What are the Differences between Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs?


The use of e-cigarettes, vaporizers or vapes, and other smoking gadgets have been in the mainstream while making the art of rolling out of the limelight. However, being a classic method, many users, both medicinal users, and recreational ones, still, turn to the art of rolling. This method has been proven to be a tried-and-trusted consumption method, easily accessible with ultimately minimal requirements. The skill of being able to create and craft a roll that is working and functional is being appreciated by many cannabis connoisseurs.

These joints, blunts, and spliffs are considered the cornerstone of the cannabis culture and cannabis way of life. The method of rolling has been around for a long time that it has already been considered an iconic touch and may require a bit of both talent and skills. New cannabis users and the modern ones who prefer the use of gadgets may have a hard time identifying the differences between joints, blunts, and spliffs but do not worry since we are here to help you. This article will discuss its differences and their main pros and a few cons, and ultimately how the classic rolling methods cannot be substituted.

Skills for rolling a spliff, blunt, or joint

Often, having the skill and the talent to roll a joint is a mark of your coming of age in the cannabis world. Learning how to do the method and eventually mastering the skill will also help you earn a good ton of respect from your cannabis peers and the veteran smokers as well.

The main differentiating characteristic between these rolls is the type of rolling paper being used, the specific rolling method, and the rolling paper alternatives you may use. It is also good to know that spliffs, blunts, and joints will have their distinct look, feel, and flavor.

What’s inside

Spliffs, blunt, and joints, regardless of the rolling method used, contain one thing in common: cannabis. When rolling one, it is important to ensure that you are only using high-quality and top tier cannabis. Although they are not the premium kind, you may also use shakes or those made from small particles of cannabis plant material torn from the buds during trimming or handling. Shakes might include bits from leaves and even stems, and to tell you honestly, this will matter.

Main differences

  • A spliff is a good combination of cannabis and tobacco. They are rolled in the same way you would roll a joint and sometimes have a crutch in them. Crutches are small filters or tips that are created from glass or wood pulp. Crutches are good filters and make your roll a lot firmer, making them easier for you to use and hold.
  • Blunts are generally more stout, darker in color, and are heavier; they are being rolled with the use of tobacco paper.
  • Joints are the most common ones and are rolled with the use of a thin and light rolling paper that is commonly white in color. These joints can sometimes have a crutch as well, which greatly helps.

The difference in the hit and flavors from blunts, spliffs, and joints


Blunts are the heaviest when it comes to a smoke’s hit and potency; the strong hit comes from tobacco paper’s combined strength and the cannabis itself and will produce a stronger if you use a very potent strain. When smoking a blunt, you will quite experience a cerebral rush that is full and followed by a refreshing energy boost. Many users who love a good blunt can liken the experience to taking multiple espresso shots, therefore giving you an intense caffeine buzz. After taking your good blunt, the tobacco’s euphoric feeling will start the hit, followed by the effects of your cannabis depending on the cannabinoid levels of the strain you are using.

Blunts generally have the strongest flavor, you will taste the tobacco paper and the cannabis used. Make sure that you will use a cannabis strain that is strong enough so that the tobacco flavors will not overpower it. Rolled blunts are also able to produce a lot more smoke compared to spliffs and joints.


Having a spliff is a good idea if you are new to smoking since spliffs won’t have the tobacco heaviness that a blunt has. But let me tell you, smoking a spliff will definitely not leave you out from the intense sensations that you will be able to feel when smoking a blunt since spliffs can still offer a strong buzz depending on the cannabis used.

Spliffs tend to contain a mellow and balanced combination of the blunts and joints’ characteristics without overpowering one or the other. They will typically taste like cannabis mixed with a gentle tobacco flavor.


If you want to get a hold of the purest form of a roll as possible, then rolling a joint will be the best option. The effects will be solely based on the strain of cannabis you are using; if you use a very strong one, you’ll definitely be high and feel that intense buzz. The same goes for if you are using a weaker strain, then you will only feel a mild and less-defined hit. Joints are great if you want to experience a classic high and only taste the flavors of the cannabis you are using. You are not going to have even the slightest taste of the crutch and the rolling paper.

Basically, joints let you enjoy the taste of pure and untainted weed minus the flavors of tobacco or any other additives. Joints do not have any flavors of the rolling paper.

Rolling papers and rolling alternatives

Rolling papers play an integral part in rolling joints, spliffs, and blunts, as they will greatly affect the flavors and your smoking experience. Other than the plain and usual rolling papers, aromatic papers have also made their way into the cannabis market. However, there is a defined and divided opinion when it comes to using them. Many smokers do not like how aromatic papers affect the flavors and the smoke hit, while some still appreciate the aromatic ones since they can add a hint of sweetness to the smoke.

Note that you should get rolling papers that will not easily tear and help your cannabis burn evenly while keeping them intact and avoiding falling apart.


You will always want to use high-quality and premium rolling papers when it comes to rolling a joint since this will also affect your smoking experience. A good hemp paper can also be used to intensify the flavors of the cannabis material.


Spliffs also make use of rolling papers, but you may also use pre-rolled papers. However, these pre-rolled papers tend to make spliffs easy to fall apart if you are not an expert spliff roller yet.


Rolling a blunt is simple since you will only need a good quality plus thick and heavy tobacco paper.

Pros and Cons



The main advantage of joints is basically because it is very easy to roll and quite easy. Joints are also easy to assemble since you only need a few materials such as cannabis, rolling papers, a lighter, and that’s it, a filter paper is optional.

With practice and experience, you can be successful in rolling a joint, and they are also relatively small. You can even stash a set of joints in a cigarette box. Joints are also versatile since you’ll be able to use aromatic papers and even sprinkle some concentrate on your cannabis for the joint. You will also be able to enjoy and savor the simplicity of just cannabis in your smoke when you are puffing a joint.


If you are fairly new to smoking cannabis, you will discover how fast the thing can burn, and you may also need to relight your joint quite often. This unfortunate event may happen if you rolled your joint either way too loose or way too tight. A sideburn is also possible if you are not able to properly roll a joint.



Spliffs can burn longer compared to a joint, and the burning comes at a fairly even rate. The presence of tobacco in a spliff can help burn quality and release adrenaline and increase the smoker’s blood sugar levels. Spliffs are generally as small and compact as joints, so they are also easy to stash and carry around as well. It also has a good combination of tobacco and cannabis.


Spliffs have lower amounts of cannabis than joints, so it might take a while longer for you to get high. The tobacco in spliffs can also lead to addiction.



If you are a veteran smoker and are searching for a major high and a strong buzz, then you will love the blunt. A single blunt will give, even a veteran smoker, major satisfaction and a good kick.

Blunts are generally thicker, with thick wraps making them burn for a longer time, and because of this, blunts are super good for sharing. Blunts can also be combined with joints, and this combination is referred to as the time bomb.


You might need to be an expert first before you can successfully roll a blunt since they are generally difficult to roll.Rolling a blunt also requires a significant amount of time to complete.

Final thoughts

Spliffs, joints, and blunts are classic and iconic methods of smoking cannabis, and all of them are great – it is just a matter of reference. We hope this post cleared out any confusion you had when it comes to differentiating joints, blunts, and spliffs, and fortunately, this post has helped you decide which one you should roll. For certain, all of the three rolling options are great ways for you to enjoy your daily dose of cannabis.