100 mg THC Edibles


Edibles can be found in dispensaries as commercially prepared ones and homemade edibles as well. The homemade ones are usually made with ingredients infused with THC, such as oil or butter that can be used in cooking, baking, or as spreads. With the legalization and the recognized medical use of marijuana, edibles have taken their place in the spotlight as well.

Many people love the effects that edibles can bring because many have experienced quite a different kind of high, but in a way. The impacts or high that you can get from edibles tend to be more intense and can last for a longer time when compared to smoking or vaporized THC. Although, it is essential to note that the effects of edibles may take longer to kick in. If you want to know more about edibles, specifically the 100 mg TCH edibles, then read on.

Dosage: 100mg edibles

A dosage of 100mg of THC edibles is already considered relatively high for some; how much more the 500 mg ones. There is no recommended dosage for edibles; however, we strongly suggest that you would not go overboard since the amount to have all depends on you. There is a reason why edibles can be different for everyone, and it is because the effect of edibles can widely vary from one person to another, so that means an edible is not a “one size fits all” item.

An experienced THC edible user with a stable and high tolerance can be satisfied with taking a THC edible with a dosage of 100mg or more. On the other hand, if you are a newbie when it comes to edibles and you know that you still have a tad bit low tolerance, a dose of below 5mg is an excellent way to start. After all, the dosage levels can be increased on a subsequent attempt if the dosage of the edibles you had was way too low. If you are relatively new to edibles, always avoid consuming too much as it can result in discomfort that may last for several hours and even days.

How long does an edible high last?

Generally, the duration of an edible high dramatically depends on an individual’s unique cannabis tolerance and physiological factors, which will be mentioned below. A person’s endocannabinoid system will also be a factor in the duration of the effect of consuming edibles. A high dosage will definitely be felt during the whole day and can last for the next 24 hours.

The high that an edible can bring can last a lot longer than vaping or smoking THC. An edible high can last for six to ten hours, which is impressively long-lasting. When it comes to THC edibles, the peak of the high or its effect on your blood and circulation can come up three hours after the administration. During this time, the results of THC are most likely to be felt intensely and powerfully.

When talking about the onset time, the length of the effects or high of an edible can depend on several factors, such as the dosage and potency. The high from edible products commonly chewed and swallowed can last much longer than the high from products that are being absorbed orally, such as candies, lollies, and lozenges. Other factors such as individual ones like metabolism, weight, and tolerance can significantly affect the high duration.

Indeed, there is no concrete calculation and prediction regarding the duration of the high that an edible can bring. That is why several experts and researchers have included the unpredictability of the course of the effects of edibles in the list of adverse effects.

What can you expect from your edible dosage?

The effects of a 100mg THC edible can also vary from one person to another. Below are the different effects that you can experience from edibles at different dosages.

1 to 10 mg THC

This is the lowest dose that you can get from THC edibles, and even for newbies, the effects of this dosage can be barely noticeable. If you take a THC edible with a dosage of below 10 mg, you can expect relief from stress, anxiety, and even pain. This is the ideal dosage for micro-dosing and first-time consumers of THC edibles.

10 to 20 mg THC

When it comes to dosage between 10 to 20 mg, the effects of symptom relief will already be more defined and noticeable. Some people may even experience mild euphoria in this dose. People who have been using THC edibles of 10 to 20 mg have experienced a slight but significant boost to social interactions, such as being more talkative, socially engaging, and productive. This is the suggested dose for those who want to enjoy mild psychoactive effects and significantly help people who have been experiencing a lack of sleep or falling asleep.

20 to 30 mg THC

For the next dosage, the cerebral and physical euphoria is a lot more noticeable at this dosage. For novice users, this dosage might already result in coordination and perception impairment. This dose is ultimately appropriate for those who already have an established tolerance and experience regarding edibles. This will also be great for people of patients who seek relief from more moderate health problems.

30 to 50 mg THC

If you are not a frequent consumer of edibles, the 30 to 50 mg dosage will be vital for you. This dosage can already produce defined euphoric and psychoactive effects. If you have consumed an edible with a dosage within this range, you can expect anxiolytic, pain-killing, sleep- and hunger-inducing effects. This dosage is recommended for people who have already built a tolerance and cannot be satisfied with the lower doses.

50 to 75 mg THC

This dosage can cause intense euphoria and potent symptom relief. Despite the euphotic and symptom-relieving effects of this dosage, it can also significantly impair perception and coordination. A dosage of 75mg can already cause adverse effects such as rapid heartbeat, anxiety, and nausea. This dosage is not recommended for novice and occasional edibles consumers.

100 mg THC and above

Regardless of your consumption habits and your tolerance to THC, a dosage above 100 mg is expected to give you solid cerebral and physical euphoria. With this high dosage, some users, especially the inexperienced ones. At a very high dose or a dosage more than what your body is used to, you can experience intense anxiety and paranoia. Going above 100mg is only recommended for heavy cannabis consumers. Read more about 500 mg THC edibles here.

Consuming edibles responsibly

We understand how many people prefer edibles over any other methods of cannabis consumption since it is the easiest, most convenient and discreet way to consume THC. Because of its accessibility, we must educate many people on how to consume these THC edibles responsibly and safely. Inexperienced or irresponsible users of THC edibles might result in harmful incidents because of the intense side effects that they can bring. Here are important and valuable tips that you can follow.

  • When it comes to THC edibles, it is essential for you to start slow. Start with the lowest dose and work your way up as you build your THC tolerance and get familiar with how your body reacts to that particular dose.
  • It is crucial that you wait for an hour or two to assess the state of your THC edibles. Do not continue having edibles when you already have the dosage or amount that you intend on having.
  • Drinking water and having a snack will also help a lot if you want to try out THC edibles. Snacks can assist in the digestion of your THC edible, and water can help prevent dry mouth.
  • Always avoid overconsumption and seek urgent or emergency medical care if you think you may have consumed THC edibles; that is too much of what you can handle.

    Dosage Guidelines and Effects

    1. Low Dosage (1-2.5 mg THC): Ideal for first-time THC edible consumers and those interested in micro-dosing. Effects are mild, suitable for light pain, anxiety, and stress, and can improve creativity and focus.
    2. Moderate Dosage (5-10 mg THC): Standard dosage for recreational use, providing stronger symptom relief and some euphoria. This range can impair coordination and alter perception, especially for those new to cannabis edibles.
    3. Higher Dosage (20-100 mg THC): These doses are for experienced consumers and patients with conditions requiring high THC intake, such as inflammatory disorders or cancer. Effects include heightened euphoria and increased coordination and perception impairment. However, they can also lead to increased heart rate, nausea, and discomfort.
    4. Very High Dosage (100 mg and above): Typically for heavy cannabis consumers, these doses can cause significant cerebral and physical euphoria but may also lead to intense anxiety, paranoia, and other adverse effects.

    Duration and Onset

    • Onset: Edibles usually take 20-60 minutes to kick in, but this can vary depending on metabolism, the amount of food eaten before consuming the edible, and other individual factors.
    • Duration: The effects of an edible can last from 4 to 12 hours, depending on the dosage and individual factors like metabolism and tolerance. A high dosage can be felt for an entire day and sometimes even longer.

    Consumption Tips

    • Start Low and Go Slow: For new users, it’s advisable to start with a lower dose (1.5-5 mg THC) and wait to see the effects before consuming more.
    • Setting Matters: Consume edibles in a comfortable setting with a relaxed mindset.
    • Hydration: Drinking plenty of water is important as cannabis can cause dry mouth.
    • Empty Stomach: It’s not recommended to consume edibles on a full stomach, as this can diminish their potency. However, consuming on an empty stomach can intensify the effects.
    • Avoid Mixing with Alcohol: Alcohol can increase THC concentration in the blood and lead to dehydration.

    Safety Considerations

    • Overconsumption: Although there are no recorded deaths from cannabis overdose, consuming too much can lead to unpleasant experiences. It’s essential to consume responsibly and seek medical care if you feel you’ve consumed too much.
    • Label Reading: When purchasing edibles, check the label for THC content and ensure you understand the dosage, especially if it’s your first time.

Final thoughts

Indeed, having edibles is a discreet way to consume cannabis, and it is the most preferred method for most people. No matter how easy or accessible this method may be, people should be cautious when using edibles, primarily if used for the first time. Always remember to adhere to the recommended dosage and immediately stop if severe adverse reactions occur. Consult an expert or a physician if you are not sure if you are allowed to consume edibles.