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The Best Portable Cannabis Vaporizers

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The Best Portable Cannabis Vaporizers

If you’re someone who would prefer to not smoke your cannabis there’s another option that you can use to enjoy it: vaporizing. Vapors will help to give you the same effect as smoking, but in a different way. Because of their now more advantageous ways, vaporizers are some of the top devices to use to help you better enjoy smoking cannabis. Keep reading to learn more about how using a vaporizer for cannabis is beneficial and the top vaporizers on the market for you to use.

The Benefits of Vaping

There are many benefits that come with vaping. Here are a few of them.

They Are More Powerful

Surprisingly, vapors actually work to give a more powerful experience to you with cannabis than smoking. This is due to them heating the cannabis and helping to create a stronger scent and taste with it rather than you having to inhale just smoke.

They Are Safer

If you smoke cannabis you’re more than likely more susceptible to getting mouth and lung cancer. This is due to the smoke irritating your mouth and lungs. Vapors are a much safer option because they don’t emit as much smoke and you aren’t inhaling the dangerous fumes that smoking brings.

They Don’t Have a Strong Smell

Smoking cannabis often emits a very strong smell. This can not only be irritating for you, but for those around you. Vaporizers, on the other hand, don’t smell strongly because the vapor from them quickly dissolves into the air. This can help to prevent a strong smell from occurring and lingering around for quite a while even after you’re done smoking. You can also put them discreetly into a weed stash bag. 

They Cost Less

Vaporizers cost less because you don’t need to keep investing in new smoking materials. It’s one product that you just need to refill with cannabis each time you use it. Vaporizing is a great way to help you save money when trying to enjoy cannabis.

They Last Longer

As mentioned in the section above, vaporizers only require one product (the vaporizer) that you need to really make an investment in. Vaporizers often last for a while because they are made of high-quality materials. Because of this, vapors don’t break easily so you don’t have to worry about constantly having to invest in a new one.

You Can Use the Cannabis From Them in Edibles

A useful benefit that vaporizers have is that the cannabis you use in them can be recycled into edibles. Once you’re done inhaling the cannabis from the vaporizer, you can just remove it and mix it into a cooking or baking dish. This will not only help you save money, but can give you a great treat in the end.

Types of Vaporizers

There are 3 different types of vaporizers you’ll want to make sure you know about. Some vaporizers will help with oil and the others with wax. Here is a little more about them.


An oil vaporizer is intended to be used with a cannabis oil. Often these are cartomizers or clearomizers that you need to use.


This type of vaporizer requires you to put a wax melt into the vaporizer. It will then melt so you can vape.


If you’d like to have a combination of both an oil and wax vaporizer, you’ll want to look for a premium one. Premium vaporizers are often more expensive, but allow you to use both cannabis oil and wax safely in it.

How to Use a Vaporizer

Using a vaporizer is simple, but how to do so properly really just depends on the type of vaporizer you have. For this reason, it’s important to always read your vaporizer’s user manual before you use it. However, they all have a general set-up process.

The General Set-Up Process of Using a Vaporizer

  •     Read the User’s Manual

One of the most important steps is to first read your user’s manual. This will help you to make sure you’ve prepared your vaporizer properly for use.

  •     Plug it in or Put Batteries in it and Turn it on High

After reading your user’s manual, you’ll then want to plug it in or put some batteries in it. This really just depends on the type of vaporizer you invested in so be sure that you charge an electrically powered one or have enough batteries to use in a battery-operated vaporizer.

Once you plug it in or put the batteries in, you’ll then want to turn it on and to a high setting. This high setting will allow the vaporizer to heat up and burn/dissolve previous cannabis residue from it. This will in return give you a fresher taste with your new cannabis oil or wax.

  •     Put Your Cannabis Oil or Wax in and Let it Heat Up

Once your vaporizer has reached a high setting, you’ll then want to put your cannabis oil or wax into it. After doing so, you’ll want to wait a few seconds for the oil or wax to fully heat up. Often vaporizers can sense when the oil or wax has been put into it and will indicate with a sound or light when it’s a good time to start vaping.

  •     Inhale the Cannabis

Once the vaporizer has indicated that it’s time to do so, you can then start inhaling the cannabis. How you do so depends on your model so be sure to always check that beforehand. Usually you can flip the vaporizer’s lid off and then breathe through the special opening on it.

  •     Turn it Off and Clean it

Once you’re done inhaling the cannabis oil or wax, you’ll then want to turn your vaporizer off. After it has cooled down a bit, you’ll then want to clean it out to remove any large pieces or scents so the next vaping experience goes well.

The Top 5 Cannabis Vaporizers

Skunkcase Pax 2/3




This vaporizer works with both fresh cannabis and cannabis oil. It won’t emit a smell when you use it thanks to its design which will help to quickly dissolve the particles that are sent into the air. On the top is a removable lid that you can use to inhale the cannabis. It heats up quickly and can be easily stored in your pocket. It’s also water-resistant and scratch-proof so you don’t need to worry about it becoming damaged from water or having unsightly marks on it.







DaVinci Ascent



This model comes in many different styles that you can choose from so you can find one that you can personalize. This product can work with both fresh cannabis and wax cannabis and only takes about 60 seconds to heat up. This vaporizer can go up to temperatures of 435 degrees Fahrenheit and you can easily see the current temperature and power settings on the front of this vaporizer with its OLED display. This vaporizer has a 3+ hour battery life before you need to recharge it.







Firefly 2

This vaporizer can work with both dry cannabis and wax cannabis. It’s made with a heavy-duty magnesium alloy housing so it works quickly and doesn’t damage easily. This model comes in many different colors, such as red and blue, so you have a few choices you can choose from depending on what you’d like your vaporizer to look like.

This model has up to 6 temperature settings and features a touch sensor activator. This activator will help it to sense when you need to use it and when you’re not using so it turns off. After you put the dry or wax cannabis into the vaporizer, it will only take it 3 seconds to heat up. The borosilicate bowl that the cannabis is in has up to 55 air holes which helps to prevent the vaporizer from smelling strongly while you use it. This model features a rechargeable battery.






Kandy Pens


This stainless steel vaporizer is great for beginners to use because it’s very simple. It’s best to use with dry cannabis and has up to 3 temperature settings you can choose from. It will take this model 30 seconds to fully heat up. If this product senses you aren’t using it within 5 minutes, it will automatically shut itself off. This model comes with a micro USB charger.






Honey Stick

This pen-style model is best to use with wax cannabis. It has a 1 button operation which helps to make it easier to use. You just need to press the button when you’d like to use the vaporizer and press it again to turn this model off. After putting the wax into this vaporizer, it will take it 5 seconds to fully heat up. Once it has heated up, it will shine a blue LED indicator light to show you it’s safe to start vaping with it. This model is compact which makes it a great one to use if you need to move around often with it. You can easily store it away in your pocket or in a carrying case. It comes with a micro USB charger.






Accessories to Use with Vaporizers

Foxvape Carrying Case




This travel-size carrying case is perfect to store your vaporizer and its charger in. It comes in many color options and will help to make sure you can carry your vaporizer around at all times. It also comes with a latch on it so you can attach it to your pants or a bag.






Formlive Smell-Proof Bags



These bags will help to make sure that your vaporizer doesn’t smell strongly while you carry it around. These bags measure 7 x 5.5 inches and are made with a durable material to make sure they don’t easily tear. They are big enough for you to put both your vaporizer and any other accessories (such as the charger) in it.




Van Cave Vape Brushes




These brushes will help you to quickly clean your vaporizer. It can be used with almost all vaporizer models. These brushes measure 6 x 1 x 5 inches and have a nylon pipe on the top to help it properly clean inside the vaporizer. This product comes in a pack of 5 brushes that you can use.









Using cannabis vaporizers can help you enjoy cannabis almost anywhere. They have many more benefits compared to smoking cannabis and are actually seen to be much safer to use compared to smoking. Be sure to consider the tips and ideas mentioned above, as well as the cannabis vaporizer models mentioned to help make sure you find the right cannabis vaporizer for you.

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