Kind LED Grow Lights Review


Looking for the best and highly functional LED grow lights can become tiring and confusing over time. Growers and cultivators typically turn to those grow lights with premium quality grow lights, superb cooling systems, and the right light spectrum. Gladly, the brand Kind LED observed these needs and did its best to meet them. Kind LED has produced lighting systems that possess these functionalities, qualities, and even more.

This review will broadly discuss the Kind LEDs products and the brand in general as well. This way, we will provide you with insights into how their different lighting systems can work for you and your cannabis plants.

About the brand: Kind LEDs

Kind LED is an American-based company, specifically in Santa Rosa, California. This excellent light system brand was founded by no other than hydroponic growers who wanted better lighting systems for their crop. They came around the LED concept and made an effort to work with professional growers and cultivators. The brand works to produce awesome LED grow lights and makes an effort to maintain good customer service that can be available 24/7.

This brand is known for utilizing three and five-watt diode LEDs making their lighting systems provide intense light and brightness. Providing a full-spectrum light is also one of their aims and goals with their products. The Kind LED grow lights have been known to contribute positively to increasing your yield and improvement when it comes to potency.

The Kind LED grow lights are recommended to be used by professional growers and be paired with good grow tents or grow rooms to ensure that you will get full energy efficiency. The LED grow lights by Kind LED typically run cool and are reasonably efficient, and we love that about them. This brand certainly can offer you legit LED grow lights that come with great features and reliable benefits.

The Kind LED grow lights

The Kind LED grow lights generally have three lines, the K3 Series, K5 Series, and the bar lights, and each of them offers excellent functions for a good value. Here are the high-performing ones and the favorites.

K3 Series L600

The K3 Series L600 is the mainstream product of the Kind LED Series, and it also comes at an affordable price. This utilizes current optimizing features to offer brighter lights and increasing light wavelengths at the same time. The lights can almost simulate natural sunlight through its 12-band spectrum LED made with 3-watt diodes. The K3 Series features quiet cooling fans with substantial heat sinks making the light system produce less heat helping it stay cool. This grow light is perfect for the vegetative and flowering growth stage.

Because of its cooling fans’ size, you must be very cautious with the water near your grow lights as it may lead to a relative increase in the humidity level. This Kind LED grow light only uses half of the electricity as HPS lights and produces a higher yield per watt.

K5 Series XL750

The K5 Series XL750 is typically more extensive than the K3 Series L600, and they come with the 5-watt diodes with a three-range spectrum of light to aid in photosynthesis. This lighting system is dimmable and is quickly intensified. This grow light has an eight-stage digital timer that allows sunrise and sunset simulation by enabling or disabling infrared diodes. Additionally, the K5 Series XL750 also features second optical lenses with increased intensity and light focus. However, this unit can be quite expensive compared to the K3 Series.

K5 Series XL1000

The K5 Series XL1000 is considered to be at the top-tier or top-of-the-line Kind LED grow light. This lighting unit is typically designed for professional use and can cover a 5′ x 5′ grow area; indeed, this is an intense and powerful grow light. The K5 Series XL1000 has the capability of being able to mimic the sun and can be customized entirely through remote control. This grow light can provide you with a full canopy penetration without the hassle of adjusting your light height because of its intensity. This LED grow light is also programmable making it very convenient and easy to work with. This feature will also allow you to enjoy a more hands-off process of managing the growth of your cannabis plants.

Bar lights

The Kind LED grow light also offers bar lights as an auxiliary lighting unit for your cannabis plants. These lights generally target the greenhouses with the intensity that they need. Bar lights can significantly contribute to particular growing conditions for your cannabis plants since they also have ultraviolet and infrared spectrum. Kind LED offers two-bar light options, which are the X-Series and the V-1 Series. The X-Series is considered the premium bar light, while the V-1 is the more affordable version.

Kind LED product features

Light spectrum

The Kind LED lights to have twelve colors in their spectrum, including blue, green, white, ultraviolet, and infrared lights. Your cannabis plants will require both intensity and light colors for healthy growth. The suitable colors will result in better plant yields. In some units, like the K5 Series, you will be able to customize the color output you want for your plants, and that will be great.

Type of LED lights used

Kind LED grow lights utilize 3 watts and 5 watts LEDs to give off a more balanced spectrum than lesser quality diodes. Their lighting units also come with premium optical lenses, aluminum circuit boards, and high-quality switching. The Kind LED grow lights are recognized for their use of both 3-watt and 5-watt diodes, along with optical lenses, to enhance light coverage and intensity.

Heat emission

Every Kind LED grow light units come with extensive and functional heat sinks plus quiet cooling fans. These grow lights often produce heat due to their high-intensity illumination. Nevertheless, this is controlled by heat sinks and cooling fans. To prevent strain on your grow lights, especially in a hot climate, enhancing your ventilation and devising more effective ventilation strategies is advisable.

Final thoughts

Kind LED is known to produce top-of-the-line products and very high-quality grow lights made with premium materials. These lights, however, can be a bit pricey, but we assure you that you will get what you paid for. We hope you learned about the Kind LED grow lights through this review, and fortunately, this will have also helped you decide if you will be getting a grow light unit from the excellent Kind LED.