lights

Being very famous for a very long period of time makes the Northern Lights a celebrity strain. This strain is well-known for its tasty and resinous buds with a sweet and invigoratingly spicy aroma. This pure indica strain is fast flowering, with the plants showing in hues of purple and most resilient during the growth process.

The Northern Lights is also famous for producing awesome hybrids such as Shiva Skunk and Super Silver Haze. This strain has THC levels of around eighteen percent, presenting a dreamy, euphoric effect and a well-relaxed body and mind.

Purple Punch

The Purple Punch is a mix of the sweet cannabis indicas: the Granddaddy Purple and the Larry OG. The magnificent trichome covered Purple Punch emits a grape candy and blueberry aroma with a hint of tart Kool-Aid. This strain is included in the best indicas because of its impressive sedative and pain-relieving properties.

Being a dessert-like strain, the Purple Punch is best used during the night after dinner for a relaxed and well-rested sleep. Its benefits include the management of stress, insomnia, nausea, and minor body pains.

Ice Cream Cake

This creamy and sweet indica marijuana strain is a product of crossing the Gelato #33 with Wedding Cake. The Ice Cream Cake offers magnificent sedating effects making it great to be used during the night or during times when you will be doing nothing but sleep and relax. Patients suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain use this strain medically to relieve the symptoms. Not only that this strain is potent, but the Ice Cream Cake also boasts its creamy taste with notes of vanilla and sweet dough. Cultivators have observed that this strain features purple and light green buds that are covered with icy trichomes.



This is an indica-dominant combination of the Grapefruit and Grape Ape, producing a candy-flavored Zkittlez. This strain has easily become a crowd-favorite because of its sweet, tropical, and fruity flavors and its sweet and tangy aroma. But don’t be fooled by its fruity and candy-like characteristics because this strain has a THC content of about twenty-one percent, making the users experience a great deal of entourage effects, thus making it not suitable for beginners.


Being one of the most potent and strong strains, this super strain is made famous because of its relaxing effects and euphoric high that can effectively uplift your mood. The G13 is also commonly referred to as the Government Indica Strain because of legends that the G13 is one of the best strains gathered by the CIA and FBI. This strain features a strong, earthy, and pine taste suitable for those looking for naturally tasting and herb-flavored strains.

Hybrid Strains

Great and awesome things usually come in combinations, especially when two good things, such as Sativa and Indica, are combined. Hybrid strains are the results of this magnificent combination, and this will allow the users to benefit from both Indica’s and Sativa’s goodness in one awesome strain. The hybrid ones are characterized by providing a unique balance of an uplifting high and a well-rested body and mind. The impact of a combination or hybrid strain is balanced throughout your system that provides a balanced sensation of buzz and high.

So if you are someone who desires to enjoy both benefits of indica and sativa, the hybrid strain is a must for you! The key to figuring out which is the best one is to try and experiment. Below are the best hybrid strains that can help you combat both mental and physical struggles.

OG Kush

The OG Kush strain was originally cultivated and grown in Florida during the early 90s. The OG Kush is a result of a Northern Californian strain was crossed with a Hindu Kush plant. This strain came out to be a strain with a unique terpene content and profile that features a complex flavor and aroma. This weed is famous for its strong spice scent with notes of fuel and skunk. Many users appreciate this strain because of its potent stress-relieving properties while effectively providing euphoria as well.


The GG4 or the Gorilla Glue, or Original Glue offers extreme relaxation and an intense but heavy euphoria feeling. The name embodies how this strain will make you feel glued to your couch all day and all night. The GG4’s parent strains are the Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel, remarkably inheriting their sour and pungent flavors and aroma. This is an award-winning hybrid that is indeed loved and used by many.


This strain might have a very intimidating name, but don’t let it get to you. The AK-47 strain will surely give you a relaxed and mellow buzz with a clear-headed feeling and mood-uplifting effects. This strain also gives you a steady and lasting cerebral buzz that can help you stay inspired, focused, engaged during activities, and with a sweet and earthy flavor that you will surely love.


Also referred to as “Larry Bird,” the Gelato is an awesome hybrid strain that hails from its parent strains: Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. The Gelato strain plants grow with buds that bloom in dark purple hues cascaded by bright orange hairs and a white coating of crystal resin. The Gelato may be sweet and dessert-like in flavors, but this Hybrid surely provides a heavy feeling of euphoria and intense physical relaxation.

Girl Scout Cookies

The GSC, as it is commonly called, is a combination of the OG Kush and the Durban Poison, which definitely has a reputation. The Girl Scout Cookies is best known for its unique combination of earthy, minty, and sweet aroma that will definitely provide the user with an over-the-top euphoric feeling with great physical relaxation and cerebral effects. This strain is commonly used by people suffering from severe pain, appetite loss, and nausea.

White Widow

This old but still timely Hybrid is known for its smooth and notable high that provides you with an energetic euphoria. The White Widow effects are mostly on energizing the user, eventually enhancing creativity and social engagement. This famous strain is a cross of a Brazilian Sativa landrace and a resinous South Indian Indica. It is truly great for people who desire to achieve an energizing and uplifting high.


We may have prepared only the best strains for you, but it will always be your choice in the end. Once you already figured out what you need and what you want, you can easily choose from the five best strains of the sativa, indica, and hybrid ones. And if you cannot choose from the five, worry not since we have provided you with extras for more options. If unsure, do not hesitate to contact or consult your nearest healthcare provider.

Here’s an informative overview of some of the best marijuana strains for 2024, including their characteristics and effects:

Indica-Dominant Strains

  1. Pablo’s Revenge: A cross of Animal Mints and Sherb Cake, this strain has over 25% THC and is known for its minty, cake-like aroma. It’s an indica hybrid with a potent effect.
  2. Triple Burger: A mix of GMO and Double Burger, it’s another indica hybrid with over 25% THC. Expect a savory aroma and a relaxing, hard-hitting effect.
  3. Northern Lights: A classic pure Indica, it’s known for its resinous buds, soothing effects, and sweet and spicy aroma. It’s especially good for muscle relaxation and pain relief.
  4. Crunch Berries: A hybrid of Blueberry and OG Kush, this strain offers a blend of sweet berries and earthy undertones. It’s known for its relaxing and uplifting effects.
  5. Wedding Cheesecake: A blend of Wedding Cake and Cheese strains, this hybrid offers a rich, sweet aroma and a balanced high with euphoric effects and a soothing body buzz.

Sativa-Dominant Strains

  1. East Coast Sour Diesel: A sativa-dominant strain with a citrus flavor profile and uplifting effects, ideal for daytime inspiration.
  2. Golden Pineapple: A cross of Cinderella 99 and White Widow, it has a bright, sweet aroma and offers a euphoric and energizing high, perfect for daytime activities.
  3. Cookies Gelato: A combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato, this strain has up to 28% THC and provides a cerebral, almost psychedelic buzz with a relaxing touch.
  4. Royal Gorilla: Known for THC levels reaching over 30%, this hybrid targets both the body and mind with a cascade of euphoria and relaxation.
  5. Royal Runtz: A mix of Gelato and Zkittlez, it has around 27% THC and provides a burst of cerebral and creative energy while relaxing the body.

Hybrid Strains

  1. Apples and Bananas: A combination of Platinum Cookies, Granddaddy Purple, Blue Power, and Gelatti, this strain is known for its sweet, tropical flavors and euphoric effects.
  2. Now N’ Laterz: A hybrid of Zkittlez and Abula, it offers a sweet and fruity aroma with a slow onset. It’s helpful for alleviating both pain and fatigue.
  3. Apple Fritter: A blend of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, it’s known for a mix of sweet and fruity flavors and a relaxing high.
  4. Blueberry Cupcake: A cross of Blueberry Muffin and Wedding Cake, it tastes like a blueberry cupcake and provides a mix of euphoria and relaxation.
  5. Chimera: A cross of White Truffle and The Creature, this strain is beloved for its port wine, orange Tic-Tac, and butterscotch notes.