How To Make Bong Hits Less Harsh


Smoking cannabis with a bong is popular because of its hits that are known to be more relaxed. However, even that is the case, many people complain that the hits they get from the bong can be harsh. Furthermore, how can any smoke experience be enjoyable if you cough because of the smoke irritating your throat and lungs? Many smokers prefer the bong to the joint because you will end up with a harsher experience when you smoke a joint. But that does not mean you are free of difficult and unpleasant hits while smoking a bong. Let’s talk about how to make bong hits less harsh.

You Can Add Ice To The Bong

Are you looking for smooth bong rips? If so, you can attempt to use ice to experience a much smoother hit when you smoke your bong. There is one potential downside to this method, and that ice melts quite fast. You know how it is if you put ice in your soda at a restaurant. The ice ends up melting fast and watering down your drink. That is never enjoyable at all. However, ice is an idea, and you will need to enjoy your hits right after placing the ice into it to reap the benefits. Even though this method can help in the short term, there are better ways to make your hits smoother.

Try Using Mints

Smoking by itself may not cause you to cough, as having a dry mouth and throat will do it. The cause for dry mouth and throat is smoking, and there is an easy way to fix that issue. And no, you do not need to take sips of water in between hits as that is not very appealing at all. Instead of drinking water, you can pop in a mint and suck on it as it allows your mouth to remain moisturized. You can also chew mint gum to help your mouth stay moisturized as you smoke since it stimulates your salivary glands. Therefore, the mint or the gum will help to reduce your chances of coughing. There is another thing you can do which is to check how finely you are grinding your weed.

How Finely Are You Grinding Your Weed?

If you don’t have a grinder, you may not be cutting your weed enough. You don’t need a grinder to break down your cannabis, as you can cut it with scissors. However, the recommendation is if you want to enjoy a smooth hit, you need a grinder. If you have a grinder and it is not performing at its best, perhaps it needs a cleaning. Maybe it is old and needs a replacement.

However, if the buds are too large, then they will not burn slow and evenly enough. You also do not want to grind your weed too much that it turns into powder. If you are grinding your weed well but you are still finding that your hits are harsh, check the water.

How Is The Water Content?

When you smoke a bong, you need to pay attention to the water level because that will make all of the difference in the world regarding how smooth your hits are. Remember to fill up your downstem as that allows your smoke to be smooth. That is because the water cools down the bong’s heat. If you don’t have enough water, the smoke will be too hot, providing you with a harsh hit. Therefore, that is not what you want to happen. Always check the water level before you begin to take hits so that you can enjoy your smoke experience. If your water level isn’t the problem, then you may want to check your bowl capacity.

Does Your Bowl Capacity Allow You To Take Huge Hits?

Are you attempting to take massive hits, and your bowl capacity does not allow it? If that is the case, that is the reason. If you want to take significant hits, you need to have a small bowl, and if you prefer to take smaller hits, you will need a larger bowl. That is because larger bowls will allow the airflow to be smoother and will allow more of it. Therefore, you will have a better smoke experience with it as the concentration of smoke will be higher, and you will experience a better burn. Smaller bowls won’t allow as much airflow, and the smoke has a much less concentration too.

Don’t Remove The Bowl Too Quickly

If you remove the bowl too fast, then it can create more harm than good and cause you to experience a harsh hit. That is because taking your bowl away will end up causing the smoke to shoot up the bong and will shoot up your nose and throat. Therefore, when removing the bowl, do it gradually so that the airflow is lighter and not so forceful. Thus, your lungs will not end up with a massive hit of smoke that way, and they can process the hits at a much slower and comfortable pace. It would be best if you also improved the way you smoke, which will help make your hits more comfortable.

Smoke The Right Way

You need to do several things to experience a comfortable smoke: exhale the smoke very slowly but deeply, so no smoke is in the lungs. If you don’t do that, there is smoke in the lungs which will cause you to cough as you talk. The other thing to do is to inhale fresh air right when you finish your hit, which will help get the smoke into your lungs in addition to fresh air. Therefore, by doing those things, you will help to make your hits smoother when you smoke the bong. However, there is one more thing you will want to try to make the hits easier and smoother. That is by investing in glycerin coils.

Have You Considered Glycerin Coils?

If you have not invested in glycerin coils, you will want to make that investment because that will help you enjoy a smoother hit. Glycerin coils are composed of glass, and you can attach them to your bong when using them. You leave them in the freezer before you use them, and the glass area has coils and glycerin, which will smooth out the smoke for you to inhale. That will help to keep your bong cooler, and some bongs have this feature already. That is a much better option than using ice.

In order to elevate the smoothness of bong hits, a blend of time-honored techniques and modern advancements can be utilized. These traditional techniques encompass:

  • Adding Ice: Ice cools the smoke for a smoother experience but can melt quickly.
  • Using Glycerin Coils: These are detachable, glass-made components that are cooled in the freezer before use, offering longer-lasting cooling than ice.
  • Mint or Gum: To prevent dry mouth and throat, sucking on a mint or chewing gum can help.
  • Proper Water Content: Ensuring the right water level in the bong is essential for cooling the smoke.
  • Finely Grinding Weed: Properly ground weed burns more slowly and evenly.
  • Exhaling Smoke Completely: Fully exhaling the smoke helps avoid coughing and irritation.
  • Bowl Capacity: The size of the bowl affects the size of the hits and airflow.
  • Gradual Removal of the Bowl: Slowly removing the bowl allows for gentler airflow and less harsh smoke.
  • Breathing After a Hit: Inhaling fresh air after a hit pushes the smoke into the lungs and introduces fresh air, reducing irritation.

Latest Breakthroughs in the Bong Market Delivering Enhanced Experiences and Possibly Gentler Inhalations:

  • Percolators: These devices filter smoke, breaking it into smaller bubbles for increased cooling and smoother hits. They come in various types like tree, honeycomb, showerhead, turbine, and matrix.
  • Recyclers: These bongs have two chambers connected by a tube for continuous filtration and cooling, ideal for smoother and more flavorful hits, especially with concentrates and oils.
  • Ice Catchers: These are indentations or notches in the bong’s neck that hold ice cubes, chilling the smoke as it passes through, beneficial for larger hits or sensitive respiratory systems.
  • Ash Catchers: Attachments that prevent ash and debris from entering the main chamber, adding an extra layer of filtration and making the smoke cleaner and smoother.
  • Multi-Chamber Bongs: These have more than one chamber for water filtration, allowing the smoke to be filtered and cooled multiple times for smoother hits.
  • Electronic Bongs: These battery-powered devices heat herbs or concentrates without combustion, producing vapor instead of smoke. They allow users to control the temperature and intensity of their hits.


Are your hits too harsh that you take from the bong? The purpose of the bong is to allow yourself to experience smoother hits, but sometimes even that does not happen. Fortunately, there are methods to help you enjoy those smoother hits when you smoke your bong, and you may need to change the way you smoke. You also will want to check your bowl capacity and utilize tips such as detaching the bowl smoothly instead of too quickly. And, if you do not have glycerin coils, that is something you will want to have as that can make your smoking experience much better.