Northern Lights Strain Review


The Northern Lights strain come along with the most popular strains and sought-after strains. It is indeed a well-known indica, and of course, for a very good reason. Many people love to turn to the Northern Lights strain if they want to achieve deep relaxation and those people who want to give some good rest to their overworked minds and bodies.

The Northern Lights is known for its slight hallucinogenic and a glistening-like effect in your surroundings, thus the name, Northern Lights. Almost making you feel like the aurora borealis is being brought near you. This strain is a wonder in itself, rightfully naming it after one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world.

History and Composition

The Northern Lights strain, also referred to as NL, is a pure indica with THC levels of around 15% to 22% and a very low level of CBD content. Northern Light’s history often sparks up some debate since some people have said that this is a landrace strain from Holland. At the same time, some suggested that this great strain was cultivated in Seattle, Washington. However, regardless of the origin, growers and cultivators agree that the NL resulted from a combination of a Thai landrace and an Afghani landrace strain. Since it is a combination of two different landrace strains, the Northern Lights is known to grow heartier and larger than those cannabis plants that are being cultivated in a grow room.

This strain will leave the users pleasantly high with full-blown awesome effects because of its quite high THC content. The Northern Lights has five well-known phenotypes that are being used by medical marijuana patients. This strain does good for both medical and recreational users alike.

Aesthetic and Flavor

The Northern Lights plant has dense buds that are sticky and sweet, with dark green leaves with rich blue undertones. With a color scheme that will remind you of a forest under the night sky, this plant is indeed something to look at. The leaves are indeed highly-sugared with vibrant orange crystal pistils making the plant more appetizing.

NL’s flavor goes perfectly well with the plant’s aesthetic features that gently remind you of nature and the beautiful night sky. Northern Lights has a defined smell with a potent dank scent and fresh pine undertone. The flavors will surely make you feel one with nature with its piney taste with a hint of pungent and earthy kick with a sweet citrus aftertaste that you will surely enjoy.

Growing and Cultivating the Northern Lights

The Northern lights are a true crowd favorite because it is very easy to grow and cultivate. This plant also boasts an impressive resistance to pests, molds, insects, and other diseases. With a height within the medium range, the NL plants can be easily grown in indoor and outdoor settings.

Knowing that the NL is an easy plant to work with will be great for novice growers looking for a great strain with all the great benefits and effects but is low maintenance. If you choose to grow in an indoor setting, it is important to maintain a regulated temperature. Since this crop is easy to grow, it is also safe to say that this can healthily thrive in soil growth methods and hydroponics. With a short flowering period of seven to nine weeks, you will surely be able to enjoy your good marijuana in no time. When growing in an outdoor environment, it is important to ensure that your area will provide the right climate conditions. Northern Lights grows greatly in a warm, balmy, and Mediterranean climate. So if you live in North Africa or California, they have the perfect climate for your NL plants.

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Effects and Benefits

The Northern Lights has dreamy, glimmer, and euphoric effects that all users will surely enjoy. These effects will truly help you achieve a blissful mood with a relaxed mind and a lazy body. Because of its ultimately calming, relaxing, and often sedating effects, it is best to consume this strain at night so that you may truly benefit from its potent indica qualities. This strain is also best used when you feel a bit down or troubled since the NL may induce happiness and light psychoactive effects for a hazy and vibrant glow. This strain typically has little to no side effects and gives you a feeling of sleepiness and waking up energized and refreshed the next day.

In addition to its excellent characteristics, this NL strain is also widely known for its medicinal benefits. Because of its relaxing nature and sedative properties, the Northern lights are often used for patients who need effective relief for chronic stress, insomnia, and panic attacks. This strain is also effective for relieving pain and migraine and can also effectively manage mood disorders.

Wrapping Up on the Northern Lights

With the awesome effects and benefits that the Northern Lights can offer, it is truly a must to add this strain to your stash. We hope that after reading this post, you can find yourself excited to try the Northern Lights strain, and we have helped you find a strain that can address your wants and needs. Surely, the Northern Lights strain is something you’ll never regret trying.