Dark Purple Weed Strains


There is no secret that weed strains that are dark purple colored are one the most popular ones out there. It is true that the green or dark green weed strains are still extremely popular; however, more and more cannabis connoisseurs who have become fascinated with purple cannabis because of its gorgeous color. Various cannabis strains grow to become purple, which is primarily noticeable on their leaves and buds. Breeders and cannabis users have claimed that dark purple strains are very potent and have very impressive sedative and relaxing effects.

If you are curious about how these fantastic cannabis strains show up in gorgeous and dark purple, then you are on the right page. This post will be centered on the different dark purple weed strains and the things you need to know about them.

Colors of the weed – Dark purple strains

We all know that dark-coloured varieties of cannabis strains can hold an impressive amount of potency. Anthocyanins, which will be discussed below, is the compound that is responsible for this type of color in weed. These anthocyanins have an affinity for CB1 and CB2 receptors that may contribute to the entourage effect. This could mean that the dark purple color of your cannabis can play a role in the selection when a medicinal cannabis user finds that a certain color relates to a preferred health benefit or effect.

What makes weed purple – Anthocyanins

Similar to blue weed strains, anthocyanins are also the reason why cannabis may appear purple. Apart from cannabis, many other plants do not appear green, which means many other plants can come off in different colors. These colors can range from orange to red, blue to purple, brown to black, and all many shades in between. Cannabis plants that appear to be purple are due to anthocyanins which are the very dominant pigments in this particular group of strains.

Typically, plants only express anthocyanins in specific circumstances. For example, anthocyanin production is very rich in fruits. In some other types of plants, anthocyanins are expressed in large amounts in cold weather, making certain plants appear purple or deep blue. Sometimes genetically modified plants are made to produce anthocyanins more than they usually do.

Certain cannabis strains genetically boosted with anthocyanins can be induced to turn dark purple under certain growth conditions. Your cannabis strains that already have a purple tinge will appear darker if grown in colder areas since a significant drop in temperature can result in stress that causes weed, especially the buds and flowers, to turn dark purple.

Best dark purple weed strains

Granddaddy purple

The overall GDP or Granddaddy purple is one of the crowd-favourites. This strain is known for its potent effects and the long-lasting high that it can offer. All thanks to its indica roots, the GDP is a strain that can definitely provide relaxing effects that can effectively calm your nerves and relax your body and mind. With a THC level of up to 23%, the GDP is relatively intense, that novice users might be overwhelmed. So, take it easy when you are using this strain and always remember to start at low doses.

Purple Haze

A hybrid cross of the Purple Thai and Haze, Purple Haze is an impressively unique sativa dominant cannabis strain. The Purple Haze is often used by people who want to boost their energy levels and significantly improve focus. The Purple Haze is loved by most cannabis users and seasoned cannabis growers since this strain is straightforward to cultivate. This strain boasts a THC level of 20%, with a remarkable ability to improve while alleviating anxiety, stress, and ADHD symptoms.

Purple Kush

This indica strain which boasts frosty yet deep purple buds, looks very interesting to many cannabis users. The Purple Kush has potent relaxing effects that will help you feel calm and sleepy. With a THC level of 22%, this strain can be rich in producing a pleasant euphoric effect when smoked. This strain can be grown quickly both indoors and outdoors, so this strain is very popular among cannabis growers.

Purple Widow

The Purple Widow is another sought-after and well0known cannabis strain in the whole world. This strain is the offspring of two great strains, the Purple Widow and the White Widow strains. As an indica-leaning hybrid strain, the Purple Widow can provide you with a trippy effect combined with a relaxing yet energizing high. The THC level of this strain ranges from 19% to 22%, which is quite impressive. This strain is known to help in relieving inflammation, stress, and even anxiety.

Purple Power

If you are a fan of the GDP strain, then you will surely love Purple Power. This strain is derived from Skunk#1 and Dutch Dope strains and comes with a striking dark purple color. The Purple Power is meant to be grown in cooler climates and grown both indoors and outdoors. This strain is relatively easy to grow, so there is no need to worry if you are a novice grower. This is a well-balanced strain that can help you relax while alleviating symptoms of pain, anxiety, and stress. Purple Power’s THC levels can come up to about 22%, which is quite intense.

Purple Afghani

This purple beauty is derived from the Kush strains from Afghanistan and Pakistan; that is why it is very much used to grow in a warm environment. The Purple Afghani is a reasonably strong strain despite its THC content of about 15% to 18%. This strain is mostly indica, which offers a good deal of relaxation while promoting better sleep. Purple Afghani can also be used to help manage pain and even post-traumatic stress disorder.

Purple Urkle

This medicinal marijuana boasts a THC level of 21%, making it a very potent strain that helps the user relax. The Purple Urkle is highly known for its ability to manage various conditions that can range from physical pain to mental issues such as mood disorders, severe anxiety, and chronic stress. This nearly pure indica strain is straightforward to cultivate; even inexperienced users have no difficulties working with this strain.

Sour Grape

This strain tastes like what it is named after, sour grapes. The Sour Grape strain is a cross between Sour Diesel and GDP, with a THC content of up to 19%. This strain is perfect for relaxing without too much sedation. This strain works well for people who are suffering from stress and muscle tension. The Sour Grape is genuinely a good strain for someone who likes a sour yet fruity flavor and aroma.

Grape Skunk

The Grape Skunk is an indica dominant strain that is a combination of three extraordinary strains, namely Super Skunk, Blueberry, and Grapefruit. Along with its name, the Grape Skunk has a very skunky and strong odor perfectly combined with berries and earth. The THC levels of this strain come up to only 14%, making this the perfect strain if you want to achieve peaceful calmness and relaxation. The Grape Skunk can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Purple Trainwreck

This badass strain is also known as Granddaddy Trainwreck and is a hybrid made by crossing Trainwreck and Mendocino Purps. The Purple Trainwreck is famous for providing a stimulating and cerebral high that is anchored in physical relaxation. This strain boasts a rich aroma of bright citrus, pine, and lavender. Several medical marijuana users turn to this strain to help them with anxiety, stress, and sleep disorders. The THC level of this strain comes up to only 16%.

Cultivation Insights on Dark Purple Weed

  • Unique Aesthetics: Dark purple strains are a rarity compared to the more common green varieties. This unique coloring can make growing these strains more intriguing and rewarding.
  • Growing Techniques: Achieving the intense purple color requires specific growing skills. Factors like temperature, lighting, and the plant’s genetic makeup play crucial roles. For instance, cooler night temperatures during the growing process can enhance the purple pigmentation.
  • Indica Dominance: Many purple strains are indica-dominant, offering a more sedative and relaxing effect. This makes them suitable for evening use or for those seeking relief from stress and pain.

Final thoughts on dark purple weed strains

Purple is indeed a pretty color; that is why it’s no surprise that dark purple cannabis strains are becoming popular among users and cultivators. We know that some may have a color preference of their own and might choose colored ones like purple, red, or blue more than the essential greens. But whatever color you choose, cannabis is indeed a reliable healing plant with countless health benefits and wonderful effects. You only have to use and consume it properly.