California LightWorks SolarSystem 1100 Review


California LightWorks has produced the best California LightWorks LED grow lights in the horticulture and the cannabis growing industry. This company has been building quite a reputation in the field of grow lights, and since then they have maintained a good one. One of the best grow lights the California LightWorks have made is the SolarSytem 1100.

The SolarSystem 1100 is one of the most powerful, and the greatest among the LightWorks grow lights. And, understandably, this grow light has put up a stellar reputation and quite an impression. This review will give you details and information that you might need to know about the SolarSystem 1100.

About the SolarSystem 1100

All the lighting units in the SolarSystem 1100 are manufactured to fit commercial quality grows. This system includes various lights such as low power lights meant for the growth stage, propagation, all-season, flowering phase, and small areas.


The actual power draw of the LightWorks SolarSystem 1100 came at 800 watts when powered and ran at maximum output. The SolarSystem is typically billed as a 1000 watt HPS equivalent different from most LED lights. Many cultivators have claimed that with this grow light; the yields are equal to or even greater than that of HPS. You can get an optional controller for this lighting unit, and that will give you full control over the spectrum of the LEDs separately. You can also reduce power consumption and be cost-effective, especially during the vegetative stage, when much light is not needed.

Light spectrum

This lighting system offers a full-spectrum light that includes a mix of red, blue, and white diodes. As mentioned above, you can have full control over the light spectrum, which means you can easily change the combination and ratio of red lights to blue lights and the white ones according to your or your cannabis plants’ preference. Many growers appreciate the variable spectrum control since light manipulation is straightforward and accessible. This very efficient and functional light spectrum has been proven to produce healthier and more yields than other grow lights.


The California LightWorks has been honest about their range, coverage, and specifications from the start and their honesty is something that many people tend to look up to and appreciate. They declared that the SolarSystem 1100 could adequately cover a 4 x 4 area. If you are using a grow tent or a grow room with reflective walls, the SolarSystem1100 can cover a 5 x 5 area this time since the light gets reflected by the walls, therefore effectively expanding the coverage.


As mentioned in the other review that we wrote, the SolarSystem lights come with 5-watt Osram diodes known to be a top-tier and a very high-quality diode. These lights are known to have a lifespan of 50,000 hours of continued use. These 5 watt Osram diodes are indeed very powerful and can be a lot brighter than other diodes. These tremendous diodes produce 10% to 15% more brilliant but with the same amount of power as the dimmer ones. It is also significant that despite the bright LEDs of the SolarSystem grow light, they can keep the heat in check. This lighting system is also designed with very functional heat sinks and circuit boards paired with ceramic packing on the LEDs that effectively draw heat away from the diodes, making them longer lifespans.

Heat emission

As mentioned above, the grow light systems of the California LightWorks can limit the heat output despite the impressively bright lights they are giving off. If you are using your 1100 in a small and enclosed space such as a grow tent, you may want to up your ventilation during the summer months or live in a place with warmer climates. The SolarSystem only requires minimal cooling; however, you might need to provide heating for your grow tent or grow room during the cold seasons and in colder areas.


As previously mentioned, you will control the spectrum using a controller; however, that controller is sold separately. The whole lighting system can be handled without using this controller, but it would be great to take advantage of the convenience and customizability.

It is good to know that getting the SolarSystem 1100 up and running is super simple and straightforwards. This grow light runs with an input voltage of 90 to 277 volts, with an amperage of 3.3 A at 240V and 6.6A at 120V. It also comes with a power factor >0.95 and operating frequency and temperature of 50/60 hertz and 0 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit.

Size and dimensions

The California LightWorks SolarSystem 1100 has dimensions of approximately 18″ x 18″ x 4.” Still, you have the opportunity to chain units to effectively expand your lighting unit. If you decide to addd on the optional T-5 UVB fixtures on either side, the new dimensions will become 23” x 23” x 4”. The fans of this unit are located on the top part of the unit, so there is no passive cooling.


  • Has great and powerful top-tier 5 watt Osram diodes that shines very brightly with the same power consumption.
  • Has a customizable spectrum that can be controlled with or without the separate controller.
  • The lifespan reaches up to 50,000 hours of continuous use.
  • This grow light is known to be highly efficient and effective and is one of the best products of the California LightWorks grow light units.
  • The brand or manufacturer is continuously honest about the specifications and capability of their products.
  • Has a very reasonable and affordable price for the grow light’s impressive functionality and quality.
  • You will have the option to chain or connect your lighting units and even buy a controller for added convenience.


  • The coverage area is smaller compared to other units or brands.
  • You may need to get the controller, which is sold separately. The lighting unit can indeed be functional without the controller; however, you may miss out on some handy features that only the controller can bring.

Final thoughts

The SolarSystem 1100 has already impressed countless growers and cultivators, and that is a good reason you should try it. This grow light unit is one of the best lighting systems of California LightWorks‘, and that is a fact. With an outstanding reputation and excellent reviews from many users, this lighting system is truly one of the best. This grow light is true to its claims and can deliver its functionality and high-efficiency by helping your cannabis plant thrive and produce better yields.

We hope that this review has dramatically helped you understand what the SolarSystem 1100‘ can do and decide if it will be perfect for you and your grow area.