24 Best Items for a Weed Smokers Emergency Survival Kit in 2024

If you’re a die-hard weed smoker then you’ll want to make sure to have a weed smokers emergency kit on hand. This kit will allow you to carry around the essentials for weed smoking and will let you get a smoke in if you forget to replenish your current stock. This guide will show you how you can create this kit and the most important things you need to put into it.

Why Make a Weed Smokers Emergency Kit?

A weed smokers emergency kit is essential for many reasons. One is that it’s a great backup tool to have on hand if you forget to bring a certain smoking device or end up running out of cannabis and forgot to bring some more with you. Another is that you can use it on the go. Want to have a quick smoke all of sudden? Just take your weed smokers emergency kit out. You can transport this kit around easily and can often be put into a bag or car.

How to Make Your Own

Making your own emergency kit is simple, but does require you to invest a little bit in some products you might not already have. Below are the top things you can include in your kit and why.

A Small Box

The first thing when it comes to making this kit is to have a box on hand to store all the products in. Depending on your preferences, you can have a small, medium, or even large box. However, it’s probably best to look at investing in a small or medium size box as they’ll be more compact, discreet, and easier to transport around.

Stoner Survival Kit

The Stoner Survival Kit is a small box that’s perfect for those who want a compact emergency kit. It’s made out of tin and features a cannabis leaf design on the top of it. It has a hinged lid so you can easily open and close it when needed. Keep in mind this is a very small box and is ideal to only keep about 1 or 2 small items in.


A lighter is necessary so you can heat the weed up. Lighters will help to make sure you’re able to smoke within seconds so you don’t need to sit around and wait for your weed to properly heat up.

There are plenty of different lighters you can invest in like BIC Lighters and Elegant Cannabis Lighters.

BIC Lighters

BIC Lighters come in a pack of 5 which are coated in various colors like red, gray, pink, blue and black. They are made to last and have a hard exterior to prevent them from breaking if accidentally dropped. There’s also a safety guard on the top to prevent the flame from suddenly igniting and a pre-adjusted flame control which stops the flame from getting to be too high when lit.

Elegant Cannabis Lighters

These lighters feature a cannabis leaf print on their exterior and measure 2 ½ inches long. They feature an adjustable flame feature which you can use to prevent the flame from getting out of control as well as a refillable container which you can use to keep lighter fluid in. So, if you’re looking for a reusable option this is a great product to consider using.

Elegant Cannabis Theme Refillable Butane Torch Lighter - 2 1/2 Inch

Both of these lighter products are very durable and compact so they’ll fit nicely in your emergency kit.


To help you scoop out the weed evenly and to prevent making a mess you’ll need to make sure to have a spoon in the kit. This can be a regular spoon or some measuring spoons. Make sure though these spoons are compact and can fit easily inside your box.

Paper Towels

While you obviously won’t be able to fit an entire paper towel roll in your kit, it’s a good idea to include a few clean pieces in your emergency kit. This way, if you need to wipe or clean something off, you’ll have a way to do so. A paper towel can also help to prevent messes as you can prepare your weed smoking utensils over it which can stop spills from occurring.

Air Freshener

Air freshener will help you to clear out the air in the space you smoked in. This is essential if you want to keep your smoking discreet. You can find many different scents like floral and tropical to help clear the air. These tend to be very affordable but can be a little bulky so it’s a good idea to find a small bottle if possible. A good travel-size air freshener to consider keeping in your kit is the Fresh Wave Spray. This odor-eliminating spray has a very faint smell and is designed to remove all signs of odors rather than mask them. Because of this, you can spray some around the area you plan to smoke in or even your clothes if you feel they might have a lingering scent of weed on them.


To prevent your breath from smelling like cannabis, gum is necessary. You can find various flavors of gum which can help to refresh your breath so it doesn’t smell like you just smoked. You can invest in any type of gum flavor that you want, although mint tends to help mask the flavor a bit better than others.

Plastic Bags

To keep your weed fresh plastic bags are a must. You can use products like Herb Guard or Mylar to help with this. They will get to work keeping your cannabis fresh and strong and you can even pre-measure out the amounts in advance so you don’t have to worry about measuring the weed before you smoke it.

Herb Guard Plastic Bags

The Herb Guard Plastic Bags come in a pack of 25 and measure 4 x 6 inches. They are made with an extremely strong seal which helps to prevent odors from escaping. These bags are also very durable so they won’t break easily which means you can reuse them.

Mylar Plastic Bags

The Mylar Plastic Bags come in a pack of 100 and measure 4 x 6 inches. These smell-proof bags are designed with a black front to help hide the contents inside but also feature a clear surface on the back so you can discreetly see what’s in it. The bags are made of thick materials and a zip lock which are durable and won’t tear or break easily. These bags are also able to be frozen or boiled safely. Keep in mind though that these tend to be on the more expensive side.

Cotton Swabs

To give your pipe or bong a quick clean after having used it, put a few cotton swabs in your kit. These are compact so they won’t take up much space in the kit and work quickly at getting any gunk out of the device so it stays clean. They’re also pretty affordable so you can invest in a large pack which can last for you quite a few months or even years.

Hand Sanitizer

A great way to help mask weed odors is by using hand sanitizer because it’s so strong. It will instantly remove the smell from your body which makes it ideal to use. You can pack a small travel size bottle in your kit.

The Mountain Falls Hand Sanitizer is ideal to consider adding into your kit as it’s not only a travel-size option, but it’s filled with Vitamin E which can help to keep your skin hydrated. It also quickly removes odors and germs on your hands which can be very helpful if you’ve just handled some weed. This affordable product comes in a pack of six.

Bobby Pin

A bobby pin is helpful when it comes to quickly cleaning out your bong or pipe. It can get into the small crevices that other cleaning utensils can’t and works quickly. This is extremely compact as well so it won’t take up much space in your kit.

Rolling Paper

If you want to make a joint you’ll need to have some rolling paper on hand. You can use Raw Rolling Paper which works quickly and comes in a large quantity.

Raw Rolling Paper

This paper comes in a 10 pack which altogether gives you over 500 rolling paper tips. The paper is unbleached which will help to give your smoke a more natural flavor.


While this isn’t necessarily a vital thing to have, it’s a good thing to use. Screens will keep your pipe clean so you don’t have to give it an intense cleaning often. There are a few different screen options you can use, like brass and steel, depending on the type of pipe you plan to smoke with.

ABG Pipe Screens

The ABG Pipe Screens are made out of a sturdy stainless steel and measure ¾ inches long. They come in a pack of 50 and are a very affordable option which makes them great for those on a budget to invest in.

Beefy Brass Pipe Screens

The Beefy Brass Pipe Screens measure ¾ inches and come in a pack of 50. They are very durable and easy to clean so you won’t have to worry about having to invest in new pipe screens anytime soon.

Eye Drops

Smoking weed can cause your eyes to become very red and even swell. To prevent this from being evident once you’re done smoking it’s a good idea to put some eye drops in your kit. They’ll quickly take away the redness and puffiness. Below are some great choices to consider using.

Visine Eye Drops

If you’re looking for an extremely quick option the Visine Eye Drops are a good choice to consider. These eye drops come in a 0.5 fluid ounce bottle and are made with a very strong formula so they get to work quickly soothing your eyes from any redness or irritation. They’re also very affordable.


These eye drops are ideal for those who tend to have very sensitive eyes. They come in a 20 mL bottle and have a soft formula that helps your eyes feel better after having smoked weed.


Smoking can cause your lips to become very dry so it’s a good idea to store a tube of chapstick into your kit. When you’re done smoking you can easily take the chapstick out and apply it to your lips to help them stay hydrated. Chapstick tubes don’t take up much space which is good if you plan to have a small kit.

One chapstick to consider putting into your weed smokers emergency kit is the ChapStick Lip Moisturizer. This product not only works to keep your lips hydrated (which can go a little dry after you spend some time smoking) but is applied without extra colors or smells. It also comes in a pack of three so you’ll be able to have a few on hand when necessary.


A grinder is an essential tool to have in your kit as it will help you to quickly grind up fresh cannabis. You can find plenty of grinders you can use like the top 10 grinders.

Make sure to carefully look at each grinder model as they will come in different sizes and with various features. It’s important to consider these varying aspects to ensure you include the right weed grinder in your kit.

Pipe or Bong

If you’re not a huge fan of joints, then you can try to put your pipe or bong into the kit. These will let you have a better smoke, but make sure they can easily fit into the kit. If you’re looking for small pipe options to use, you can check out this compiled list of the top compact pipe options.

If you do decide to place a pipe or bong in the kit make sure to clean it when you’re done. This can prevent it from creating odors in your kit.

Storage Container

Another vital thing to have in your kit is a storage container, like the Herb Stash Jars or BudBox which you can use to store cannabis in.

Herb Stash Jars

The Herb Stash Jars come in a pack of 2 and are made of a durable aluminum. These smell-proof jars can easily hold small amounts of dried cannabis which makes them perfect to use in this kit.


BudBox storage containers come in 1-6 oz. size options and are made to be airtight and odor-free to help keep your cannabis fresh. They’re made out of a strong UV plastic that’s coated in a sleek black finish. It’s best to use plastic bags with this product to prevent the cannabis from sticking to the interior which can end up damaging it.

BudBox - 1 oz to 6 oz - Airtight/TightVac/Smell Proof Container/Vacuum Sealed/UV Resistant Black Plastic, Padded for Smoking/Tobacco Accessories, Stash/Herb/Weed Container

Tightvac Storage Container

The Tightvac Storage Container comes in options of one to six ounces as well as numerous colors like white, blue, red, and green. It has a unique vacuum-seal feature which helps to prevent moisture from getting inside the container to prevent your weed from losing its flavor or molding. In addition to this, it’s very compact so it can easily fit inside your emergency kit.

The Benefits of Using Weed Smokers Emergency Kit

There are a surprising amount of benefits that come with using a weed smokers emergency kit. Below are some of them.

They are Portable

A great thing about a weed smokers emergency kit is that it’s extremely portable, just like small grinders! No matter which size you decide to invest in, you’ll be able to easily transport all of your important equipment at once. This makes it perfect for those who want something easy to carry around with them while on the go.

They Can Hold Many Items

Unlike some kits which really can only hold about two or three items, these kits hold almost all of your emergency supplies in it. This way, you won’t have to worry about being without any necessities.

You Can Create Your Own

One of the best things about a weed smokers emergency kit is that you can design your own rather than having to buy a pre-made one that might not fit well for your needs. You’ll be able to decide what to put in your kit to ensure that whenever you want to have a smoke, you have the right tools necessary.

Things to Keep in Mind

While making your own emergency kit isn’t difficult, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Below are some tips to help you make the best emergency kit for your needs.

Consider the Size

One of the most important things when creating this kit is to consider how big you want it to be. For some, a kit really only needs to contain a few vital things, like cannabis, a pipe, and some gum. For others, a kit needs to have almost everything. So, before you start to collect items for your kit consider how big you want to make it.

Don’t Go Overboard

It can be very easy to go overboard when trying to make your emergency kit, but it’s important not too. Too many items in it can cause it to become heavy and sometimes even a hassle to transport around. Because of this, come up with the top things you want to have in it, create your kit, and then if there happens to be extra space fill it up with some other items.

Make a Budget

As mentioned above, it can be very easy to go overboard with putting things into your kit. This also goes with spending money on it. Due to this, make a firm budget which you can follow. This way, you can buy the real essentials for your kit and if there’s anything left over at the end, splurge on a few extra items.

Check the Durability

Another thing you’ll want to consider is the durability of the kit itself. Is the kit that’s holding all of your materials together durable? Will it protect the content inside from thrashing around? Durability is key in this case as it will help to prevent something inside your emergency kit from spilling or breaking.

Choose Whether You Want to Make Your Own or Buy a Pre-Made Kit

You’ll also want to keep in mind whether you want to make your own weed smokers emergency kit or buy a pre-made one (which can include pre-made CBD oil). Both have their own pros and cons which are important to consider. For instance, a custom-made emergency kit will have all the supplies you desire unlike a pre-made one. However, a custom-made emergency kit can be a little more expensive because you need to buy all of the supplies and search for them yourself. So, you’ll have to make a decision before you start your journey into a weed smokers emergency kit as to whether you want to make your own or buy one that’s already put together for you.

Pre-Made Kits

While making your own kit can be fun, if you don’t want to spend the time buying and making it yourself there are a few pre-made emergency kits options you can consider investing in. However, these are often not custom-made so you might not get everything you desire to have in a kit if you invest in them.

If you’re on the search for a pre-made kit, you want to make sure to consider everything else that a custom-made kit includes. This way, you’ll have all of the essentials and will be well prepared for whenever you need to use it.

With these materials you’ll easily be able to make your own weed smokers emergency kit! This will be a very helpful thing to have on hand when you want to take a quick smoke or accidentally forget to bring some extra tools and cannabis with you. By keeping this emergency kit around, you can be sure you’ll have the right weed smoking tools and equipment no matter where you happen to be.