HTG Supply Bubble Brothers Hydroponic System Review


If you have a goal of achieving an above-average result for your cannabis plants, then you have chosen to read the right post. The HTG Supply Bubble Brothers hydroponic system is one of the most convenient and self-contained cannabis hydroponic systems that is a breeze to work with and operate. This hydroponic system is also very economical to maintain, and highly functional, so many growers have their eyes on this system.

Working and growing cannabis might not be an easy task. Still, with the right supplies and materials like this HTG Supply Bubble Brothers hydroponic system, cannabis growing can now indeed become a lot more convenient and even fun too. With this super-efficient hydroponic system, you can look forward to better yields, faster plant growth and development, as well an improved quality of your flowers and buds.

This review will introduce you to this incredible hydroponic system and hopefully convince you to get one.


About the HTG Supply Bubble Brothers Hydroponic System, and why it is good

This hydroponic system from HTG Supply is definitely one of the most popular systems in the cannabis growing industry. For this reason, this is definitely the best hydroponic grow kit that you can get your hands on, which will help you achieve professional and optimum results. If you are having worries about cannabis growing because you are a beginner or simply do not have a green thumb, you do not have to worry at all with the Bubble Brothers.

Hydroponics is one of the most convenient methods that a cannabis grower can try. Additionally, the HTG Supply Bubble Brothers hydroponic system is straightforward to maintain, plus it is straightforward and economical too. With the help of this system, you can surely enjoy a better yield and more high-quality cannabis products.

When it comes to deep water culture, aeration is considered to be the key to its performance. This is why the Bubble Brothers hydroponic system has a large type of commercially-categorized pumps combined with premium air stones. These features have become an edge compared to the other units since they can promote better diffusion with increased oxygenation required for healthy plant growth.

The HTG Supply Bubble Brothers hydroponic system can easily accommodate six medium-sized plants. This hydroponic system comes with high-quality pebbles plus detailed instructions and hydro tips that can help you.

The components of this hydroponic system include six buckets and six lids as well. It has a 950 gph high-power commercial air pump with a six-way divider and comes with premium air stones. The set comes with a 50’ roll and a ¼” air tubing.

Key features of the HTG Supply Bubble Brothers Hydroponic System

Many growers love the Bubble Brothers hydroponic system because of its unique features, and we are going to share them with you.

  • Features six 3.5 gallon buckets that are space-saving and powered by commercial air pumps. They have six ways divider and six net pot lid and comes with high-quality air stones and air tubing.
  • This hydroponic system comes with ten liters of clay pebbled grow medium of premium quality.
  • The air pump operates electrically, with 42 amps at its 120V and 41 watts. The buckets, when assembled, measure at about 8′ tall and 12″ wide. The assembly instructions of this setup are practical, easy to follow, and straightforward.


  • This hydroponic system is highly functional, yet it comes at a very affordable price.
  • Very easy and straightforward to set up and will definitely require only little to no tools at all.
  • The system has RhizoCore bucket lids that boast a super-aerated center channel to ensure perfect oxygen and solution flow for healthy cannabis plant production.
  • The HTG Supply Bubble Brothers Hydroponic System boasts a tremendous deep water culture system that is genuinely able to last for a very long period of time.
  • Made to be extremely sturdy and durable to help you effectively grow cannabis plants for months and months.
  • This hydroponic system is useful in providing increased oxygenation and diffusion so that your cannabis plants can bloom and flourish.
  • Very economical to operate and maintain.


  • There may be instances when the water in the hydroponic system will have problems flowing. When this happens, you might want to check on your water system thoroughly.
  • Cleaning this hydroponic system can become a bit intricate and taxing.

Final thoughts

If you are an avid indoor cannabis grower and looking for nothing but the best hydroponic system, we got it for you! The HTG Supply Bubble Brothers hydroponic system‘ is definitely one of the best out there and will never disappoint. This hydroponic system is very highly-functional and boasts excellent efficiency in providing your cannabis plants with the best hydroponic growing system that they need.

We hope that this review has dramatically helped you understand how this hydroponic system works and, fortunately, has helped you decide that this system can work best for you and your cannabis plants.