What is Rosin and Why is Everyone Loving It


As an experienced cannabis user, you may have already heard about hash rosin and flower rosin. But if you are fairly new to the cannabis world, we will be introducing to you this solventless extract that you will surely enjoy.

Indeed, there is never a dull moment when it comes to cannabis. There will always be new ways to enjoy your go-to strain, and there will be constant improvements on what you can do with the way you consume your cannabis. And with all the new trends and methods coming up, it can be hard to resist trying them. Before you try them, we are here to let give you information on the things you should know and the details to look out for. This post will help you explore rosin, what it is, how it is good, and all you need to know about it.

What is Rosin?

Rosin has been claimed to be discovered in 2015 and has been making baby steps in the cannabis industry ever since. Rosin is an extract from cannabis that went through a combined heat and pressure process but with absolutely no solvents at all. They are often extracted from the hash, flower, and kief and are done almost instantly.

Since it is processed through heat and pressure, extracts obtained are typically solvent-free, and this is one reason why many people love rosin. Many medical marijuana users appreciate how they can enjoy cannabis and its cannabinoids without added chemicals or solvents. Other than being extremely safe, rosin is also super easy to make without being very expensive. Since it is cost-effective and straightforward, many cannabis enthusiasts have been creating their rosin within the comforts of their homes.

With the development and further research on cannabis as an effective treatment for various illnesses, many people have also turned to healthier non-smoking methods to consume cannabis. Rosin is one of the many cannabis concentrates out in the market today to aid people in consuming cannabis more healthily.

Basically, to be able to have rosin, a hash or flower is being squeezed or pressed and exposed to a very high temperature. The extreme heat will then cause the raw material’s decarboxylation, resulting in the activation of the cannabinoids in the raw material. The product comes out as a translucent and hardened or thick honey-like and resinous substance. Rosins are generally free from contaminants since no solvents, and other chemical compounds are being used. You will just have to use a perfectly trimmed and stored, good quality hash of flower to come up with good quality rosin as well. Read: Can You Rosin Press Fresh Buds?

Rosin vs. Resin

Rosin and resin may almost sound the same, but they are indeed different. Generally, the resin is a viscous or thick substance that you can get from plants or synthetic origin. On the other hand, Rosin is an organic substance that you can typically obtain from cannabis flowers; they are brittle and hardened at room temperature but melts when the heat is applied. Live resin can still be obtained from cannabis concentrates by squeezing fresh cannabis and freezing them before extracting. The freezing allows the live resin to retain the terpene profile of the cannabis of plants. When it comes to rosin, certain terpenes may be lost.

Why people love rosin

Rosin has become extremely popular and is loved by many cannabis users, both recreational and medicinal, because of the solventless process being utilized to obtain it. Basically, the processing of rosin will not require the involvement of any chemical compound or foreign substances. As mentioned above, rosin is made through a mechanical process involving high pressure and heat without any other additional methods. Therefore, the rosin pressing process is speedy and efficient, letting you have your finished product in just a few minutes.

When processed and made correctly, rosin retains and contains many terpenes and other vital substances responsible for the flavor and aroma. You will definitely be able to enjoy a good deal of taste, scent, and potency minus the added chemicals and without even worrying about residues. Another reason why people love rosin is because of the simplicity of how it is made and the cost-effectivity as well. The method used when making rosin is simple enough to allow even those without chemistry or botanical knowledge or background to do it on their own with little to no risk and a greater chance of having a successful extraction. At-home growers and cannabis users can even make their rosin at home with the use of household items.

The other reason why people love rosin so much is because of its potency. Since it is highly concentrated, users will enjoy the effects and benefits of rich cannabinoids and an impressive terpene content. Because of its potency, rosin is fact acting as well, and remember that a small amount of rosin will definitely go a long way, so you have to be careful. Rosin is also very versatile, and its adaptability is much appreciated by many cannabis users.

Looking for the best rosin possible

Be sure to look for a rosin that is light amber or tan in color, avoid green and murky ones, and should be adequately translucent. Your rosin should also look clean and free from debris. Good rosin should also have a distinct and strong smell and a very enticing aroma; stay away from rosin that smells like nothing. Also, be very particular in looking for rosin without plant matter. Good rosin should not have one and be free from any specks or hairs. The color and shade of the rosin should also be consistent throughout.

Being able to know how to look for good rosin will genuinely help you enjoy and make the most out of your rosin purchase.

Rosin Pros and Cons


  • Rosin is cheap and cost-effective.
  • Rosin very simple and easy to produce.
  • The production method used for rosin is considered very safe and can be done even at home.
  • Rosin boasts a good deal of versatility so that it can be used in many ways possible.
  • Because of its high cannabinoid and terpene content, rosin is very potent and effective fr both medicinal and recreational users.


  • Rosin is not readily available in many cannabis stores in dispensaries, making them a bit hard to find and purchase.
  • If not used properly, rosin can have very unpleasant side effects because of its very high THC content. Always start by using small doses.
  • Although rosin is very easy to make, even at home, people still have to be careful. In the process of creating rosin, heat is used, so the risk of burning can be very high.

Final Thoughts

In the end, rosin is more appreciated than it is criticized. Because of its many benefits and advantages, the positive details will undoubtedly outweigh the negative ones. Cannabis users really appreciate how rosin is able to provide a safe and cheap yet very potent and versatile way of consuming cannabis. We are sure how you are delighted and satisfied now for those who have already started using rosin. And to those who have been wanting to try rosin, what are you waiting for? Get your rosin from the nearest cannabis market now, or better yet, make your own.