Cinderella 99 Strain Review


The Cinderella 99 or C99 or Cindy 99 is a sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid that brings the users a cerebral and intense high while boosting your energy. This hybrid was bred by Mr Soul of Brothers Grimm and has become a sought after strain for growing and cultivation ever since.

History and Composition

The sativa-dominant hybrid strain with the princess vibe comprises 15% indica and 85% sativa. Despite its pretty name, the Cinderella 99 contains a relatively high THC content of around 20% to 22% and a CBD content of 1%.

This hybrid is a back-cross between the Cinderella 88 and Princess that stretches to three generations. The origins of the C99 came from Jack Herer F2 strain male seeds crossed with a Shiva Skunk female, and this was according to Mr. soul himself. This strain came from a complex hybridization and cultivation loop, but the efforts did not go to waste since the Cinderella 99 is indeed a good strain and a crowd-favorite.

Aesthetic and Flavor

The Cinderella 99 is a dense squat plant with classic colors brushing all over the plant. The shades come in a lovely light green with brassy orange-pink hairs as a coating. The buds themselves are very rich, thick, and are extremely sticky and tacky. The sugar leaves are coated beautifully with a crystalline layer that mimics frost and glistens brightly under the light.

This strain has two distinct fruity flavor phenotypes, the grapefruit and pineapple. The flavors will depend on which phenotype you will receive. Nevertheless, the C99 oozes with fruit, citrus, and earthy scents with a sweetness that overwhelms your taste buds right away. The smoke is incredibly smooth and hits the throat in the right spot very gently so that users will not experience a burning sensation afterwards. A flowery, fruity, and acrid note then lingers at the back of your tongue. Aside from the fruity sweetness this strain offers, the C99 has diesel and skunk notes as well.

Growing and Cultivating the C99

Many growers consider the Cinderella 99 as a fairy-tale strain because of the ease it shows when it comes to growing and cultivation. The C99 is developed to be grown indoors, but it can also be grown successfully outdoors. It is a low-maintenance and beginner-friendly crop, it is even resistant to most common plant diseases, molds, and pests. Despite its grower-friendly characteristics, the Cinderella 99 plants should still be monitored regularly and be well taken care of.

The plant itself is very short and never grows longer than a hundred centimeters, the main reason it is very suitable to be grown inside. This can be grown using hydroponics and soil growth methods as well. Indeed the C99 is very versatile. This strain can flourish healthily and flower easily in an outdoor environment, as long as the climate and other external factors allow.

The flowering period of the Cinderella 99 is short and takes only seven to nine weeks. Average yields are rather high, and outdoor yields range at 35 ounces per plant and indoor yields at around 17 ounces per square meter. This strains cultivation and growing experience show more pros than cons and result in great yields that are delicious and potent with many benefits.

Effects and Benefits

Since the C99 is a sativa dominant strain, they are best used during the day or during times that you need an extra dose of energy for added productivity and creativity. Users have said that this strain takes effect in just a matter of fifteen minutes, and it comes with a potent and high-packed punch. In lower doses, the effect of the C99 is breezy but is very uplifting and energizing. As higher doses are consumed, the effects become euphoric and give the user a cerebral high. When smoking the C99, there is a chance that you’ll be experiencing quite a head rush that more users long for.

The body high is not that prominent compared to the mental high the C99 brings, and users tend to experience overwhelming happiness, delight, and contentment. This strain uplifts the mood, indeed helping you toss the bad vibes away!

For patients who are medicinally using marijuana, the C99 is great, especially for patients who are dealing with mental and emotional disorders. This strain works well for those suffering from depression, anxiety, extensive mood swings, stress, and ADHD/ADD, and can even be used during the postpartum period. The Cinderella 99 is also effective for relieving pain, chronic fatigue disorder, migraines, muscle cramping, and inflammation.

Final Thoughts

The Cinderella 99 is truly a great sativa-dominant hybrid with complex roots. Despite its complex roots, this strain has gained a massive following from both medicinal and recreational users. People love this strain not only because of its potent effects and benefits but also because of its ease in cultivation and growing. The Cinderella 99 is indeed a fairy tale come true!