Advanced Platinum Series P600 Review


Application of light and light cycles indeed play an essential role when it comes to keeping your cannabis plants grow happily and healthily, even indoors. So if you are relatively new to the indoor growing scene, you may find yourself still a bit confused about the supplies you need for growing indoors. Specifically, you might be confused about the lighting materials to buy; you do not need to look further anymore since we have the Advanced Platinum Series P600 LED grow light for you! This grow light indeed has nothing for you but very easy and ultimate successful growing.

Whether you are looking for something you need to start with, a light for replacements, or a grow light you badly need for the growth of your cannabis buds or flowers, we are confident that this one will never disappoint you. This grow light has a very functional and impressive performance, but the Advanced Platinum P600 is indeed worth the price as well.

Things to consider when using indoor grow lights

When it comes to using indoor grow lights, there are always factors to considers and essential points to keep in mind, and this includes the light duration and light intensity of your grow light.

Light duration

Plants of different strains or species need ideal hours of light per day, and detailed information can be read in the article about light cycles. You must have the right and appropriate knowledge to be sure that you are giving your cannabis plants the right amount of light and time duration that they need. You must know that your plants do not need to be continuously exposed to light since they also need rest periods or dark hours in order to achieve optimum growth and development. Make sure that you will be using your indoor grow lights accordingly and adequately.

Light intensity

It is a fact that your growing plants need a fair amount of light for them to thrive and grow healthy. If you are growing indoors, it can be difficult for you to have access to natural light through windows. That is why many indoor growers turn to the use of grow lights. Growing your cannabis lights under the appropriate grow lights will let your plants enjoy the amount of light they need. Grow lights will also allow you to control the light intensity that your plants will need.

About the Advanced Platinum Series P600

The Advanced Platinum Series is one of the great products of Platinum LED, which is indeed a great company that is known for its impressively high PAR or Photosynthetic Active Radiation per watt. This grow light has been a crowd favorite because of its functionality and ability to reach even the depths of a four-foot grow tent, therefore providing maximum coverage to all indoor cannabis plants.

The Advanced Platinum Series P600, other than being functional, is also very flexible in that it can be scaled to any given size of a specific grow room. It is also observed to be highly suitable for a 4×4 grow tent. The P600 grow light boasts a PAR of 3000+ at 6,” and this incredible grow light has many other excellent features that we will discuss below.

Key features and specifications

  • The Advanced Platinum lights are known to come with the highest watt output and are generally capable of providing twice, even thrice, the intensity of other brands of indoor grow lights.
  • This light features the most efficient and almost complete spectral output since it has a superior and impressively reliable 12-band spectrum from depths of ultraviolet to infrared waves. A 12-band spectrum will allow each light frequency to simultaneously play its role in the growth of your cannabis plants.
  • You will not have a hard time adjusting your light cycles with the P600 since it has selectable flowering/vegetative switches. It also comes with very high-speed yet quiet fans. It also features high-quality aluminum heat and cooling sinks, ensuring zero heat emission.
  • The P600 features 90 degrees focus lens on its LED lights that work to provide light to the lower areas of the plants. This can assure even distribution and that the grow light will reach every part of your cannabis plant.
  • This grow light has a useful lifespan of up to 100,000 hours and a 5-year warranty.


  • Not too much maintenance is required for this grow light; therefore, it is very cost-effective.
  • It is not that big, so it is very easy and convenient to install.
  • This grow light is user-friendly, making it very easy to configure and work with.
  • Provides balanced and well-distributed lighting to your cannabis plants.
  • It has an exceptionally long lifespan, so you will not need to change or repurchase your grow lights for a longer time.
  • There is little to no heat emission and requires only a minimal or low amount of power input.
  • Functions with an impressive modern technology to effectively maximize indoor growing.
  • This grow light has a wind range of light spectrum so that it can provide your cannabis plants with the spectrum that they require.
  • Features appropriate lighting that is suitable for different growth stages of your cannabis plant.


  • Some users get annoyed by the sound being produced by this grow light.
  • The design and aesthetics of the P600 are very plain and basic.

Advantages for Cannabis Growers

  • Customizable Light Cycles: The ability to tailor light cycles according to plant growth stages is crucial, and the P600 offers this flexibility.
  • Durability: With a long lifespan, this light is a long-term investment for growers.
  • Coverage Area: Ideal for covering a significant area, the P600 is suitable for both small and large indoor setups.


Truly the Advanced Platinum P600 grow light will be able to provide your cannabis plants with all the light they require without the need for supplemental lighting anymore. This indoor grow light is indeed highly recommended if you are an indoor grower who is looking for durable, very functional, and high-quality grow lights for your indoor cannabis growing setup.