TopoLite Grow Tent Review


There is no argument on how vital a grow tent can be for indoor cannabis growing. Even you are a seasoned and well-experienced grower, and you still need to have the right supplies and equipment, especially a good and functional grow tent. Grow tents are undeniable the most significant item you can get for your indoor cannabis grows, and the TopoLite grow tent is one of the best ones you can get.

With good grow tents, you will able to efficiently regulate temperature, lights, and even being discreet when it comes to the odor. One of the goals that come when growing cannabis plants indoors is to provide them with a safe place to grow and bloom. To be able to that, you certainly need to have a good grow tent.

About the TopoLite Grow Tent

If you are still starting your own indoor cannabis growing venture, you might be confused about which grow tent you should get. If you still have nothing in mind, we highly suggest the Topolite grow tent, and we have laid out the essential information and features that you will need to know about this product.

Design, materials, and build

The TopoLite grow tent is built to last a very long time; featuring its durable primary materials such as fabric and frames, this grow tent can indeed serve you and your cannabis plants very well. The TopoLite grow tent is built with sturdy metal poles as frames, with plastic and metal corners. This grow tent is made with 600D oxford cloth for canvas, making it very durable and difficult to tear when it comes to coverings. This double-stitched canvas is also lightproof, preventing unwanted light leaks. The TopoLite also features reflective walls to maximize the effects of the grow lights installed.

Zippers, seams, and closures

The TopoLite grow tent is made with high-quality and heavy-duty zippers, which play a role in preventing light leaks. A faulty and low-quality zipper is the most common problem among growing tents since they are responsible for light leakage and can also become the start of failure points. That is why it is imperative to choose to grow tents with good quality seams, closures, and zippers for good functionality and hassle-free opening and closing of your grow tent.

Ports, filters, and vents

The TopoLite grow tent features three vent holes in its setup and can even fit multiple vents sizes if you might want to add extra ones. There are also intake ports present; ports are essential for electricity and other cables wirings. Filters are also a good feature in grow tents since they are effective in removing odor. This grow tent can also fit additional filters if necessary.


There are thirteen different sizes available for the TopoLite grow tent. The smallest one can fit up to two plants, and the enormous tent can fit up to sixty-six plants. Here are the sizes available:

Ease of use and convenience

The TopoLite grow tent is very straightforward and straightforward in terms of assembly and installation. The installation would not also require any other extra and other additional tools for you to set up the grow tent. Cleaning is also effortless because it comes with a spill tray conveniently removed to clean messes and spills quickly. Once your grow tent is already installed and put up, you can also install your fans, grow lights conveniently, and other equipment since there are accessible ports and openings.

Why choose TopoLite Grow Tent?

The TopoLite grow tent is a good buy because of the many features and specifications that it can offer. Aside from the basics, this grow tent also has extra features: extremely useful vent holes, heavy-duty zippers, and two windows with Velcro. The windows can serve as a spot where you can observe and look into your plants without opening the main zippers. These windows are lined with a green tint that works as a white light filter to avoid disrupting your plants’ normal cycle.

This awesome grow tent also comes with an equally great LED lighting system with six 200-watt LED bulbs. The TopoLite grow tent is also very ideal for growers who have limited space since this sports fantastic technology helps avoid the mess and foul odor around your home or develop the area. It features a coal-based carbon layer that works in filtering foul odor while being environmentally friendly.

Suppose you are novice growers with no experience at all. In that case, there is genuinely no need to worry since the TopoLite is very easy to assemble, and it will only take a short period of time for you to be familiar with the equipment. A detailed instruction manual is also provided with this grow tent, and that will help since it contains all the details of the fittings and accessories of this grow tent.

Pros and Cons of the TopoLite Grow Tent

We already know how awesome that Topolit grow tent can be; however, there are still drawbacks. We have prepared the pros and cons of this product so that you will be able to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of the TopoLite grow tent.


Very sturdy and durable build and construction, very easy to set up and install.)

The material of the walls of the tent is made with lightproof canvas with reflective interiors. It is also double-stitched to prevent light leaks.)

The grow tent comes with multiple vents where you can easily place extra filters and fans to improve ventilation.)

Installation and setup are straightforward and tool-free as well.)

This grow tent is very easy to clean and maintain.)

The TopoLite grow tent comes with stainless steel kits to hang the LED lights easily.)

This grow tent makes it easy for you to regulate temperature and maintain a healthy growing environment.)


The cooling fans, when placed inside the grow tent, is not adjustable.)

The height of this grow tent tends to be shorter compared to its counterparts.)

This grow tent leans toward the higher price point.)

Final thoughts

The TopoLite grow tent is something that can significantly improve your cannabis growing experiences, and we are sure of that. Because of its numerous valuable features and impressive functionality, it is evident that the TopoLite grow tent is one of the best ones out there. We hope that this review has helped you know more about the TopoLite grow tent, and fortunately, has helped you decide if you should need one.