5 Best Worms Way Grow Tents in 2024

If you are a green thumb looking for an indoor growth system for your cannabis, don’t worry cause Worm’s Way got you! Worm’s Way is where you’ll find a host of tools for the organic indoor gardener. They have also been trusted and in business for more than twenty years offering expertise and products needed for hobby greenhouses, and other products related. This includes high-intensity indoor light sources and instructions for creating a custom light system. When it comes to starting your first indoor garden or grow tent, you might not be sure about what you should really invest in. But here at Marijuana Beginners, we are surely here to help you in every best way we can. worm's way

Worm’s Way

Worm’s Way, Inc. is one of the nation’s leading specialty distributors of indoor gardening supplies and equipment. They are one of the largest wholesalers of indoor, hydroponic and organic horticultural supplies in the United States. The Company provides a single-source solution to over 1,100 active retail customers with both prominent national brands. The Company has a history of strong organic growth. It is both a retail and wholesale distributor of indoor and traditional gardening supplies. Including hydroponic systems, grow lights and grow rooms, organic fertilizers, and a wide range of nutrients for your gardens. The Worm’s Way company is a 100% employee-owned company founded in 1985. They are proud to offer a wide array of innovative, high quality and earth-friendly products to satisfy your every gardening need—indoors and out, all year round!

Worm’s Way, Inc.

What is a Grow Tent?

A grow tent is a small indoor space that growers can use to put their plants in if they don’t want to plant outdoors. It can be a small area for one plant to grow or a large one that lets you walk into it. They are designed to mimic the outdoors, but without the bugs and excessive heat. 

Benefits of a Grow Tent

Why should you use a grow tent with your plants? What benefits will it bring to you? You might be surprised to learn that grow tents come with a variety of benefits. Below is more about them. 

They Help You Grow More Plants

One of the best benefits about grow tents is that they help you to grow more plants. This is because they provide you with more growing space. By doing so, you’ll be able to add more plants to your collection which can be beneficial in more ways than one. Because of this, they are ideal for those who want to add more plants to their current ones. 

They are Affordable

Another benefit about grow tents is that they are affordable. While some might come with a high price tag, most are very budget-friendly. This means that even those who are looking for something affordable can invest in a grow tent without worries. 

They are Durable

Despite their affordable price, grow tents are very durable. Most are made with high-quality materials which help to ensure they withstand heavy usage. Because of this, they’ll be able to last you for many years to come. 

What to Consider Before Buying a Grow Tent

Before you buy a grow tent, you’ll want to consider a few things. Below are some important aspects to keep in mind. 

The Size

You should always make sure that the grow tent will fit well in the area you plan to put it in. Make sure to always measure the area and then keep this important measurement in mind when out shopping. 

Insider Tip: if you are looking for a more comprehensive growing solution, then the hydroponic systems would be ideal and don’t forget about the required hydroponic nutrients

What it Includes

Another thing to look at is what the grow tent includes. For instance, does it come with materials, like dirt and fans, to help make starting out a bit easier. If it doesn’t, you might find yourself having to invest in more equipment. This can be both time-consuming and expensive. Because of this, always make sure it comes with basic equipment, like lights, to help make using your new grow tent a bit easier. 

If There are Personalization Features

While not every grow tent option will come with customizable features, it’s still a good idea to consider this. This way, you’ll be able to invest in a grow tent that matches your needs. Some personalization features that might be available include different grow tent colors, sizes, and extra vents or windows if you need them. 

If There’s Ventilation

An important thing to look for in a grow tent is if it has a ventilation system. This will help to keep your plants free from strong heat and from the grow heat overheating. These vents could come in the form of special slots in the sides or adjustable windows. Regardless of how a certain model uses them, it’s important to make sure it has them. 

Your Skill Level

It’s always a good idea to consider your skill level before buying any grow tent. For instance, if you’re a beginner, it might not be a good idea to invest in an expensive grow tent. This could make it a bit difficult to use and could even be confusing. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced grower, a pricier model might be good. This is because it will have all the features you need to grow many plants at once. Due to this, make sure to keep your skill level in mind when out shopping for a grow tent.

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Grow tents for a great indoor garden

Most grow tent kits already include the soil, containers, light, fan, filter, nutrients, reflectors and lens. So if you are looking to start or expand your garden, adding a Worm’s Way grow tent will be a brilliant idea. Owning a good grow tent is a very convenient and enjoyable way for growers. The use of the Worm’s Way tents allows Cannabis growers to have a discreet, clean, controllable, and adaptable growing area. Some growers may underestimate the need for adequate growing conditions. As we all know, plants need light, warmth, oxygen, and nutrients in specific quantities that can vary from plant to plant. In a perfect world, we’d automatically have these growing conditions—but that perfect growing conditions in the real world do not exist! For those who want to achieve the most ideal growing conditions, a grow tent package from Worm’s Way would be perfect.

Worm’s Way grow tents

Aside from the basic necessities included in the grow kit package, Worm’s Way also included useful accessories such as a timer and a digital hygro-thermometer. Their kits are also not difficult to assemble so you won’t have a hard time starting your indoor garden. The Worm’s Way grow tents are very effective in creating an ideal growing environment that can be controlled and even personalized. These grow tents are also great if you want to conceal and hide not only the sight but also the smell of your plants. They are made with a durable and high-quality material with metal poles—which are exponentially more durable than plastic so that your Cannabis will be protected from pests and any contaminants that may affect the quality of your product. Reflectors are also built inside these tents to increase light intensity without the need for extra volts.

Starting a grow tent

Assemble Grow Tent

Most tents are built similarly and have more or less similar steps in putting up too. The Worm’s Way grow tent is also basically set up through assembling the frame and putting on the cloth. Those are just the main steps in assembling the tent. Other than that you may need to attach certain add-ons that may not take a lot of time to do. The ease of assembling a tent also depends on the size. So if you are setting up a big one, always remember that you can ask for help.

Grow Light Setup

Some people may think that putting up the grow light is a very hard task, but no. Setting your grow light is as simple and easy as setting up your holders, attaching the hood, and organizing your wiring to neatly go outside to your timer and plugs. Note: Using LED grow lights is much easier. You just need to simply attach your holders to your fixture and you’re good to go. You have it a lot easier too since you don’t need such powerful ventilation thanks to the relatively cool output and operation of most LED grow lights. If you are not sure of what LED grow light to choose, read this post


Ventilation is a very important component when it comes to indoor weed growing. If you need to keep your home or environment smell-free, you might need to have a carbon filter. Carbon filters are designed to keep the air clean and free of odors. But if the smell will not bother you, or if you are living alone or with no nearby neighbors, a carbon filter will not be necessary. Also, make sure that there will be enough exterior cool air to possible cool it without additional air conditioning. Quick tip, fans are more efficient when used to pull air, instead of pushing.

Dialing In & Safety Scan

The most important part of a grow tent set up is dialing in. Dialing in is all about figuring out and finding a balance between your environmental factors, like airflow, humidity, heat and so on that can affect your equipment in order to keep your grow tent running a constant environment. This is also the time to test your equipment and run it for a while, make sure you put your environmental meters within the appropriate range. After dialing in, you have to make sure everything is securely fastened and not prone to fall. It is okay to give your tent a slight shake to check if everything is safely placed and intact. Remember that when running a grow tent, you’re the weather. Find the settings you can most easily keep stable and be able to comfortably work with.

All set!

After setting everything up, choosing the appropriate growth medium or the hydroponic system will be next.  Also, choose the Cannabis seeds that are of great quality. It is also important that you will be able to adequately take care of your plants. Take note that plants are living things that require nutrients, water, and oxygen regularly. Watch your Cannabis grow and continually learn and improve your plant growing skills.

Why grow weed indoors?

Being able to grow Cannabis indoors will allow you to produce buds that are of high quality. They are also often better than those grown outdoors. When you grow them indoors, you get to establish and create an environment that is not bound by the weather, the seasons, the length of the days, and other environmental factors. Growing your marijuana in a grow kit or grow tent with appropriate grow lights allows you to be in control. You get to control all aspects and factors that affect your plants’ growing environment. With this, you get to tailor these factors according to the needs of the weeds you are growing. Being in control and providing the appropriate environment will help you maximize yields, speed up grow cycles and to some extent control the characteristics of the final product.

Assembling the kit

The Worm’s Way grow kits are easy enough to assemble that you might not need a step-by-step and detailed instruction. However, there are no instructions included for the setup of the light-fan-filter combination, so you’ll have to look online to find those. For the whole grow tent, the setup is pretty much standard and simple. Once assembled, the kit is basically an all-in-one system so you can get the most from your money, and upgrades are totally possible. If you plan to attach the fan to both the filter and the light, which would be the ideal setup, you will need to buy an additional reducer adaptor as this product only contains one.

Complete Grow Kits by Worm’s Way


Besides seeds or clones, you’ll need sufficient light, water, airflow, temperature control, and nutrients, along with a place to protect your plants. One of the best options is the complete grow tent package by Worm’s Way. Once you have grown your crops inside the tent, you’ll understand what’s so important about it! The main thing is the ability to keep light and odors inside. It is ideal for stealth growing, also if the tent shares a room with you. It also helps keep pests out and keep light out when needed. In other words, the Worm’s Way grows tents provides an environment you can control to help you get the most out of your Cannabis. Their grow tents are durable darkrooms with reflective interiors. This helps in focusing the maximum amount of light on your plants and avoid external environment. Cannabis needs a lot of light.

Worm’s Way 3 x 3 Complete Grow Kit

This tent is 3′ x 3′, so expect to be able to grow up to 6 plants comfortably. Maybe more. But it all depends how you train your plants and set up the containers—remember, you’ll need a bit of room to work in too. This is great for new owners and growers who want to start small. this kit is designed to offer beginners who have done basic research a simple, easy, and satisfying growing experience

What’s inside:

This kit includes: Secret Jardin DARKROOM 3.0 DR90, 35″ x 35″ x 79″, Kind Led L600 grow light. Dura Series Fan 6″ 400 cfm, Sunleaves DuraFilter 6″. Sunleaves Duct Kit 6″ x 25′ w/ 2 Clamps, Digital Min/Max Hygro-Thermometer. Sunleaves Rope Ratchets 2 pack, Blueprint EZGrow Timer 120V BET-1, 6″ clip mount Fan and fan speed controller.

Worm’s Way 4 x 4 Complete Grow Kit

This kit is best if you’re a new grower looking for a complete grow kit capable of growing up to 12 cannabis plants. The 4×4 package is an all-in-one solution that would help a new grower get started without needing to spend a lot of time researching all the best equipment and buying it from different vendors. You can be sure that all the components have been chosen and tested to work perfectly together. If you’re ready to try growing for the first time, the Worm’s Way kit is an easy way to begin. All you’ll need are the pots for your plants and some soil.

What’s inside:

This kit includes Secret Jardin DARKROOM 3.0 DR240. 4-foot wide by 6.5 foot tall grow tent. 4 Kind Led XL750 grow lights. Dura Series Fan 8″ 745 cfm, Sunleaves DuraFilter 8″, Sunleaves Duct Kit w/ 2 Clamps. Digital Min/Max Hygro-Thermometer, 4 Sunleaves Rope Ratchets 2 pack. 2 Blueprint EZGrow Timer 120V BET-1, Wall Mount Fans. DuraBreeze Duct Fan.

Worm’s Way 5 x 5 Complete Grow Kit

The 5×5 grow kit will still work best even for beginners who plan to expand. This one will also yield more Cannabis with the same high-quality plants. You can be sure that all the components included and have been chosen and tested to work perfectly together. If you’re ready to try your first expansion in growing, the Worm’s Way 5×5  kit is an easy way to proceed with.

What’s inside:

5′ x 5′ Grow Tent, AgroLED Dio-Watt 1440 Full Spectrum Low Pro 865 Watt LED Grow Light, 120/240V Gale Force 6″ Inline Fan. Black Ops Carbon Filter 6″ x 16″, 400 CFM. Ideal Air Variable Fan Speed Controller, Hurricane Classic Series Clip Fan, 6″, Ideal-Air Silver/Black Flex Ducting 6 in x 25 ft. HBX 1/8″ Heavy Duty Light Hangers (2 Per Pack), Ideal Air Stainless Steel Hose Clamps 6 in, Pack of 2. HBX Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer, HBX 7-Day Grounded Dual Outlet Digital Timer, DuraBreeze Duct Fan

Worm’s Way 8 x 8 Complete Grow Kit

Just like its smaller versions, Worm’s Way offers you this complete 8×8 setup. This one also has practically everything you need to create a flourishing garden indoors. The 8×8 is great for those who have already experienced growing Cannabis in tents. The components included in this grow kit surely work well, and will effectively help you in producing a high yield of great quality marijuana.

What’s inside:

This kit includes: Secret Jardin DARKROOM 3.0 DR240, 94″ x 94″ x 79″,4 Kind Led XL750 grow lights. Dura Series Fan 8″ 745 cfm, Sunleaves DuraFilter 8″. Sunleaves Duct Kit 8″ x 25′ w/ 2 Clamps, Digital Min/Max Hygro-Thermometer. 4 Sunleaves Rope Ratchets 2 pack, 2 Blueprint EZGrow Timer 120V BET-1. 4 16″ Wall Mount Fans, DuraBreeze Duct Fan, 8″, 210 Cf.

Worm’s Way 10 x 10 Complete Grow Kit

What’s inside:

This kit includes: High Rise 10′ x 10′ Grow Tent, K5 1000 Watt LED Grow Light. Gale Force 8″ Inline Fan, Covert Carbon Filter 8″ x 24″. HBX Variable Fan Speed Controller. Hurricane Classic Series Clip Fan 6”. Easy Flow Premium Black-Inside Foil Ducting with (2) Clamps, 8″, 25 Ft. HBX 1/8″ Heavy Duty Light Hangers. HBX Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer. Titan Controls Helios 2 – 4 Light 120 Volt Controller w/ Trigger Cord. HBX 7-Day Grounded Dual Outlet Digital Timer.


Benefits of Using a Worm’s Way Grow Tent

While grow tents in general have their own benefits, there are plenty of others that come with specifically using a Worm’s Way Grow Tent.

Affordable and relatively cheap

The prices of the average grow tent are truly affordable. Setting up a grow space to have all the same characteristics – reflective walls, airtight vents, light proof, waterproof, etc. can easily cost the same amount or more. Plus it’s difficult to DIY space so that it works as well as a grow tent and it will often take more time, planning, effort, and money than simply buying a pre-made tent.

Odor reduction and a stealthy move

A perfectly assembled grow tent prevents odor from escaping. the tent when set up properly. Grow tents can also be easily be tucked away in a big closet or the corner of a room without necessarily drawing a whole lot of attention. The tent’s enclosed design it creates an integrated system with an air purification device. Grow tents are proven to lower odors as well. And we all know that marijuana plants release a strong odor so roommates and/or next-door neighbors could dislike the strong odors originating from your indoor marijuana garden. Fortunately, grow tents dramatically reduce the odor by trapping the odor inside of the tent and then filters the air through their filtration system.

Easy setup

Assembling your grow tent and getting completely set up to start growing will take about an afternoon and can be done by just about anyone. The Worm’s Way grow tent  does not even need an instruction manual for you to set it up. Overall, the work of setting up a tent is as easy as putting up a dresser or a cabinet. It can also be easily put up by just one adult.

Continuous harvest and protection from pests

Grow tents work very well if you want to keep two separate grow spaces, for example, if you wanted a separate vegetative and flowering chamber for a perpetual harvest. Grow tents create a completely self-enclosed environment that can be managed separately. Also, perpetual harvest is possible because your plants are protected from pests. Grow tents get to protect plants from bugs because of their enclosed design. However, there’s always a chance that some can contaminate your garden because of unclean gardening practices or other reasons. But worry not because with grow tents, these can all be kept to a minimum or eliminated if proper precautions are taken when gardening and working with your marijuana plants.

Controlled environment

When using a grow tent, you get to control the environment in which your plants grow in. They can effectively circulate air very well. This gives fresh air to your marijuana plants that contain the carbon dioxide needed for strong, healthy growth. Grow tents are designed so you can use a carbon-filter air purification devices. The light is also another important marijuana growth factor that you get to control. With a grow tent, you can maximize and also reflect your lighting. Marijuana growing tents are lined with a reflective material that ensures that your lighting is utilized very well. When the grow light is turned on, it reflects light back and forth on the wall surfaces to the plants, providing better lighting for your plants to grow. When using a grow tent you will not have to worry about the season or sudden weather changes.

How to Keep Your Grow Tent Clean

Eventually, you might find that you need to wipe out your grow tent. This could be due to dirt in it or maybe some water stains. Below are some tips to keep in mind when it comes time to clean your grow tent. 

Use a Damp Cloth

Sometimes taking a damp cloth and rubbing it over the sides of the tent can help to keep it clean. This will remove dirt and other stains from it which could make it look unsightly. 

Use Bleach if There’s Mold

If you find that your grow tent has spots of mold or mildew on it, you’ll want to make sure to clean it immediately. To do so, you’ll first want to remove all plants and equipment inside the tent. Then, spray some bleach on the affected areas. Let this sit for a few minutes and then do a quick wipe down of it. The bleach will help to kill off these mold spores while making your grow tent look brand new again. 

Watch for Bug Infestations

While most grow tents are now equipped to prevent bugs from developing in them, sometimes some might make it through. Because of this, if you see some bugs, like spider mites, you’ll want to quickly clean the grow tent out. You can do this by removing all the equipment inside and then doing a wipe down of the area. Growers can use bleach or hydrogen peroxide to help destroy any bugs inside the tent. 

If you happen to have gloves or equipment in the tent, make sure to clean these as well. If you don’t, there might be spider mites on them and will once again spread through your grow tent.


Some people think to grow tents are not an essential item when it comes to starting your own indoor garden. Yes, it is certainly possible to grow plants indoors without making use of one. Yet, grow tents provide several crucial benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. Whether you are growing fruits, veggies, flowers or any other type of plant, utilizing a growing tent creates a more suitable and controlled environment for your plants. Making them more healthy and produce a higher yield and perpetual harvest.