Orange Kush Hybrid Strain Review


The Orange Kush is known to produce euphoric effects and has a reputation in the cannabis area to solve all medically-related issues and problems. This strain is a favorite by many to be used after a very busy and tiring day. Tons of people and patients use the Orange Kush for several reasons, including insomnia, stress fatigue, body pains, and depression.

Orange Kush is a hybrid strain with a very strong aroma of sweet and juicy oranges, therefore Orange Kush. This strain offers a very stimulating and invigorating effect to the users. The Orange Kush has an impressively high THC level, making it a very strong strain up until this day.

History and Composition

Orange Kush is a unique combination strain of sativa and indica strains from the OG Kush and the Orange Bud. The parent strains were able to pass on a heavy dose of both sativa and indica inclinations. Many growers and cultivators even assumed that the Orange Kush is a perfect 50/50 split of its parent strains.

The Orange Kush strain is very popular across different states and countries. However, many cultivators have said that they have originated from Arizona and parts of the Pacific Northwest. This strain typically has a high THC content level that ranges from 20% to 22%. Its CBD level, however, is very low that only comes to 1% on average. Because of the strain’s composition, the Orange Kush is perfect for a night when you mean to relax and chill. When using this strain, you should not be engaging in activities that will require a lot of focus and creativity.

Aesthetic and Flavor

The Orange Kush strain features a warm burst of vivid color that may remind you of very ripe oranges. These colors are visible up to the length of the buds, and they come with bright-colored nuggets. The leaves are typically dark green with streaks of a beautiful olive shade. The long and heavy nuggets boast a thin coating of sugar-like crystalline trichomes.

Users who prefer something sweet will truly love the Orange Kush and enjoy its fruity and sweet flavor. Orange Kush features notes of oranges combined with vanilla and other citrus flavors. Those who have been using the Orange Kush for a long may have already noticed the candied flavors perfectly combined with a subtle herbal pine. When you smoke this strain, you will enjoy a sharp tang on the exhale and a peppery aftertaste. This strain is perfect for those users who prefer the sweet strains that are not cloying.

Growing and Cultivating the OG Kush

Orange Kush is feminized and can be easily crossed with a variety of strains. This strain is also very robust and strong, which is why many cultivators love it. The Orange Kush is very resistant to most plant infection forms like mold and mildews, and even the most common plant diseases.

Aside from being fairly resistant to infections, the Orange Kush is also fast when it comes to growing. They take only 8 to 9 weeks for growth and with a high yield. This strain thrives best in places that have a Mediterranean climate. Orange Kush loves warm and sunny temperatures with very low humidity. Growers must be mindful to keep a steady and temperate environment for the best growth results and yield when grown indoors. The Orange Kush will also grow fine when using hydroponics and in limited space.

You may also be able to increase Orange Kush yields by adding nutrients in their growth soil, which will greatly improve the yield for up to 15 ounces more per square meter.

Effects and Benefits

As mentioned above, the Orange Kush is a perfect 50/50 mix of indica and sativa, making it a very potent mix that offers an impressive hit. This strain will make you attain a body high easily and make you feel lazy and relaxed right after. Many people love using this after a busy and tiring day since the Orange Kush can help you stay calm and feel mentally light. It has a steady and strong buzz but is not overpowering.

Being a strain with a high THC level, the Orange Kush is a perfect choice for medical marijuana treatments. This strain is being prescribed to be used by patients who are suffering from mood disorders, anxiety, and chronic stress. It is also widely used to calm people with unexplained nervousness and panic attacks because they are known to enhance moods effectively. The Orange Kush is also used by people who suffer from severe pain and muscle spasms. This strain is also effective in inducing a healthy appetite and healthy sleep as well.

Additional information about Orange Kush:

  1. Genetic Lineage and Origin: Orange Kush is a cross between OG Kush and Orange Bud, believed to have originated in Spain. This lineage combines the qualities of these hybrids to create its distinctive profile.
  2. Medical Benefits: This strain is known for its medicinal properties, particularly in managing stress, anxiety, pain, and insomnia. Its calming effects also make it suitable for addressing symptoms related to ADD/ADHD.
  3. Flavor and Aroma: Orange Kush’s flavor profile is sweet and citrusy, with hints of orange and vanilla, and a zesty aftertaste. The aroma is similarly engaging, with notes of citrus, kush, and spicy undertones.
  4. Grow Information: It can be challenging for new growers but rewarding for experienced cultivators. It thrives in hot, sunny climates and is resilient to pests and molds. The plant can grow very tall outdoors, with significant yields, and it also adapts well to indoor cultivation.
  5. Cannabinoid and Terpene Profiles: The strain includes minor cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, CBN, and THCV, contributing to its overall effects. Its terpenes, including Carene, Pinene, Myrcene, Ocimene, and Humulene, add to its aroma and potential therapeutic benefits.
  6. Reviews and User Experiences: User reviews often emphasize its potency and the enjoyable relaxation it offers, making it a preferred choice for evening use. Users generally express high satisfaction with the quality and effects of Orange Kush.

Final Thoughts

We certainly do not suggest the Orange Kush for the newbies or those with very low tolerance. But if you are looking for a very potent strain, then the Orange Kush will be perfect for you. For the growers who plan to grow this for personal consumption, the Orange Kush will do good since it is very versatile, and its short and chunky appearance will easily work for places with very limited space.

We hope this review has helped you a lot in deciding if you want to keep an Orange Kush in your stash. If you have now decided to do so, enjoy this great strain and stay healthy!