GoGrow V3 Grow Light Review

The GoGrow V3 Grow Light Review

Grow lights are a helpful and important piece of equipment to have if you plan to grow plants indoors. They will not only provide the required light your plants need, but can also help your plants to grow much more quickly. The GoGrow V3 is one of the top grow lights to use in a grow space because it is well-made and comes with many features. This article will highlight more behind this product and how it can help your plants be more productive.

GoGrow V3 Grow Light

The GoGrow V3 Grow Light is a 12 band LED option. These bands will work to cover your plants in a warm lighting so their stems and leaves grow evenly and are healthy. This grow light runs on 320W which is a pretty powerful amount for an LED light. If you prefer something a little less powerful, the GoGrow V3 also comes with a 210W option. If your bulb burns out, this grow light comes with a 1000W replacement you can use. These bulbs also come with a 90-degree dual optical lens which is designed to help this model’s colors reflect better on your plants while also preventing their leaves from burning due to the heat emitted.

The colors this grow light emits will help your plants to grow well. You’ll find the necessary blue and red spectrums as well as the helpful UV and IR ones. It also has low and high PAR values built into it to help with the various growth stages to ensure your plants receive the right amount of light intensity. When you want to turn the lights on, you can use the special mode attached to this grow light. The vegetative and flowering switch will turn the right lights on that are needed for these growth stages. The plain vegetative power switch will turn off half of the lights in the grow light so your plants grow better during this stage. This grow light will work best on your plants when it runs for about 15 hours at a time.

This grow light is made with a sleek black housing that is durable. You can easily fit it inside a grow tent or just hang it above your plants. To help with hanging it, the GoGrow V3 comes with 2 clips and 2 rope hangers you can use. While you can adjust the grow light to your preferred height (depending on your plants), it’s recommended that you keep it about 8-40 inches above them. While this model weighs about 19 lbs., you won’t need to worry about it dropping or causing problems to the area where it is hanging in because the ropes included will help keep it secure.

The GoGrow V3 works best in a growing area that is no bigger than 4 ft. x 4 ft. and one that doesn’t exceed a temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This model is not waterproof so if you want to use it with hydroponic systems you’ll need to be very careful.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Why are Some of the Lights Dim?

As you’ll find with the GoGrow V3 (and many other grow lights), some of the lights tend to be a little dim. While this might make it seem like something is wrong with the grow light, it’s actually normal. The dim lights are what will help your plants to grow well. Your plants might like to have full light at times, but eventually that light intensity can get to be a little too much for them. The dim lights will help to encourage your plants to grow while cooling the growing area down a bit for them. Keep in mind that you need to be careful not to look directly at the lights even though they might be dim. Even when dim, looking at extremely bright LED lights can irritate and hurt your eyes.

Does this Grow Light Come with a Fan?

No, it doesn’t. This is because it won’t overheat which can give you extra peace of mind when using it in your growing space. LED lights are much cooler compared to other lighting types and won’t cause your growing space to be stifling which could otherwise hurt your plants. So, while some grow light systems do come with fans built-into them this isn’t the case with the GoGrow V3.

Does the Growing Environment Temperature Really Matter?

The growing environment temperature matters a lot because it can affect how well your grow light will work. Because the GoGrow V3 grow light is made with LEDs, the temperature of your growing space will affect how the lights work on your plants. A growing space that has a cool environment will let the LED emit more light while a growing space that has a much warmer temperature will diminish the amount of light. The GoGrow V3 can work in spaces that go up to the very hot temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, but it’s very important to keep track of your growing area’s temperature. Try to keep the temperature at a somewhat warm level, but not one that is excruciatingly hot.

Does this Light System Need a Ballast?

Unlike other grow light types, LED lights don’t need a ballast. So, why is this?

Ballasts are intended to help cool down the lighting so it doesn’t overheat. LED lights are designed to not overwork so they don’t emit more heat and light than necessary. This in return means that they don’t need the help of a ballast to cool them down.


The GoGrow V3 Grow Light is one of the best LED grow lights on the market for a reason. Not only will it work to help keep your plants healthy and blooming constantly, but will also make your growing space a comfortable environment for your plants to be in. It comes with the helpful UV and IR light spectrums and also mixes low and high PAR values, all which will help your plants create a large harvest. If you’re looking for a grow light to use in your growing space, definitely be sure to check out the GoGrow V3.