How To Determine THC Content In Edibles


Many marijuana users enjoy a delicious bite of cannabis-infused edibles, so much so that they’d rather make these THC snacks in their kitchen. The only problem with preparing homemade edibles is how difficult it is to measure the exact dosage needed. You are either making a snack that’s way too strong, or you don’t feel anything at all after even after a couple of bites.

Creating your own edibles is very exciting. If you need tips on how to create the best THC edibles, read How To Make Thc Edibles

Edibles are one of the best ways to enjoy cannabis. Determining the amount of cannabis needed for an edible is not as simple as smoking. You could smoke a half-gram joint and feel okay, but an edible infused with a half gram may have a stronger effect on you. There’s really no way to determine how potent your end product will be without a lab; this is why we have provided you with easy ways to calculate how much cannabis you need for your edibles. Making edibles is about to get so much fun and rewarding for you.

Why Is It Important to Determine THC Content in Edibles?

It is pretty important to calculate the THC dosage in your edibles when making them, mainly because edibles produce very overwhelming side effects that may take a long time to hit. You may end up eating a bit too much, leaving you in a very unpleasant and uncomfortable state. To avoid this, you have to carefully calculate the THC dosage you use each time you’re making an edible.

Since edibles are more potent than smoked or vaped THC, you’ll need significantly smaller doses to get the effect you’re hoping for. You can’t use the same amount of cannabis you smoke to make an edible; you may like getting very stoned when you smoke weed, but with edibles, the equivalent high would leave you very overwhelmed. People who smoke weed obviously have a higher tolerance to edibles, but if you are trying an edible for the first time, you need to tread lightly.

Tools for Determining THC Content in Edibles

Determining the THC content needed in edibles can be very complicated; you need a few tools to help you correctly calculate the exact amount required.

Online Edibles Calculators

Online edible calculators are one of the easiest ways to help you figure out how potent your infusions are. Although they are not a hundred percent accurate, they give you an idea of how much THC is in your edibles.

Cannabis Potency Device

Having a cannabis potency device is almost as good as having a lab testing equipment in your kitchen. Most of these devices are easy to use; all you need to do is put the infusion in the featured tray and push it into the device. In no time, the device tells you how much THC or CBD is inside your infusion. It also helps to determine how much cannabis you need for each edible.

Ways to Calculate THC Content in Edibles

Here is an easy formula to help calculate the potency of your homemade cannabis edibles

Using a batch of cannabutter

Cannabutter is a combination of cannabis and butter and is mostly used in the preparation of edibles.

  1. Determine the grams of cannabis used to make the cannabutter and multiply this by 1000 to convert milligrams.
  2. Find out the THC percentage of the cannabis you want to use. Multiply that percentage by the weight of the flower in milligrams.
  3. The result from the first two steps is the total milligrams of cannabis in the whole batch. Divide that number by the number of pieces you want to cut that batch into. This gives you an estimate of the dosage of THC in each piece of edible.

For example, if you want to use 5g of cannabis with 10% THC; here’s how to determine the dosage

  1. 5g x 1,000 = 5000mg
  2. 5000 X 10% = 500mg
  3. Divide batch into 10 pieces: 500mg/10 = 50mg per piece.

Using Distillate

Making edibles with distillate can be a bit tricky, but it is one of the easiest ways to make your own edibles. Follow the steps below to calculate THC dosage in edibles using distillate:

  1. Determine the volume of distillate you want to use in mg, make sure it is in milligram, not gram, and multiply it by the THC percentage of the distillate.
  2. Divide your answer in the first step by the number of pieces you are dividing that batch into.

If you use 500mg of distillate with 90% THC

  1. 500mg x 90% = 450mg
  2. Divide batch into 10 pieces: 450mg/10= 45mg per piece


If you are just getting into cannabis edibles, it’s advisable to start slow and with smaller doses. Also, pace yourself when eating edibles; give it a little time to kick in before consuming more.

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