Mexican Weed Strains


Mexican weed strains are the native types of Cannabis (or landraces) that grow in the Mexican region. They are often sativa both in effect and structure because of the climate condition. The climate condition is indeed a unique type that accommodates the growth of Cannabis.

The Mexican region has been a perfect place for the growth of landraces that includes sativa components. These landraces (landrace strains) are cannabis varieties with little diluted DNA compared to some other strains. These strains are often native to a specific region of the world, indicating that they have tailored to the environment of that region. Since Landrace strains are the initial original cannabis plant of a particular region, the offsprings of such strains frequently bear some aspect of the region’s identity, such as the Mexican marijuana strain. The Mexican weed strains are highly concentrated in sativa and developed from a cross of the potent Hash Plant and Durban Poison strains and others. They have a moderately high THC level and are known for their powerfully uplifting and energizing effects. To dig a bit more into Mexican weed strains, let’s consider some of the native types of Cannabis grown in the Mexican regions.

Mexican Sativa

Here’s one of the Mexican weed strains. By crossing an Oaxacan sativa with Pakistani Indica and sativa Durban Poison from Africa, the Mexican sativa was achieved. It has a pleasing fragrance of wood and pine. It helps calm the body system and energizes you. However, for others, the intense cerebral pleasure may be too psychedelic, but dive into your work and enjoy the pleasure maximally. Note that this type of strain makes you hungry easily. It can be used for insomnia since it facilitates sleep. People who have depression also employ Mexican sativa since it’s effective. It is no doubt that it also helps cure nausea and chronic aches.

Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is a colorful sativa that evolved in Acapulco, Mexico. It gained popularity in the 1960s because of its effectiveness and magnificent colors. Though extremely rare, it is one of the best and a popular types of Mexican weed. It gives energizing and stimulating effects. When the buds are broken, a burnt toffee aroma persists. Acapulco Gold is one of the best, but it seems it’s going into extinction as it gets scarce and hard to get. People suffering from conditions like Post-Traumatic Tension Disorder or General Anxiety Disorder often use this strain as it helps them lighten up their mood or relief stress and anxiety.


This crossbreed combines Mexican and Thai sativas with Afghani indicas to produce a balanced high that calms the body system and uplifts moods. Its fragrance is concentrated in lemon smell accompanied with earthy and woody tones. It is a perfect choice of sativa for people who suffer from social anxiety. It has several medicinal effects, and it is effective for people who suffer from loss of appetite. It has about 18-22 percent of THC content. As long as this highly concentrated sativa strain is well grown, it can be trusted to work effectively and give satisfying results.

Cannalope Haze

Look out for yet another weed strain that evolves from the Mexican region. The Cannalope Haze is a cross between Haze and a Mexican landrace strain. It is no exception when it comes to a sweet fragrance. Cannalope Haze produces a boost-like effect that energizes you and keeps you alert. It is known for its pleasing smell of melon and flowers, making it a perfect pair of fruits and cocktails. This strain excites the intellect while calming the body, thanks to the 20 percent THC content. While it gives users lingering body sensation and high energy to some users, for others, it might be too powerful because of the Indica effect and therefore making them sleepy. This is why it’s recommended that such users use it at night. Cannalope Haze also cures several diseases and disorders.


You probably don’t know what the original Haze is like, but there’s a high possibility that you’ve tried some of its offspring. Haze was first created in the 1960s. It is a cross of Mexican, Colombian, Thai, and South Indian types. Since the 1960s, it has been a well-known sativa strain. It has a sweet fragrance combination of spicy, earthy, and sweet flavors with effects that are also exceptional. It energizes the body and also boosts creativity. With Haze, you can get rid of several diseases and disorders.

Discover how these strains have shaped cannabis culture:

  1. Historical Roots: Uncover the history of cannabis in Mexico, emphasizing the development of famous strains.
  2. Popular Strains: Highlight the unique features of strains like Acapulco Gold, Mexican Sativa, Trainwreck, Cannalope Haze, and Haze – their flavors, effects, and therapeutic potential.
  3. Cultural Impact: Discuss how Mexican weed strains have influenced global cannabis culture and trends.
  4. Legal Landscape: Provide insights into the evolving legal status of cannabis in Mexico and its impact on cultivation and availability.
  5. Future Outlook: Explore potential advancements in cultivation techniques and research into medicinal benefits.


Mexican weed strains are Indeed some of the best sativa concentrated weed that effectively lifts the mind and cures a number of diseases. By taking your time to go through the above, you’ll get to learn more about weed strains from the Mexican region, their usefulness, and their special effects.

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