Meizhi LED Grow Light Review

Are you looking for an LED grow light to use with your cannabis plants? There are plenty of options available for you to choose from which can make investing in the right grow light for your growing space difficult. This article will highlight one of the best LED grow lights for cannabis that you should use with your cannabis plants.

What is an LED Grow Light?

An LED (light emitting diode) grow light is a device that acts as a semiconductor to produce light. It emits electrons which eventually are turned into photons which produce light. Unlike other bulb types, such as incandescent, LED lights use less energy to create light making them very energy-efficient. 

The Benefits of Using an LED Grow Light

There are surprisingly many benefits that come with investing in an LED grow light. Below are some you’ll discover if you decide to use one. 

It Doesn’t Overheat

Unlike many other grow light types, LED grow lights don’t overheat. While they burn brightly, it doesn’t cause them to get hot. This means if you accidentally touch the bulb, it won’t burn you. It also helps to prevent your grow light from overheating which can eventually damage it. 

It’s Energy-Efficient

An LED light is extremely energy efficient. This is because it’s designed to burn brightly, but not use a lot of energy while doing so. This makes it not only eco-friendly, but can help you to save plenty of money when running it. 

Because the lights are energy-efficient it also helps to prevent them from using a lot of energy. This in return prevents them from overheating when running for long periods of time

It’s Affordable

Another great aspect about LED grow lights is that they are affordable. Many grow lights tend to be a little pricey and are marked up because of hype around the brand. However, LED grow lights tend to be very affordable. This means they’ll be a good match even for those on a budget. 

They Usually Come with a Full Color Spectrum

A full color spectrum is crucial when it comes to growing plants indoors. Without it, your plants might not grow or bloom properly. While some LED grow lights not only feature a full spectrum, the good news is that most do. Many models combine both red and blue light together, and some even use other colors, like far-red and green. Because of this, you can be sure that when using this light with your plants, it will help them grow into strong, healthy plants

They’re Compact

Another benefit is that these lights tend to be very compact. This way, you can easily install it in a space without it taking up too much space. 

What to Look for in an LED Grow Light

While LED grow lights come with many benefits, there are some things you’ll need to keep an eye out for. Below you’ll find some aspects to keep in mind before investing in one. 

Its Color Spectrum

An important thing to look at in an LED grow light is its color spectrum. While most LED grow lights feature red lights, not all contain blue or yellow ones. Because of this, it’s vital to make sure that your LED grow light comes with both red, blue, and yellow LED chips to ensure your plants grow well. 

If the Lights are Angled

Another aspect to look at is if the lights are angled. Angled lights help the LED light chips to fully reach all areas in your growing space. This helps to prevent you from having to constantly adjust the lights so they shine in a certain direction. 

The Lifespan of the Lights

You should also check the lifespan of the lights. Most LED grow lights should have a lifespan of around 5,000 to 10,000 hours. This way, you can be sure they will last you for a while before having to replace them. However, some LED grow lights might have light chips that aren’t well-built which makes them have a significantly lower burning time. To help prevent investing in an LED grow light with this issue, make sure to check its lifespan beforehand. 

If You Can Use it with Hydroponics

While many LED grow lights are designed to be used in regular growing spaces, they might not be able to be used in hydroponic areas. This is because they might not be waterproof. If you plan to use your LED grow light with hydroponics, make sure it can be safely added to your growing space.

The Meizhi Grow Light

This 450 watt LED grow light is part of this brand’s Reflector-Series. This series incorporates various LED light angles into its lights. For the Meizhi 450W LED Grow Light, you’ll find that its LED lights have a unique 120 degree angle. This angle is designed to help warm your plants while preventing their leaves and buds from burning.

Speaking of lights, the Meizhi LED comes with a full spectrum. This spectrum includes the necessary blue and red lighting while also incorporating 3 IR bulbs. These IR bulbs are dimmed which helps the lights better work with your plants so they can flower. The lights in this LED light panel have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours.

This LED grow light is made with a sleek blue housing and features 2 light switches on the top of it. One switch will activate the certain lights that will work best during your plants flowering stages, while another will turn on the correct colors when your plants are in their vegetative stages. This will help to ensure that no matter what current growth stage your plants are in, the Meizhi LED will be able to help them.

On the top of this model you’ll also find the switches for the 2 built-in fans this LED grow light has. These fans can be activated with the light switches that are mentioned above. Keep in mind that these switches only turn on certain fans at a time. For instance, if you turn one light switch on, only one fan will run. If you want both fans running at the same time you need to make sure to turn on both light switches. These fans work with this grow light’s ventilation system. This system will help the fans to stay cool while preventing overheating from occurring in your growing space.

This LED grow light works best in a growing area that measures 2 ft. x 3.5 ft. and weighs 8 lbs. It can be used with hydroponic growing systems safely. This model comes with a power cord and a hanging kit you can use to safely secure it over your plants. You’ll also find a daisy chain port at the top of this grow light which you can use to attach similar 450W LED grow lights to.

Why a 120 Degree LED Light Angle?

The 120 degree angle that’s built into the LED lights of this model might seem like they would not work well with your plants. However, a 120 degree angle is perfect to help your plants grow and bloom.

This angle is called the “beam angle” and is designed to help each of the diodes in the LED light reach your plants. This angle helps the LED grow light to save energy as well because it’s spreading out more of its light over your plants rather than focusing its light on a certain section. The higher the beam angle the more coverage your plants will get. So, if you happen to have quite a few plants in your growing space, a 120 degree light angle is ideal to use with them. However, if you want a more intense light shining on your plants, it’s best you find a light angle that is a little smaller.

The Importance of Colors

Many people know that having a large LED light spectrum can be important to use on indoor plants to help them grow, but many don’t realize the great impact these colors can have. It can be easy to just switch on a certain light color with your LED light panel, but turning the right color spectrum on at the right time can be what determines whether your plants will grow well or not. The Meizhi LED is a full spectrum grow light so it incorporates every needed light spectrum color your cannabis plants need. Here is a little more about some of these colors and how they will help your plants.

  • Blue

Blue lights help greatly with your plants vegetative stages. Blue lights will encourage the plants to grow large leaves which in return will give you a bountiful harvest. This color is vital to ensure that the leaves and stems of your plants grow strongly.

  • Yellow

Yellow is an important color to use with your plants flowering stages. It will help them to grow and bloom faster which is important when growing cannabis. Often this color is paired with red to help speed up the blooming process.

  • Red

Red is probably one of the most important colors you can have with a grow light. It helps with practically all the growth stages of your plants and is a warm color which will help your plants to also be cozy and warm in your growing space. This is a crucial LED grow light color for these reasons.

You can usually pair these colors up together to create a powerful light combination to use on your plants. However, be careful when doing so as some combinations can be very helpful while others might overwhelm your plants.

Taking Care of Your Grow Light

While LED grow lights are extremely durable, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of them. In fact, by taking of your grow light, you can help to ensure it lasts you for many years. 

Keep it Clean

One way to help ensure your grow light lasts and looks new is to keep it clean. By wiping the light off every now and then with a clean cloth, it can remove dust and dirt from its exterior. It will also clear up the lights which can help them to shine better. However, keep in mind not to use a damp cloth on certain models. This is because those products might not be waterproof. If you use a damp cloth on them, they could end up breaking the device or even causing electrical shocks. 

Give it a Break Every Now and Then

While grow lights are designed to run for long periods of time, it’s still a good idea to give it a break every now and then. This not only gives your plants a slight break from light so they can “sleep”, but also gives the grow light a rest. This can help it to cool down. It also can help to conserve some of its energy so it lasts you for a while. 

Give it a Check Often

Another way to help ensure your grow light works well is to check it often. This includes making sure the cords and outlets are properly plugged in. You also need to check the lights. Are they dimming? Do they look strange? By giving your LED grow light a maintenance check every so often, you can ensure it will work well for many years.


This article highlighted one of the best LED grow lights on the market today. The Meizhi LED is perfect for indoor growing spaces and can be used safely with hydroponic systems, which is unlike some other grow light types. It’s made with a strong wattage and comes with a vast color spectrum to help ensure your plants grow strong. It’s also made with durable built-in fans to keep your growing area cool while the light is running. The Meizhi LED grow light is perfect for those who have a small to medium-size growing space to use and will work to help you produce a large amount of blooms.