How to Stop Twitching When High? – Why do I Shake When I Smoke Weed?


There may be times when you happen to be lounging around your sofa and enjoying your weed, then suddenly your arm, leg, or even parts of your face begins to twitch. If you are completely new to this, the tremors, twitching, we understand that they might freak you out. But worry not because we are here to help you understand why this twitching and shakes happen, what causes them, and how to deal with them effectively.

Cannabis Shakes

What you are experiencing when you twitch or experience tremors is commonly referred to as “the shakes” or cannabis shakes. This commonly happens after you consume or use weed. If you are primarily concerned that these shakes will become a long-term problem or will require serious treatment for it to go away, don’t stress, they are generally not a big deal. Cannabis shakes tend to go away on their own and will not pose a serious health issue.

Cannabis has already established a reliable safety profile and has been considered the safest drug to date. Studies have shown that the twitches and shaking that you experience with cannabis are relatively harmless and very common. They also tend to disappear and subside on their own.

What causes shaking when smoking weed?

Shaking when using weed may feel very scary, annoying and strange, but it helps to keep in mind that there is nothing harmful about it, and it will eventually end. Knowing and understanding the reasons why they happen will also help you stay calm and relaxed. The main reasons you experience cannabis shakes are anxiety, cold environment, stimulants, and too much THC.


It is a common knowledge that weed can contribute to the onset of paranoia and anxiety, and some people, especially those with underlying mental conditions, are more susceptible. However, with the updated journals and new studies made, there is now a better understanding of the benefits of cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. It is good to note that CBD works much better when it comes to anxiety, and too much THC might cause discomfort rather than a cure.

If you are diagnosed and have been experiencing anxiety attacks, your pre-existing condition might be the primary reason for the tremors and twitching. THC can amplify anxiety, and if you are shaking in certain areas such as head, feet, hands, and back, there is a high chance that anxiety is contributing to the shakes. Once you experience this, and if you like an anxiety attack is looming, immediately stop smoking and carry out breathing exercises to help bring your anxiety under control, breathing in some fresh air can greatly help.

Cold environment

If you are not anxious or nervous but is still experiencing cannabis shakes, it might be because of the cold environment. Cannabis can significantly lower your body temperature and cause “THC-induced hypothermia”, but there is no need to worry since this is not life-threatening at all. You may just need to change locations, turn off the air conditioner or turn the heater on. A warm and fluffy blanket might do the trick too!


During weed sessions, it is common for the users to roll in a bit of tobacco into the joint. Tobacco contains nicotine, a stimulant capable of boosting dopamine levels and excites the nervous system. This boost is the very reason why people add tobacco to their joint. However, this highly contributes to the twitching and tremors during smoking. If you have been doing this for a certain period of time and experiencing shakes, this might be because of over-stimulation and not the cannabis itself. Other medications, such as narcotics can also cause over-stimulation, coffee, tea, caffeine, and energy drinks.

Too high levels of THC

If you are a newbie who has just started using cannabis, make sure you aren’t using too much of what your body can handle. Commonly, people experience cannabis shakes because they may be consuming way too much THC. Ensure that you are consuming just the right amount and avoid going overboard with cannabis if you want to have a comfortable and chill session.

How to deal with involuntary twitching, tremors, and shaking?

Be comfortable in your environment.

To ease you out from the discomfort of cannabis shakes, remember to focus on the things you can control. Choose or be in a setting that would make you feel at ease and comfortable. Your environment will play a significant role in your emotional state, more so when psychoactive substances are in to play. Make it a point that you should be in a place where you feel safe, comfortable, and warm when you smoke weed. That would mean being in a room all by yourself or with a few companies you could feel relaxed with. You can take place a lot more comfortable by dimming the lights or playing your favorite movie or music while being cozied up by your favorite blanket or hoodie.

Move around and take deep breaths.

If you feel like the tremors or shakes start, make it go away easily by moving around and distracting yourself. Switching positions will greatly help too, and you might want to stand up or lie down, whichever will be better for you. Moving and doing controlled breathing exercises will help you calm down and ground yourself so you can focus on being grounded again instead of your building anxiety and tremors. Doing a good stretch or walking will also help you warm and relax your tensed and twitching muscles.

Avoid using or consuming stimulants.

As mentioned above, stimulants also contribute to the twitching and shaking that you experience when smoking weed. If you have been a fan of combining weed and tobacco, maybe it will be a great idea to cut down on the tobacco and observe if it will help lessen the shakes or make it go away completely. We also suggest that you avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, soda, and other energy drinks. If you really need something to go with your weed, there are other awesome tobacco alternatives that you can use.

Switch strains

A major contributor to your cannabis shakes can be, of course, the strain that you are working with. If you have been experiencing too much cannabis shakes with your current strain, you might want to look into others with higher CBD content and lesser THC. Generally, there are two main types of cannabis strains, the indica and sativa ones. The sativa-dominant ones are more stimulating and might induce anxiety compared to the indica-dominant strains. Indica-dominant strains are great at keeping cannabis shakes at bay.

Have yourself some CBD

A THC level that is too high for you is also possible for the uncontrollable shakes and tremors you are experiencing. If this is the case, you might want to look for high CBD products or those products only containing pure CBD, also referred to as CBD isolate. CBD has no intoxicating and psychoactive effects and has been proven to be effective against the side-effects of THC. It also has anxiolytic properties, which means that CBD effectively combat anxiety, and surely there are tons of CBD products to choose from. If it is a bit late for you to switch and you are already high, choose a CBD to isolate product such as tinctures that are of good quality and apply a few drops sublingually, and that should do the trick. Other CBD products also include gummies or edibles, vape oils, CBD tinctures, and capsules.

How long will the “cannabis shakes” last?

As previously mentioned, there is no need to worry since the tremors and shakes will not last for a long time. However, the duration can be lengthened due to factors such as the cannabis dosage and the method of administration you used. When smoking or vaping cannabis, the shakes should last for quite a few minutes to almost an hour. If you took edibles, or just had too much, the shakes and twitching will last longer, but still, there is no need to worry since it will not even last a day.

If the shakings will not stop despite the recommended remedies, and you suspect that there might be other contributing factors such as an underlying condition or something else may be happening, please do consult a professional. You must have yourself checked by a physician or cannabis-informed healthcare professional. You must listen to your body, make certain adjustments if necessary, and remember not to push yourself too much.

Strain recommendations to lessen “cannabis shakes.”

If you are growing your own weed, make sure that you are working with the strains that you are already comfortable with. CBD heavy strains and the indica-dominant ones are recommended to avoid “cannabis shakes. Look for strains with a low THC and high CBD content, since CBD is an effective aid against anxiety, therefore helping you do away with anxiety-induced tremors and shaking.

If you still want to feel quite of a kick and buzz, you might want to choose a strain that comes with low THC level paired with medium CBD as well. This type of strain will not give you too much of a high, especially with the CBD content, you will be able to manage your mood and anxiety while staying relaxed and chill.

Strains with a mid-range THC and CBD will suit those seasoned stoners who prefer more kick while still enjoying the benefits of CBD. Having the mid-range ones will let you have reasonably high THC levels and keep it manageable through its high CBD content.

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CBD products that can help with the twitching and shaking

CBD comes in a variety of products like oils or tinctures, edibles, capsules, lotions, vape oils, etc. But the recommended CBD products to use when it comes to relieving shakes and tremors only include edibles, oils, and vaporized CBD.

CBD oils are commonly used since they are fast-acting and a little drop will go a long way. If you are already starting to get high and the twitching and tremors are coming in, you will just have to put a few drops under the tongue and wait for it to work. But if you tend to hate the texture or feel of oil in your mouth, you can turn to edibles or gummies. They may take quite a while to affect oils and tinctures, but they can still do the job.

Another fast-acting way to get CBD into your system is through vaping or smoking. Vaporized CBD can manifest immediate effects since the CBD directly goes to the bloodstream through the lungs. Therefore, it bypasses the digestive system, saving time for the CBD to work. Another plus for CBD vapes is that they are commonly THC free so they won’t add up to your twitching. CBD oils for vaping also come in various flavors that you can choose from.

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Here are various ways to manage or prevent “Weed Shake”:

  1. Move Around and Breathe Deeply: Engaging in physical activity like moving around, stretching, or walking and practicing deep breathing exercises can help reduce anxiety and tremors.
  2. Avoid Stimulants: Consuming cannabis along with stimulants such as tobacco or caffeine can exacerbate shaking. It’s advisable to reduce the intake of these stimulants when using cannabis.
  3. Switch Cannabis Strains: Different strains of cannabis have varying effects. Opting for strains with higher CBD and lower THC, particularly indica strains, might help in reducing the likelihood of shaking.
  4. Use CBD Products: CBD can counteract the side effects of THC, including shaking, due to its anxiolytic properties. Using CBD products can be particularly effective in cases of overconsumption of THC.
  5. Mindful Consumption: Being aware of the amount of cannabis you consume is important. Overconsumption of THC is a common cause of weed shakes, especially for beginners or those with low tolerance.
  6. Create a Comfortable Environment: The environment plays a significant role in your cannabis experience. Choose a comfortable and familiar setting to minimize external stimuli that may contribute to over-stimulation.
  7. Stay Hydrated and Well-Nourished: Ensuring you are well-hydrated and have eaten before consuming cannabis can help mitigate the effects of over-stimulation.
  8. Consider Medical Factors: If you have pre-existing medical conditions or are taking certain medications, these can interact with cannabis and cause shaking. Consulting with a healthcare professional is advisable in such cases.
  9. Manage Low Blood Sugar: If low blood sugar is contributing to the shakes, eating a snack can help stabilize your blood sugar levels.
  10. When to See a Doctor: If tremors persist or are more severe than usual, it’s recommended to consult a doctor to rule out other health factors.

Final thoughts

If you are someone who smokes for medical reasons or who just do it for recreational purposes, or someone who smokes just a little every now and then, there will be tons of reasons why you might be experiencing “cannabis shakes” one day. But always remember that there is no need to panic and worry since the tremors will be gone before you know it. The shakes and tremors are truly overwhelming and annoying, but there are things you can do about it. As long as you keep your cool, stay relaxed, and focus, the shakes will completely diminish, and you’ll be completely fine.