10 Best Soil for Outdoor Marijuana Plants – Ready-made and Handmade Soil Mix in 2024

Espoma Company Organic Flower and Vegetable Soil

Jobe’s Organic Boe Meal Fertilizer

Black Gold Seedling Mix

Growing marijuana outside brings several benefits. First of all, it can be cheap. You don’t need to build a structure like a greenhouse or a long tunnel. Besides, led lighting is not required if you put it in the right place in your garden because your crops will benefit from the ample and free energy of the sun.

Also, you don’t have to provide expensive fertilizer for your outdoor crops. However, you want excellent marijuana soil for the best results to make your crops grow well and healthy. In this article, we have outlined some of the best soil for outdoor marijuana planting. Plus, we give you tips for discovering and developing the best outdoor weed-growing soil.

If you’re going to grow your marijuana in containers outdoors or right in the garden, the kind of soil you’re using is critical – it’s not about getting any dirt to fill your pots or flower bed. This is because using suitable soil can supply the plants with vital nutrients and help them thrive.

Some people make their soil formulations, though if you’re new to planting, there are many pre-prepared soil mixes on the marketplace that experts have developed. While cultivating marijuana outdoors, you have to aim for soil that has the right marijuana pH balance and a combination of nitrogen (N, phosphorus (K), and potassium (P).

The Best Soil for Outdoor Marijuana Plants Are Reviewed Below

Here we look at some ready-made soil mixtures and even some nutrients that will suit your plants better.


Espoma Company Organic Flower and Vegetable Soil

If, after advancing a wide area of soil rapidly, you understand that there is little left to offer, this nutritious and cheap soil from Epsom can serve as a large base layer combined with a mixture of soil modifiers on this list. With nearly 30 liters full of soil, you can quickly transform a plain land to a marijuana crop plantation with soil packed full of earthworm castings, peat humus, and peat moss.

Key Features:

  • Organic and Natural
  • Premium quality blend
  • Improved with Myco-tone
  • Ideal for in-ground planting
  • It contains sphagnum peat moss.
  • Blend of 11 strains of ecto and endo mycorrhizae


  • Product dimension: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Product weight: 1 pound
  • Manufacturer: BFG Supply
  • Product ASIN: B00DT2Z20E
  • Product Model Number: VFGS1
  • Pure organic soil
  • Flourishes plant life
  • Suitable for container raised bed garden
  • Might contain bugs


Jobe’s Organic Boe Meal Fertilizer

Here’s yet another organic commodity that will improve the soil you use to cultivate your outdoor marijuana. It is produced of animal bones high in phosphorous and calcium, and some nitrogen is mixed into it. This perfect mix will help your roots grow healthy and giving your buds a strong chance of doing well.

Key Features:

  • Organic granular fertilizer
  • Excellent source of phosphorus
  • OMRI listed for organic gardeneing
  • Stimulates healthy blooms and fruits
  • Promotes sturdy root systems
  • Perfect for all fertilizer types and spreaders


  • Product dimension: 14 x 8 x 4 inches
  • Product weight: 3.79 pounds
  • Product department: Fertilizers
  • Manufacturer: Easy Gardener
  • Product ASIN: B003AZ4I3W
  • Product number: 09326
  • Smells nice
  • Contains high phosphorus
  • High calcium prevents blossom end rot.
  • Has dry additive


Black Gold Seedling Mix

If you are searching for a nutritious soil that is both ideals for building a perfect atmosphere for seedlings and for optimizing long-term root growth and resistance, then you can look no further than the excellent Black Gold seedling blend. This soil can also help promote your roots’ oxygenation by increasing drainage and is packed full of other nutrients to ensure good growth. With an abundance of minerals, like peat moss, this soil helps with drainage and helps with water preservation, even without perlite.

However, it is not certified organic, free from any bugs in the soil, contributing to its advantages for the outdoor planting of seedlings. It is well worth combining this soil with the worm castings discussed in this list to make it acceptable.

It’s also the biggest challenge of a task to get started, but with this excellent soil seedling blend, you’ll get amazing results giving your marijuana plant the ideal introduction outdoors.

Key Features:

  • Great for root growth
  • It has an organic wetting agent.
  • Uniform water penetration
  • Enriched with resilience
  • Listed by the organic materials review institute


  • Product Dimension: 16.25 x 12 x 6.5 inches
  • Product weight: 7.63 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Black Gold
  • Product ASIN: B0798WDB68
  • Product Size: 2 Packs
  • Good for seedlings
  • Packed with nutrient for efficient growth
  • Great for all plant types
  • Costly


Michigan Peat Bacct Premium Potting Soil

This Michigan Peat potting soil mix is prepared to go as soon as you receive your package. While you are only getting warmed up with outdoor growing, it is an excellent option because it works well with plants, even from seed. Inside this soil, the fertilizer is a dual purpose that helps to give the plants what they need when they begin to grow and then provide nutrients for slow release to make them flourish. Take a spade and plant it.

Key Features:

  • Ready to use
  • Baccto premium soil
  • Suitable for usage right out the bag
  • Features starters and slow-release fertilizers
  • It comes in a 25-pound bag
  • An advanced blend of rich dark reed sedge


  • Product dimension: 22 x 16 x 5 inches
  • Product Weight: 25 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Michigan Peat
  • Product color: black
  • Product ASIN: B005VQ13VS
  • Product Model number: 1225
  • Ready to use
  • Premium quality soil
  • Affordable
  • It might be too wet to use
  • Some complaint of too much dirt in it


Epsom Dried Blood Meal Pound

Although it may seem a little disgusting, for your cannabis plants, animals’ blood is an excellent source of organic nitrogen. This Epsom blood meal is a dry powder that can be applied to your soil mix to enrich your soil. And during the vegetative growth stage, the presence of nitrogen is especially significant, so make sure you have a drop of this in your soil then. It’s a little too ‘hot’ for seedlings and clones to prevent if your plants are at this point.

Key Features:

  • Safe source of organic nitrogen
  • Naturally produced
  • Grows plant more rapidly
  • Ensure plants are more prosperous with greener leaves
  • Remedy for sickly plants
  • Organic gardening


  • Product weight: three pounds
  • Product department: Teak
  • Product Manufacturer: BFG Supply
  • Product ASIN: B001JTAJFM
  • Product Model number: DB3
  • Organically produced soil
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Excellent customer service
  • Some complaints about the smell


Hoffman Horticultural Perlite Soil

It is essential to think about your soil’s consistency even if you intend to cultivate your weed outdoors, with the three significant components being: firm material, decent water retention, and proper drainage. This great Hoffman Perlite will take care of your drainage improvements.

Whether you plant directly in the field or plant pots, you will be amazed by the additional oxygen provided to your plants by working this into your soil. With the introduction of the soil mixes and guano castings mentioned in this list, you’ll have the best overall outcomes.

Key Features:

  • Horticultural perlite
  • Lightweight
  • Portable soil container
  • Reduces caking by over 70 percent
  • Loosen clay soil
  • Enhances aeration and drainage
  • Peat moss blend
  • Custom soilless mix


  • Product dimension: 12 x 23 x 12
  • Product Weight: 4 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Hoffman
  • Product ASIN: B08WX2RYXY
  • Package color: white and Pink
  • Portable container
  • It does not cake
  • It improves drainage
  • It can be used to start seeds.
  • Some complaint about bugs


Espoma Quart Organic Vermiculite

If you are looking to work on any additional drainage materials to your soil, however, know that your soil is highly porous, so you don’t want to risk too much disrupting the balance, and then you may want to opt for vermiculite as it retains more water rather than perlite. You will also enhance your soil’s aeration with this excellent blend, promote good root growth, and help work against over-compacted cloggy soil.

Key Features:

  • 100 percent natural soil
  • Loosen heavy soil
  • Enhances root growth
  • Aerates soil
  • Improves heavy soil
  • Prevents soil compaction


  • Product Dimension: 8 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Product Weight: 2.7 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Espoma
  • Product ASIN: B002Y06KTE
  • Product Number: VM8
  • Zip-lock style bag
  • Holds moisture
  • Improved germination
  • It doesn’t compact under seeds
  • Poor customer service


Pure Dolomitic Garden Lime

If the acidity in your soil needs to be neutralized because the pH is too low (which means your cannabis won’t be able to absorb water and nutrients in your soil efficiently), you need a dose of Dolomite Lime in your potting soil. This Grow More product will only do the job. It is a fully organic addition to your soil extracted from limestone and will also give extra calcium and magnesium to support your sensitive crops more.

Key Features:

  • Increases PH level of soil
  • It comes with dolomite lime.
  • Cures and prevent End rot in tomatoes
  • Provides magnesium and calcium
  • Fast-acting result
  • Great for earth boxes


  • Product Dimension: 5 x 1 x 8 inches
  • Product Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Manufacturer: PowreGrow Systems
  • Product ASIN: B0131MU8BO
  • Product number: DOLOMITE
  • Product Size: Five pounds
  • Premium quality soil
  • Dolomite included
  • Stable PH and Calcium
  • Complaints about worms


Unco Industries wiggle worm soil

Due to the availability of a plethora of essential nutrients, worm castings are essential for any outdoor cannabis soil mix and a source of all-important nitrogen. Due to its usefulness as fertile topsoil and a helpful hand for cannabis plants, this commodity from Unco Industries is a widespread choice with fellow growers. Worm castings perform very well when mixed with vermiculite and perlite, so consider making up your nutrient-thirsty plants for this cocktail.

Key Features:

  • Organic fertilizer
  • Pure earthworm casting
  • Odorless
  • Perfectly balanced nutrient
  • Immediate and long term absorption


  • Product Dimension: 24.1 L x 15.5W x 4.5H
  • Product Weight: 30 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Unco Industries
  • Product ASIN: B00V4RI88Y
  • Product number: GMWW30
  • Product color: White bag
  • Organic
  • Improves plant growth
  • Quality worm casting
  • Complains about late delivery


Hydrofarm Vegetative Guano Grow Crazy Pound Bag

Here we have another organic animal product that feeds your cannabis plants exceptionally effectively. Derived from bat poo, a fantastic source of phosphorus and nitrogen, both of which your weed is hungry for, it turns out. Sprinkle this into your soil in powder form and observe the miraculous effects: rapid growth, healthy plants, and a good harvest.

Key Features:

  • An effective way to achieve a good harvest
  • Best quality nitrogen
  • Premium quality soil
  • For indoor and outdoor planting
  • It comes in powder form


  • Product Dimension: 13.25 x 9 x 4 inches
  • Product weight: three pounds
  • Product Manufacturer: Hydrofarm Inc
  • Product ASIN: B013GFY6LE
  • Product Model number: BGC1002
  • Product color: Black
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Enhances plant growth
  • Promotes quality vegetation
  • Late shipping

Buying Guide Questions

Considerations for purchasing quality Soil for outdoor marijuana plant

It’s natural to go to the nearest garden shop full of excitement. That’s until an extensive range of choices has knocked you down. First of all, please remember that it may be a mistake to buy it in bulk. There are no certifications or requirements related to soil quality. Believe it or not, some of these vendors will supply you with soil from building sites. They might even market the earth excavated from the basements! Read more: (Best Soil for Weed Clones- Soil to use for Marijuana Cloning)

When purchasing soil for marijuana, take the time to understand the fundamentals of healthy cannabis soil. If you want your plants to deliver many cannabinoids and trichomes, you need to pay attention to a few variables. Included:


If you were not aware of it, pH means ‘hydrogen potential.’ It is a chemical scale used to measure the alkalinity or acidity of a material. The scale is from 0-14. The pH value of 7.0 is neutral. Anything from 0 to 6.9 is acidic, and anything from 7.1 to 14 is alkaline.

Battery acid and hydrochloric acid have a pH of 0, whereas liquid clearing fluid has a pH of 14. Preferably, the weed soil is a touch acidic. Many experts agree that the optimal pH value is 6.0. However, you are on solid soil if the pH of the soil is between 5.8 and 6.3. Your plant will prosper beyond this range. However, the gains are expected to be much lower. If you wander too far from the range 5.8-6.3, the crops will perish.


As often as you select correct, the cannabis soil should also have a wide variety of nutrients because it comprises an organic material. One error is applying raw materials such as cow waste and rotting vegetables directly to plants as fertilizers. You should first break down the contents if you want your weed plants’ roots to consume the nutrients.

This is because nature does not favor them in much the same way as outdoor producers. Using heat to sterilize the soil and apply a nutrient-rich potting soil mixture. You can make it yourself, but newbies need to buy it from a garden shop. Water the soil properly. Also, hold it in a room with 68 degrees Fahrenheit temperature and monitor the pH so much.

Water retention, material, and drainage

The drainage, and water-retaining power are perhaps the essential features of marijuana soil. Your plant will not achieve a successful yield if it does not have the right combination of water and oxygen in the roots 24/7. If there’s so much water, the roots won’t get that much oxygen. If there is not enough water, the roots will dry out quickly and get weakened.

A typical high-quality marijuana soil must have the following:

Loose design

Excellent drainage

A rich and dark color

Water retaining capacity without becoming muddy

It is doubtful that your cannabis soil will have the perfect irrigation and water preservation capability. Interestingly, various amendments are required to improve the soil’s drainage and water-retaining potential.

How to grow marijuana outdoors

Growing marijuana is an enjoyable and satisfying experience, but it’s also tricky and requires time and resources. For a first-time grower with minimal finances, indoor growing is typically too expensive to do.

The good news is that a small backyard garden will grow a lot of quality marijuana without a significant monetary investment. You can cultivate marijuana safely if you have access to a sunny spot in a private yard or even a patio, terrace, or rooftop.

This outdoor growing guide will address all the various aspects you need to know to make your first outdoor marijuana flourish.

The first step is to consider the climate, then pick a space for your outdoor growing. You have to decide on the marijuana genetics, then get some soil; the next step is to get some fertilizer. Next, you choose your containers carefully and then provide water for your marijuana plant. Finally, you protect your cannabis plant.

Advantages and disadvantages of growing marijuana outdoors

Indeed, in the period of growing outdoors, the most concern that comes to your mind is whether or not you have to cultivate marijuana straight from the ground. Well, to help you decide in this section, we’re going to give you three advantages and disadvantages of this kind of growth.


Getting access to soil nutrients and allowing plants’ roots to grow naturally and find adequate water from groundwater or soil moisture ensures that cannabis plants will need less upkeep. However, this also depends on whether the soil is suitable. In this way, bear in mind that cultivating cannabis should not be ignored. It is still necessary to regularly monitor the plants to avoid any inconvenience, and the plants may require extra food. You’ve got to be careful.

Also see: (Best Soil for Growing Marijuana Indoor – Potting Soil, Organic Soil, Soil Mix)

This method of growth could also save you a few costs. You can see when it is growing in pots. Usually, the plants have to be transplanted to another larger one, and while this is not an incredibly high cost, if you were to expand on a massive scale, it may be a substantial cost.

Cannabis plants will have greater access to all the land, moisture, and nutrients in the soil while growing outdoors directly from the ground, so plants will grow naturally and grow their maximum capacity in terms of appearance, vigor, and final yield.


With this type of growing, plants can grow faster, and certain varieties can grow larger. If you wish to keep the weed secret, it may be a little challenging.

In outdoor plantations made directly in the dirt, you would have much less command over the growth medium’s consistency and cohesiveness. Even though the grower seeks to have a suitable pH soil, for instance, if there is no barrier that is impenetrable between the soil regions where your plants are grown plus the region where the soil itself, several factors can ruin the development.

In outdoor growth directly from the earth, you would not be capable of moving your plants around for understandable reasons, which is a significant downside since it will be much harder to protect your plants from temperature or other risks.

How long does it take marijuana buds to mature outdoors?

Growing outdoors usually takes longer than growing indoors and is, therefore, more reliant on where you grow your seeds and how long your planting season lasts. When your plant is picked, a drying and healing period takes at least two weeks until your buds are prepared to be used.


If you can see, there are a few great products out there that are essential to keeping your cannabis plants not only safe but ready to produce the goods you desire. If you want to go for a ready-made soil mix or have a go-to make your dream drink, there are plenty of choices out there to help you on your way to a successful outdoor weed harvest.