NextLight Mega LED Grow Light Review


Having a good grow light is very important for good yields and healthy plants, and as growers, the main goal is to produce potent and healthy cannabis plants at an impressive output. It is not a secret that LED grow lights have taken the lighting industry by storm, and they have developed and become a lot better over the years.

LED grow lights have been used in indoor grow tents and in a greenhouse to replace HID lights. The NextLight Mega LED grow light is genuinely an impressive grow light that is slightly different from most LED grow lights in the market today since this light only uses white light. If you want to know more, read on.

About the NextLight Mega LED Grow Light


The NextLight Mega is equivalent to a 1000 watts HPS light in terms of PAR and coverage while only consuming 650 watts. At 650 watts, this LED grows light only emits 2200 heat output. The NextLight Mega can run with both 120 volts and 240 volts. Since this grow light operates with all-white lights, this lighting unit will use the same amount of power or energy at any time that it is operational.

Light spectrum

The Mega grow lights are known for utilizing white light in their fixtures to mimic sunlight. The spectrum being offered by this grow light is known to be ideal for every stage of growth. White diodes tent provides the most natural lights for your cannabis plants since it has a light spectrum that is mostly similar to the sun. Additionally, the white light will make it easier for you to observe and check on your plants from time to time since white lights will not change the colors of the environment. Also, utilizing the same spectrum throughout the growth cycles of your cannabis plants will help avoid stalling. On the other hand, the NextLight Mega contains no ultraviolet or infrared diodes; however, you will be able to purchase a UV-B bulb separately if there is a need to.


A single NextLight Mega grow light, rated at 650 watts, effectively illuminates a 5′ x 5′ area during the flowering phase and a larger 7′ x 7′ area for vegetation. It may seem surprising that a 650-watt grow light can cover such an expansive area, but this is due to the unit’s ability to emit a generous and far-reaching light. For optimal results, it is advised to position this powerful grow light at a height of 12 to 24 inches above your cannabis plants during their flowering stage, and at around 48 inches during the vegetative phase. It’s a good practice to start with the light at a reasonable, higher distance and then adjust it gradually based on your cannabis plants’ reaction.

LED configuration

The NextLight Mega LED grow light features around 2500 white LEDs, each consuming roughly a quarter of a watt. These LEDs are strategically arranged across the lighting system, delivering a powerful and uniform light that matches the intensity of a 1000-watt HPS light. This distribution not only ensures effective illumination but also results in lower heat production, a feature that has earned the appreciation of many growers and cultivators.

Heat emission

This white LED grow light has received commendations for its low heat emission. Owing to its lower-powered LEDs, it produces significantly less heat. The NextLight grow light cools efficiently through heat sinks, operating without internal fans, and effectively manages heat even without them. For those in warmer climates, an external fan can be added to augment the heat sinks, although it’s not typically necessary. The advantage of this cooler operation is not just comfort; it also contributes to the longevity of your grow lights.

Size and operation

The “Mega” in the NextLight Mega’s name is not indicative of its physical size, as this grow light is elegantly slim, lightweight, and compact. It tips the scales at approximately 23 lbs and measures 37” x 37” x 2.5”, presenting a sleek and manageable design. The unit is also user-friendly, with straightforward operation. It includes a package insert that provides clear instructions, making it essentially a “plug and play” system. Additionally, the NextLight Mega grow lights don’t feature separate modes for vegetation and blooming phases, which means there’s likely no need for a remote control or a separate control panel.

Pros and Cons of the King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light


  • Very sleek and lightweight, making the lighting unit too quickly to work with.
  • The NextLight Mega grow light’s performance can be comparable to a 1000 watt HPS light while only consuming 650 watts. Which would mean a significant saving on your electricity or energy bills.
  • Offers a tremendous all-around light spectrum for all stages of growth.
  • Operation of this Mega grow light is a breeze.
  • This grow light system runs silently with very minimal heat output as well.
  • Comes at a very affordable and reasonable price and even guaranteed with high safety standards.


  • This lighting system has no infrared or ultraviolet light.
  • Some growers and cultivators might not be able to appreciate an all-white light LED as a grow light.
  • This grow light only has one lighting mode.

Final thoughts on the NextLight Mega

In search of a comprehensive white LED grow light solution, the NextLight Mega stands out as the top choice. Its affordability, expansive coverage, superior output efficiency, and lower heat emission set it apart. This white LED grow light undoubtedly encompasses all the features you might need. If you’re hesitant about transitioning to a white LED grow light, now is the ideal time to explore its benefits. The NextLight Mega is a wise investment, delivering on its promises effectively.