Brown Weed Strains


Brown weed, otherwise called brick weed, is used to describe low grade weed. It is brown colored with little or no green color. It is usually cultivated outdoors with little to no maintenance and grown by farmers looking for quick cash. These brown weed strains are harvested even before they fully mature; they are dried up and cured in a tightly sealed brick. It gained the name ‘brick weed’ because of the vacuum-sealed brick it’s usually stored in.

Reggies or low-quality weed are pretty easy to recognize; it looks a lot like grass clipping. It appears very dry and seedy with a generally undesirable look. One of the first things you’ll notice is that it lacks trichomes or beautiful hairs characteristic of top-shelf weed. This bad quality weed has very low potency; a lot of it would have to be consumed to get high. It has a very low THC level of about 14% and is best for beginners with a low tolerance for THC.

This sativa-dominant hybrid is rated C by many medicinal experts in the cannabis community and is considered to be a moderate strain because of its mild effects. The high it produces may make you feel focused and uplifted or could make you giggly but is short-lived. Before commercializing recreational marijuana, Reggies were commonly smoked among majority of stoners. But soon after high-quality strains were produced, Reggie or brown weed was ditched. This is mostly because of the undesirable qualities of the strain. It gives off a bad taste, smell, color and has harmful effects on the lungs.

How do you recognize Reggies or Brown weed?

The first thing you will notice is its unattractive color. Many high-quality buds appear bright and colorful; they come in various colors like bright green, purple, orange, and more. They also have beautiful colorful hair or trichomes. Reggie or low-grade weed does not have shiny hair or trichomes. In fact, they appear like dried-out grass clippings. They are typically brown or yellow and have lots of seeds. It has a peculiar smell that’s described as skunky or musty. It doesn’t produce a sweet or mild aroma like a premium quality weed. It has a bad and choking smell. It also tastes bland or has no taste at all. Unlike good quality weed that could taste like grapes, citrus, or mint, Reggies often don’t taste like anything. This bland taste or lack of taste is an indicator that the weed is of low quality.

Characteristics of Brown Weed or Low-Quality Weed

Feel or Effect

The effect of weed is the main reason for purchasing it in the first place. Reggies are known to deliver anything short of a killer buzz. The high is usually mild and fades off pretty quickly. You may have to consume a lot to feel something if you are used to the high-quality stuff. Because of its incredibly low THC content, it does not have the power to deliver a strong psychoactive effect. Some stoners don’t even experience any high. The strain also has a very dry and unpleasant effect on the throat, leading to heavy coughing. This type of weed is mostly for medicinal use because of its low psychoactive effect.

THC Content

Reggie or brown weed has a low THC content ranging between 12-15%. Weed strains of better quality usually have a THC level of up to 20%, with some variations as high as 35%. It is considered a low grade C strain with a sativa-dominant heritage. It’s usually called a beginner’s strain because the effects are mild.


Reggies look nothing like beautiful moist, sticky premium grade weed. It has a very dry and dusty texture; the leaves are dehydrated and flake easily from the nugget. Good quality strains are sticky and retain moisture.


Reggie weed does not have a memorable taste. It either tastes bland with mild grass or herb undertones or tastes like nothing at all. They are not flavor-full like high quality weed and may sometimes taste bitter. There are many varieties of good strains that have an incredible variation of taste. Some strains taste like citrus fruits and have aromas that hit your nose before you even light it up. Many other strains have amazingly complex flavors that outshine Reggies.


There’s really nothing exciting about smoking brown weed or Reggies; it should be avoided if possible because of its harmful effects. Choosing to smoke brown weed strains or Reggies is a matter of preference. It could be that your pockets are a little light, and you don’t mind getting high off cheap, bud. However, there are many varieties of strains that can give you an incredible high, as well as medicinal aid, and are not so heavy on your pocket.

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