Best Weed Strains for Depression


It is unfortunate to say that depression is one of the most prevalent yet the most undiagnosed mental illness worldwide. The symptoms of depression may vary from one person to another, and that can include a persistent feeling of too much sadness, loss of interest, and a noticeable change in behavior in the mood. Indeed, depression is a complex condition, and despite these complexities, some individuals have claimed that cannabis has helped them get through depression.

To help you decide whether you should be treating your mood disorder or depression with cannabis, we made a list to make sure that you will be getting only the best ones out there.

Cannabis and depression

It is important to note that the effects of cannabis will not be the same for everyone and that not all cannabis strains are created equal. THC strains tend to be more common and can produce the euphoric high commonly associated with smoking weed. This strain is also related to appetite stimulation and improve motivation, focus, and productivity. CBD strains can be less common, but many people still prefer this because its effects range from minor to no intoxicating high at all. CBD-dominant strains are common for those who want to be relieved from anxiety.

Cannabis strains that can help with depression tend to be sativa-dominant, and sativa-dominant strains are known to produce an uplifting high that can be euphoric and can counteract depression. Studies have indicated that the correct dose of marijuana can ease depressive symptoms, and there is indeed a great deal of evidence from cannabis users to support impressive results. However, some studies warn us that the long-term use of cannabis may exacerbate depression and can lead to other mental health issues. That is why it is imperative for you to determine the symptoms that you might need to address. You should speak with or consult a medical professional so that you will be able to discuss the viability of marijuana as a treatment for your current condition and medications there are any.

THC or CBD for depression

The two most abundant and prevalent chemicals in marijuana are THC and CBD, combined with other cannabinoids. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the primary compound that results in psychoactive effects that are responsible for producing that familiar euphoric high. Strains with high THC content are known to alleviated depression since this compound can stimulate the release of dopamine and serotonin. THC dominant strains also give the user feelings of happiness and motivation that can effectively counteract the symptoms of depression. However, it is essential to remember that high doses of THC, especially for novice users, can induce anxiety, panic attack and even psychosis.

CBD or Cannabidiol, on the other hand, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is not able to produce a euphoric high. CBD is also effective against depression since it has antidepressant-like effects. Some studies indicate that CBD is capable of regulating the CNS or the central nervous system through specific serotonin receptors, potentially giving off fast-acting antidepressant properties.

Best weed strains for focus

Jack Herer

This THC-dominant strain is a very popular morning strain that is commonly used during low days. It delivers an energetic cerebral rush that can leave the user with a good mood, happy feeling, with improved focus and concentration levels. The Jack Herer boasts an aroma of sharp pine and freshly cut wood, very familiar to many users. The THC level in this tremendous strain comes up at about 15% to 24% and is very effective in providing a sense of comfort and motivation on dark days.


With a cannabinoid profile that contains more CBD, the Harlequin is highly sought-after because of its impressive benefits, particularly for anxiety, depression, and even chronic pain. This strain comprises only 4% to 10% THC paired with 6% to 15% of CBD. Harlequin is known to deliver a sense of relaxation and clear-headedness without psychoactive effects. If you are diagnosed with anxiety, depression, or any mood disorders, and you prefer CBD-dominant strains to avoid the risk of paranoia, then the Harlequin will work great for you.


This strain comes with uplifting citrus and peppery flavor that works perfectly to induce positive and happy energy paired with a focused and calm mind. This is recommended to be taken before you start your day in a lively and energized way. A patient who suffers from severe anxiety might want to take note that Cinex contains a THC level of up to 25%, so you should be careful when using this strain. Cinex has also been proven to increase serotonin and dopamine levels, similar to antidepressant medications.

Blackberry Kush

The Blackberry Kush is a THC and sativa dominant strain that promotes a relaxing and tranquil effect that is perfect to be used during the late part of the afternoon or nighttime. This strain is not only beneficial for depression but also for people who suffer from severe pain and insomnia. Blackberry Kush is also proven to be very helpful in addressing depression and other mood disorders.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a CBD dominant strain that rose quickly as one of the best strains for depression without the risk of experiencing THC-induced paranoia. Charlotte’s Web came from a young patient, Charlotte Fig, who used this industrial hemp strain by Stanley Brothers to treat her seizures. And it is delightful to say that this strain has significantly reduced the child’s seizure, and this has been widely used now to treat many symptoms ranging from severe headaches to depression. This strain has a unique CBD content of 15% to 20%, with a tiny amount of THC that reaches only up to 0.3%.

Granddaddy Purple

You can always see this strain in many of the best strains listed on every page. Also known as GDP, the Granddaddy Purple is a very renowned THC dominant strain enriched with flavors and aromas of sweet berry and floral notes. It has a THC level of 23% that lets you achieve a calming sensation with a simultaneous full-body relaxation that helps you calm your mind and give a well-rested sleep. If the symptoms of your depression are inclined to pain and sleepless nights, then the GDP will be able to help you immensely.


The Cannatonic strain is another high-CBD strain that can provide with blissful high without the psychoactive effects often associated with high-THC strains. If strains with THC is too much for you or makes you feel uncomfortable, then this strain may work for you because of its balanced THC and CBD content.

Final thoughts on the best weed strains for depression

Choosing the right strain to help you with your depression is indeed a process of discovery since depression is a complex and unpredictable condition. You have to be very familiar with how your body will react to a particular strain to avoid any adverse effects. Settling with the proper dosage is also extremely important, and we recommend that you start with low doses first. If you are still confused about how to start with medical marijuana treatment, you can always consult medical professionals for safe marijuana consumption.